Joey shows his class at Sevco

When Monsieur Barton was planning his Caledonian sojourn, he confidently predicted that he would be a class act in Scotland.

Well, he certainly is playing a peaky blinder with this disciplinary case.

I’m told that he has a top notch employment lawyer representing him.

It is such a legal mismatch as to conjure up images of Moussa Dembélé against Philippe Senderos.

Of course, as reported here, a Freemason working for free recently told two members of the Sevco High Command that they could not win their case against the French-speaking midfielder.

The London-based brother told his Ibrox brethren that:

  • They were wrong to suspend him
  • They were wrong to extend the period of suspension
  • They had no grounds for sacking him
  • They didn’t make him aware of the specific sporting regulations in Scotland apropos gambling on football.

On the final point it was made clear that, if anything, the Holding Company Vehicle was more liable on the betting charge than the enigmatic existentialist Scouser.

For the avoidance of doubt, the entire case is absurd.

Perhaps the next time that Sevco goes into the Francophone market, they will hire a Pied-Noir goalie

40 thoughts on “Joey shows his class at Sevco

  1. Albert Drive

    J’ai vu d’un coup que le vis de la bière étaient enfoncées et qu’il y avait quatre hommes noir dans la piece. J’ai entendu en meme temple directeur me dire que la voiture attendait sur la route. Puis nous nous sommes ranges pour laisser passer le corps.

    …Devant la porte ,il y avait la voiture. Vernie, oblongue et brillante, elle faisait penser a un plumier. A cote d’elle, il y avait l’ordonnateur, petit homme aux habits ridicules, et un vieillard a l’allure empruntée.

    L’ordinateur nous donner nos places par le voiture. Auteur d’elle, les quatre hommes. Derrière, le directeur, moi-meme et, fermant la marche, l’infirmier deluguee et M.Murray.

    …les geraniums blues sur sur les tombes du cimetière, l’evaouissement de Murray (oneut dit un pantin disloque), la terre couleur de boue, roulait sur la bière de les Gers.

    Le Gers étaient morts et enterrés. Il n’y avait pas à revenir.

    Le ciel était plein du soleil.

    Je suis très, très heureux

    (Mes remerciements et des excuses à Albert Camus)

  2. Pinarello

    Of the two who ware allegedly involved in the training ground bust up, one is publicly castigated and suspended from the work place (Barton).The other (Halliday) is lauded in the press( real rangers man,born within earshot of the ground etc) and rewarded with the captaincy.He should counter claim for victimisation and bullying as well defending any alleged wrong doing .

  3. SucculentLambStinks

    Phil my posts aren’t posting since the new upgrade on your site. After hitting post comment it returns to where I was where as bfore I saw the option to edit etc.

  4. SucculentLambStinks

    I bet.. if I threw a jobbie at LieBrox or Lying King, it wouldn’t stick. Indeed it would just spend the next few years just sliding down them.
    Cheers Phil.
    P.s. Any news on the onerous contracts leaving offshore Phil ?
    Why are Puma still dragging their heels for payment ? And the General Ashley ?

  5. Eugene Hendrie

    I hope Warbiola stumbles on until we play them at New Year at the swamp, would like it to be us who removes the magic from the hat.

  6. Agrajag


    It will be interesting how they deal with the alleged betting. In Black’s case he was accused of betting on about 160 matches. He got a 3 game ban, a fine of £7,500 and a further suspended ban.

    However that was to do with matches in which he had some involvement (as a registered player), around 10, on 3 occasions he bet against his own team.

    For the rest of the matches, the vast bulk, he was censured. As far as I am aware there is no accusation that Barton bet on games he was involved him, far less bet against his own team.

    If that happens again I would doubt the club could use it as part of the process of breaking his contract. Equity of treatment and so forth.

  7. Gibby57

    Another great post Phil , keep up the good work ! Surely this mob can’t last much longer ??? SEANY D who posted on here yesterday from Tenerife are you Seany D from the Whisky Jar ?

  8. seamus

    Does the holding company have a business plan which states, simply: We do not know what we are doing.

    Hats off to them; they are doing, not knowing what they are doing, superbly well.

    With Admin 1 and a January disposal of players, Relegation would appear another achievable objective.

    I look forward to Downfall 2, volumes 1 to many.

  9. joeyb

    everything seems a disaster, player signed – not playing, lawyers…. bills

    Any chance King behind all this – getting cut from every disaster – Joey paid £2m for 5 games – what was kings cut ? Who was the agent ?

    Every football bill has to be paid – what if king get cuts of these.

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      I think that it is simply the case of a bunch of amateurs thinking that they can run a football club.
      I except Stewart Robertson from that generalisation.

      1. Gaucho

        Cheers, Clumpster, I’m happy I could return the favour.

        Your captioned pic of Dave King’s ‘grand entrance’ into Ibrox last year, where the helicopter’s chair was empty, had me laughing for so long I thought I would rupture my spleen, (if I knew where my ‘spleen’ was …)

        Still voting for you & Phil daily in the FBAs and haven’t had a knockback yet 🙂

        Good luck to the perra yeez!

  10. jc

    I’m sure joey bhoy will leave his current employer if the price is right. You can’t just go around sacking employees because you realise you couldn’t afford them in the first place. He sold your ST now pay the sand man.

  11. Kit Conway

    All the red flags are fluttering in the breeze. I suspect we are now on the home straight. An insolvency event seems inevitable.

  12. Rumpole of the Bailey

    A number of years ago when numerous RFC or Sevco players were pulled up by the SFA for betting, I blog commented that the players were victims of the club’s negligence to provide a professional induction into the club, including various admin briefings, handed a rules book, club rules, SFA rules, UEFA rules. The whole professional check-in package.

    This wasn’t happening. Probably still isn’t. It would appear some clubs like to treat players as mushrooms and not educate them. Is it a pre meditated strategy to have them over a barrel later? As required? A la Joey? A stitch up?

    It certainly looks that way.

    Pay day Thursday.

    1. shiltrum

      In said Club rule book there may had been a Bullet Point ‘BETTING’ followed by the one and only rule, DON’T GET CAUGHT.

      1. Davie Birch

        And, if you DO get caught, blow every last cent you have lying to everyone that it ‘wasn’t you’, in a wasteful series of court actions that would choke a ranchful of South African horses.

        I met one of these funny white handshakers, a brainwashed fool from Glasgow, then based in Johannesburg, in the early 1980s, prior to the abolition of apartheid, and his proud, sick, boast, as he displayed his flash new car before us, was that, back in Jo’burg he had “50 (black men)* under the whip”.

        He seemed to be terribly proud of himself, and his racial slur, and his unquestioned power over these poor men, and he somehow thought that we would be impressed by his ‘prowess’.

        As it was, he was lucky to have left the room unscathed, and this only because we were warned he was ‘protected’ by genuinely powerful people, both there and in Scotland, although we did ask him some questions that made him realise that perhaps not all of our company was of such a like-minded persuasion.

        I can’t recall his surname, it might well have been King, though I don’t doubt that they would have known each other, given their mutual ‘interests’ of the day, ie, the savage exploitation of a people impoverished by the brutality of the scattered remains of the bastard British Empire.

        These guys not only didn’t regard black South Africans as humans, they saw them solely as their ‘property’, to be used and abused at the whims and mercy of these indoctrinated bigots and the hateful system designed to control them within the confines of their own country.

        The most incredible thing is that the Sevco supporters can’t see their Great Leader for what he is, a user of men, with no more regard for them, or their feelings, and least of all their fitba club, than yon boy had for the men he had ‘under the whip’ in the fields of old Johannesburg.

        What the feck do they tell them at those meetings ..?

        Never to think for yourself ..?

  13. Kieran

    For someone who was taking a sabbatical from posting on ‘Rangers’ you seem to have outdone yourself recently. Not an ounce of noteworthy results from your ‘insinuations’ regarding all things Sevco – it’s been that way for years now!

    There isn’t an ward ceremony for Best International blog coming up soon, is there?

    Begging bowl at the ready!

    C’mon The Hoops!

    1. DhenBhoy

      Begging bowl? Phil could simply make it a subscription based site. Thankfully he allows us to access it free or pay a donation if we can afford it. For someone that cribs a lot you visit often enough.

      I bet you complain about the lack of quality at the soup kitchen as well.

        1. Mr Mah Jest Stick

          I imagine that depends on which Kieran you mean, Phil.

          Is it Kieran The Fan or Kieran The Backbiter ..?

    2. Chas

      Kieran, if i didnt like what phil posts as regularly as you seem to,then i would stop reading his blog,and certainly wouldnt waste my time posting on a time waste of a blog. So man up and dont read,but ive a little feeling to secretly love to check in here to get lamb free coverage.

  14. SamBrowneBelt

    Top-notch Phil, top-notch.
    The bold Albert’s collection of letters, Resistance, Rebellion, and Death seems very apt here.

  15. Trotsky's Tortoise

    Everything emanating from the Skip these days is total absurdity and definitely lacks any class. From their fiddle-faddle statements, a manager who has jumped from the good ship Dignity, PR that is a disaster, a still horrendous songbook, no finances and the refusal to admit that Celtic are a million miles away from them on all fronts. Throw the shenanigans of the Militant Monsieur into the fray and it’s nothing more than a freak circus act.

  16. Thai Tim

    So the scenario goes as follows:

    1. A left back snitch at Ibrox informs the Hat about Joey’s bets
    2. The Hat snitches the to Lying King
    3. Joey is told to stay away from Ibrox so a devious plot to back stab him can be nurtured
    3. The Lying King snitches to the Freemasons at Hampden about Joey’s bets
    5. The Freemasons charge Joey with gambling.
    6. The Lying King thinks he can now rip up Joey’s contract saving him 2m.
    7. But he finds oot he canny!

    So funny, so amateur, so Sevco!


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