Key Performance Indicators

In the aftermath of the Cup semi-final yesterday I am told that Mr. Dermot Desmond expressed his extreme displeasure apropos the debacle to one his highly remunerated employees.

Moreover, this discontentment was expressed in very industrial terms.

Said hireling has Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to meet and a heated driveway to support.

The Irish billionaire does not meddle in the daily duties of his employees, but he does carry out periodic ‘audits’.

These can be unpleasantly invasive procedures.

However, sometimes surgery is required.

I suspect that Mr. Desmond realised that yesterday was a potential game changer in several ways.

Only Hibernian stands in the way between Sevco and some European revenue next season.

Therefore, Europa League action can only be prevented if the Admirable Warburton’s team cannot breach the soccer equivalent of Planet Fitba’s marzipan Maginot line.

A vicarious victor yesterday could be Aberdeen.

Yes, they ‘Hibsed it’ against Hearts, but should Celtic stumble next time out then a catastrophic collapse of the Parkhead side can’t be ruled out.

If Celtic do limp over the line, then it will be just that.

Given the disparity in football budgets between the current champions and Aberdeen then it will be hardly an amazing sporting achievement.

The financial margins at Sevco have been so tight this season that the prospect of European revenues, even though it is not the riches of the Champions League will be a massive boon.

It would be a sublime irony if the people currently in charge of Celtic had ‘conspired’, through incompetence and hubris, to re-creating arch rivals.

It is almost enough to make you believe in the ‘Old Firm.’

However, I do not think that the sublimely intelligent people in charge of Celtic thought they could create such a malaise.

However, it would appear that they have.

If yesterday is a harbinger of what will unfold next season, then Celtic’s period of unipolarity is probably over.

I sense a deep disconnect between the Celtic support and those in leadership positions at the Parkhead club.

The unsettling silence over Resolution 12 is a case in point.

The questions I submitted on the matter have not even been acknowledged.

In the absence of any response from Celtic then I’m afraid I can’t provide you with any further information dear reader.

Of course, the senior people in the Parkhead boardroom have their well-placed shills in the Fifth Estate.

Think of it as the message board equivalent of succulent lamb.

That can be a useful deflector shield at times like this.

However, I suspect that it really is time to change the menu.

I did not watch the match yesterday as I was utterly distracted by much more important matters.

A hat tip to the world class team at Beaumont Hospital, who are currently caring for one of my brood and to my colleagues in the NUJ who arranged my swift dispatch from the Southport conference back to her bedside in Dublin.

They have all met their Key Performance Indicators and then some.

Míle Buíochas.

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