Let’s all dance on Rangers

Today Hector had the last laugh.

Like Mr Chips in South Africa ordinary decent civil servants finally triumphed over those who think that taxes are for little people.

My Twitter Timeline was full of ad hominems from The People, but not a single apology.

I was in at the start of this story five years ago when I took the scoop to the Scottish edition of the News of the World.

As part of that story I interviewed Martin Bain by telephone.

During that interview I asked him about his own Employee Benefit Trust (EBT), but he declined to comment.

The splash in the NOTW flipped the script on Rangers.

It made them publicly unsellable to anyone other than an insolvency shark.

Moreover, I was delighted to get it into that big selling paper.

Planet Fitba knew that Hector thought that Rangers owed £24m in unpaid taxes.

Interest, at that point was at £12m and there were also £15m in penalties .

It was a potential bill of over £50m that the club just couldn’t pay.

Once it was public it was a game changer.

They were on death row, but The People did not believe.

They were soothed by most of the Glasgow media who said it was no biggie and everything would be ok with the mighty Rainjurzz.

In the main it took outsiders to expose this story.

The NOTW splash was in May 2010 and I then published my own feature length piece here two weeks later.

The search function on this site will allow you to go back to June 2010 and start on the journey.

The basic reality is that the tax evasion strategy at Rangers (1872-2012) was started in 1999 and Campbell Ogilvie was in the room when the decision was taken.

Both the Discounted Options Scheme and the EBTs allowed Rangers football club to employ a better calibre of player that they otherwise would not have been able to afford.

It was Football Manager with the cheat codes on.

The judgement today leaves no wriggle room for The People.

Their deceased club cheated before it died owing tens and tens of millions of pounds in taxes to their Majesty.

The man who wrote the foreword of ‘Downfall’ did not miss today.

Moreover, in this statement supplied to me by HMRC, the Queen’s tax collectors do not miss either:

“HMRC has a responsibility to make sure people pay what they owe and will always challenge tax arrangements where we do not think they work. As supported by the decision in this case, HMRC’s view is that Employment Benefit Trust avoidance schemes do not work. HMRC has collected over £1.3bn in tax through 1,500 users of similar   schemes. HMRC will continue to settle appeals by agreement where appropriate but will if necessary continue to litigate cases where settlements cannot be agreed.”

Today Hector is due a chuckle every bit as much as he is owed millions in unpaid taxes.

Planet Fitba might occasionally disagree on the appropriateness of some songs, but we can all join in and dance on the grave of dead Rangers.

They died because they were cheats.

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