Letter from Bavaria

When I first read these words of Mr David Cunningham King I was rather surprised:

“The complication we have, of course, is Puma. Puma are in the middle of this through no fault of their own. We are trying to get a balance right where we go beyond the mere legal dispute.

“Puma could be drawn into legal dispute with the club but that wouldn’t be fair on Puma. The dispute really belongs between ourselves and Sports Direct. We want to find a way forward over the next couple of weeks that possibly accommodates Puma.

“But if we can’t do that then we will proceed on our own.”

Today I learned about the strength of a recent missive sent by a senior legal person at Puma to the four-year-old institution on Edmiston Drive.

Suddenly Mr King’s words made much more sense.

My understanding is that should Sevco decide to launch their own replica kits then they will have to settle all contractual matters with Puma first.

However, if by some oversight the chaps in the Blue Room were to forget to conclude business with the German giant before doing so, then that would be considered corporate casus belli in Herzogenaurach.

The letter from Bavaria made it quite clear what the consequences would be.

This, dear reader would be most unfortunate.

However, it doesn’t need to come to courtroom blows.

A cheque for an agreed amount of millions will settle this matter amicably.

It is just as well that Mr David Cunningham King is a man of such great personal wealth and has a deep emotional attachment to the Holding Company Vehicle.

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