Liquidation Day

One year ago today Judge Hector put on the black cap and sentenced Rangers to death.

Her Majesty’s Customs and Revenue Service ordered that Campbell Ogilvie’s club be taken from the stadium to a place of liquidation.

Sentence was duly carried out and it ushered in an age of unipolarity in Scottish football that is just beginning.

It was an epochal event that the local media couldn’t comprehend.

The official fiction now is that nothing has changed and that Rangers didn’t die.

The grieving fans follow follow a tribute act that wears the colours of the dead club.

However, the hacks are also in denial.

They both need to believe that after a brief interregnum the Glasgow Derby will be back and the old certainties can be restored.

This is nonsense.

Rangers died and Sevco are in deep deep doo doo…

The Tribute Act is burning cash at a catastrophic rate and they have no credit line from a bank.

Moreover, they have the second highest wage bill in Scotland and they have to exist on lower league prize money and much reduced TV revenues.

Bereft of SPL prize money and European income Sevco is simply not sustainable.

The sums just don’t add up and even if Charlie and the boys did raise £22.5 million in aye readies last December it wouldn’t see them through to the top flight.

I doubt that they did and when the true figure is revealed I think a few things may fall into place.

Let’s see how it all pans out.

Craig Whyte hasn’t gone away you know and even ex-Sevco CEO Charles Green recently said that this legal wrangle could last a decade.

The hacks hope that everything will be ok and they still queue obediently for their lamb ration.

They shamefully sat on the Rangers story for years and yet the truth was out there.

This venal craven media allowed those in positions of power to believe that they could escape scrutiny and pull a fast one.

Had Doncaster and Regan got their way then Sevco would have just finished their first season in the SPL.

However, they didn’t count on an uprising among the locals armed with social media.

Last summer the good guys won.

For the hacks locked into the ‘Old Firm’ paradigm they completely discounted the views of the fans of all the other Scottish clubs.

They didn’t see it coming and became increasingly irrelevant to framing the narrative.

A journalist should report accurately and bear witness.

The truth was out there and it was often found on here.

I have been asked by numerous people via social media if ‘Downfall 2: The Sevco sequel’ is in the pipeline.

The simple answer to that is ‘no’ and I have no plans to write another book on the Ibrox comical calamity.

Downfall (now available on kindle) will be my one and only book on Rangers (1872-2012), let them rest in penury, but first spare a thought for their 276 creditors including the Ambulance Service and family businesses.

A definitive history of the Tribute Act is almost certainly several years away as there are numerous legal issues to unfold and that will take time

Despite the mental gymnastics and lobbying by the SFA to the European Club Association that the tribute act is Rangers that won’t stop Sevco going bust.

Even if Doncaster and Regan had succeeded last summer UEFA would still have shut the door on the new club for three years.

Without even SPL revenues only a sugar daddy can save Sevco which is how this fiasco started in 1988.

The distraught Bears and the obedient hacks need to believe that everything is as it was.

It isn’t.

The Glasgow Fitba feud is over.

All is changed, changed utterly wherever the green and white hoops are worn.

For some it is terrible, for me it is beautiful.

Happy Liquidation day!

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