Liquidation Day

So it was all a Fenian’s fantasy?

The idea that the mighty Rangers would suffer the humiliation of liquidation was obviously just the ramblings of deluded bloggers in undignified places like Donegal.


Today should put the officially sanctioned narrative of Rangers to bed for all time.

HMRC will move to have the club liquidated.

Their guys will carry out the liquidation.

It will be a corporate execution on a digital scaffold to be viewed by all on Planet Fitba.

Their humiliation will be total.

“Piercing the corporate veil” is a term that we will all become very familiar with in the weeks and months ahead.

My thoughts are drawn to a certain knight of the realm whose father served 18 months in prison in the early 1960s for “fraudulent conversation” a trifling matter over some race horses and outstanding taxes.

The mainstream media are programmed to beg for scraps from the Rangers table.

Even when that piece of furniture has been sold in the corporate equivalent of a Warrant Sale they will still simper at the same place like one of Ivan Pavlov’s laboratory trained mutts.

My published interest in Rangers financial troubles goes back three years.

The bank taking effective control of the club was major step towards oblivion for Rangers.

Once I had been given the tip about the existence of the “Big Tax Case” in early 2010 it was game on.

I started to attract the attention of people who wanted me to stop.

In June 2011 journalists in Glasgow were briefed by PR chaps suggesting that my idea that Mr Whyte had used future season ticket money was a monstrous libel.

Yeah, sure.

Then there were several attempts to take this site offline last year.

Arranging to have the Sheriff Officer blokes snapped outside Ibrox seemed to be the last straw for some.

The Fenian in Donegal had to be silenced.

In one instance some “stakeholders” at the Ibrox club complained to the web hosting company that this blog was “damaging Rangers as a going concern” because I was spreading lies.

The web hosting company blinked.

So I moved to another server.

Then there was a DOS attack.

We upgraded the bandwidth package at great expense.

The allegation that this site was having a negative impact on the financial health of the business was correct.

I was informed that the new regime was having real difficulty raising a credit line because of the negative headlines.

I was pleased when I heard this because that was my intention.

If the objective of the off the record briefings against me was to reduce the number of page views to this site then it was a total failure!

Moreover, if they thought that being called “a chancer” with a “comedy blog”  would stop me then that also failed.

It is the mainstream media who are being laughed at as this saga unfolds.

I just kept at it and my weapon of choice was the truth.

Today I’m smiling.

228 thoughts on “Liquidation Day

  1. guilty m'lud

    dear phil mon chora,our day has truly come,but fellow tims be very careful out there,if you can be harassed for buying a book,what becomes the icecream and jelly brigadade……………….

  2. Agent One

    Hi All

    Well it Happened..Or did it,its like if we don’t really talk about it then it never happened,we had months of Sky Sports News going live to Castle Greyskull now that it has finally Gone into Liquidation then its a quick mention and Sneaked into a wee part of The Scottish Media pages,Same as Super Sally and his actions that caused so much hassle to various Named People on a Panel,Yes you know the poor people that suffered there thanks to Super Sally and yes Daily Record Managed to tuck it away on Page 60 Something next to a two page spread on the Zombies.
    Think Mr Chico Green needs taken to task as well, He said that he had a Deal sorted with the Dallas Cowboys remember that one? Well I see that The Dallas Cowboys have said they have never talked to Mr Chico Green or heard of Whatever they are called FC and I remember some months ago The same Chap said he was of to Greece to arrange a Glamour Match with Olympiacos and after I contacted The Director of Football at the club again regarding Mr Chico Green and Zombie FC same answer ..WHO?

    Lots of Stories coming from the leader of the Zombies how is he never challenged on these points by the Scottish Media..Oh and his new one …yes we’ve raised 17 Million from share issue…and the Band played believe it if you like….

    To Be Continued

    Agent One

  3. Stuart Kennedy

    Hi phil. On this glorious day may I thank you for a wonderful 2 yrs and wish you a happy liquidation day sir!!
    Agent Phil, your mission is complete! Report back to Peter! Lol

  4. GWG

    Yes Phil today many of us are smiling.
    Gratitude and well deserved phrase to you is indeed well deserved, ever since your exposure of Dallas many of us have been by your side and done our bit to spread the word (your word)
    So a big thank-you as well to ALL the Celtic forums / blogs that have been tracking the sir Minty cheating and the Scottish media’s complicity in it way back to around 2003
    Yourself / RTC / KDS /and the many, many people that have given their time and own cost’s on behalf of justice will be forever Appreciated.

  5. Steven Doyle

    Decent folk all around the world will be celebrating this fantastic news ,why this bigoted club should be protected is beyond me , good riddance

  6. AD2012

    I find it amazing the joy that redundancy and misery seems to bring to some people… And why? Why such glee in the suffering of others? And I don’t mean the fans. We’re still here, personally I don’t really see anything has changed all that much. I’ms still a Rangers fan and that’s that, and no amount of “Sevco” nonsense will change that or even remotely bother me. But for the people who have and will lose their jobs over this mess everything has changed. But at least it’s putting a big smile on your faces. Hopefully that will cheer the poor guy or woman with 3 kids at home to feed and clothe when he/she is collecting her P45. People need to realise it’s JUST a game for gods sake! It’s a sad day when peoples hatred and vile bigotry become more important than the real life human cost of something like this. People like you (on the Celtic AND Rangers side of the fence) should be absolutely ashamed.

    1. Peter

      @AD2012 (aptly named I might add).

      Don’t give me it. Don’t even try. Don’t even attempt to use the “poor people that have lost their jobs” as a pathetic attempt to cover up your sins.

      Your club – the one that died today – was guilty of tax evasion on a scale so high it could’ve ended up at £100m.

      Do you want a list of the creditors it stiffed? Do you want to know how many people were left out of pocket because of the cheating lying ways of Rangers FC?

      And do you know what – you aren’t even sorry and not one word of apology has ever came out of the cesspit called Ibrox because it’s always someone else fault.

      The whole “It wasn’t the clubs’ fault, it was the people who ran the company” is part of the DNA of a klan of people who just can not or will not accept they had any part to play in this whole affair.

      So don’t you dare complain when people rejoice at the demise of your stinking entity called Rangers. The country is better off without it, in many, many ways.

    2. Peter


      For years upon years we Celtic fans wanted nothing more than the truth. All we wanted was a journalist to tell the truth and we finally got one.

      I am aware you’ve had to take a lot of personal shit along the way, but you never gave up.


    3. Carntyne

      The Zombies seem to be experts at inventing reasons why Rangers disgusting actions of thievery and deceit should have been ignored.

      ‘Its the fans that are suffering’

      ‘Poor people have lost their jobs’ (no such concern showed when Rangers sold their sports shops to JJB and 500 people lost their jobs)

      ‘Its all lies by bampot Celtic supporters’

      ‘We never did nuffin’

  7. Simon Diplexcito

    Over the past two years I have been following your work. You have done a great job in revealing the truth that seemed to “pass” Scotlands Media for so long. I know through me you have gained an extra few fans. Keep up the good work Phil.

  8. KelticKross

    Thanks Phil, I began reading your blog about 2 months ago and have learned much, even though I thought I was well informed beforehand. It’s a great read so I will be tuning in every day from now on. Surprisingly I also found the Leggoland blog at the same time and he had some great insight even though he comes from the diametrically opposite viewpoint. The Rangers fans now hate him too because he’s been ‘telling them like it is’. Keep up the good work Phil. HH

  9. Martin McHugh


    I hope this is just the start not the end of your work as you say the truth is a mighty weapon.
    Please keep us all updated for the next 20years see you at Blantir

    Hail hail


  10. lisa - coatbridge

    Thank you Phil, wish my grandparents were here to witness it.Everyone in Coatbridge has a smile on their face! My dad has been glued to your blog over the past few months, we thought this day would never come.

  11. kenny stewart

    Congratulations on a resounding success Phil . I hope that you dont mind millions of other fenians
    wallowing in the joy of your hard work . A comprehensive victory for hard work and honesty .

  12. fraser iain munro

    thanks for your work great day for me. as u can tell I am Scottish non RC . I abhore bigotry and cheating. These nasty elements were behind rfc lust for glory . You should be proud of your journolistic achievements maybe turn them to the Scottish media HH

  13. Jim Wood

    Right gentlemen shoulders back,
    chins up,
    smile fixed.
    Have a nice day at work etc today.
    I am on a late start so I have a full bash at them all afternoon. Brilliant.

  14. Pedro

    Phil, Thanks for telling us the real story all these years Phil. I’ve been following you since the early days. Sticking to the truth and the facts has served you well (msm take note). The biggest story in this whole episode has been the diminishing powers of the msm. All this would never have happened in the pre internet days when rangers’ control over the media was absolute. Now we have alternatives, now we have truth!
    Keep up the good work.
    Mon the bampots!!

  15. Joe

    Hi Phil
    Thanks for a wonderful, well written and truthful blog.
    I have been an avid reader for ages.
    A sincere huge vote of thanks for everyone who stuck their head above the parapet to seek out and print the truth,often at great expense to themselves and loved ones.
    We will see in the coming days how Star Trek will play out.
    There will be a Trek of Stars leaving Ibrokes and the Klingons, trying to Klingon to Tainted titles and Tainted history.
    Keep up the good work.
    God Bless.

  16. GaryBhoy

    I seen you in Blantyre last month and you have caught my eye as a right intellectual pleasant Fenian bastard. Which obviously as a good Fenian myself i found a natural connection.

    Just to say, i still dont think it has sunk in with they knuckle dragging pig drum beating halfwits yet.

    Hail Hail.



  18. charlespatricktully

    The pockets of our greatcoats full of barley…
    No kitchens on the run, no striking camp…
    We moved quick and sudden in our own country.
    The priest lay behind ditches with the tramp.
    A people hardly marching… on the hike…
    We found new tactics happening each day:
    We’d cut through reins and rider with the pike
    And stampede cattle into infantry,
    Then retreat through hedges where cavalry must be thrown.
    Until… on Vinegar Hill… the final conclave.
    Terraced thousands died, shaking scythes at cannon.
    The hillside blushed, soaked in our broken wave.
    They buried us without shroud or coffin
    And in August… the barley grew up out of our grave.

    God bless Phil

  19. Althetim

    Phil, I congratulate you (and RTC) for a job well done. You have continually brought into the public domain issues that the MSM sought to ignore (or bury).

    Anyway, at the risk of being controversial, I could not care less what if any sanctions are imposed on NEW COMPANY RFC(2012). It is all academic – the guilty party, RFC inc 1899 exists no more. They are dead. That is the ultimate punishment – the death penalty and oblivion. Anything else is retribution and I don’t care about that. Flogging a corpse is pointless.

    Thanks also to HMRC for doing the right thing. I will continue to pay my taxes safe in the knowledge that fear or favour is granted to no one. As it should be.

    I have followed and participated in your blog for a while now and I hope my small contribution helps to keep it going long into the future.

  20. DavieQ

    Phil, quite simply thanks. As ive said before, your posts have been an education and a joy to read. When i foolishly read the tripe in the Scottish press, and started to think that Dignity F.C. would worm their way out of this, it was to your posts id turn for reassurance that the game, was most certainly over for them. And so its proved. Keep up the great work and if i ever bump into you in Ashton Lane, in Glasgows’ West End, then a pint of the black stuff is on me. Cheers.

  21. Jim

    A timely reminder to Racist FC. We’ll have those seven championships back please. The ones you obtained through deception, skullduggery and greed from 1998.
    Whilst on the subject, two Scottish cups and three league cups. Thanks now.

  22. Neil

    I wish to thank you on behalf of all my deceased relatives and friends who never got to celebrate this day. The ones who suffered under the perfidious mob and their sychophants. The ones who hoped that one day good sense and fair play might prevail. To borrow from another contributor either here or some other bastion of internet bampotery, any rain which fell today I hope were the tears of joy of our absent loved ones.
    Your courage to take on this arduous task has borne a rich harvest.
    cead mille maith thu!!Hope that’s right.

  23. Sconey

    Phil, Well done and many thanks on behalf of all who have gone before us. In war there is a series of battles, and today we have won. Tomorrow brings a new challenge and I know you will be ready for it. Why?…For love and pride of those who have gone before.
    I will look you up one day and buy you a pint of porter – you have earned it.
    Phil Mac Giolla Bhain…modern day Patriarch.

  24. Cosmo

    Well done Phil. Mossend Emerald CSC salute you.

    A man of the people, for the people, but not,” we arra people” lol

    God bless and Hail Hail.

    You are a man of undoubted courage.

  25. cass

    what a wonderful day, one never to be forgotten.
    My only worry is ally.
    Is alistair saying anything or is a dignified silence being
    Never mind,he’ll always have manchester.

  26. Bill

    Goodbye ! Goodbye !
    No longer worth a dimes.
    Goodbye! Goodbye !
    We knew you by your crimes.
    You were up to your knees in unpaid debt
    not tendered so goodbye.
    So long to Glasgow Rangers times.

  27. Big Mike

    Here is to you Phil, alongside Rangers Tax Case, Paul 67 and others. The truth shall out! Mon the Hoops!

  28. JimBhoy

    Well as much fun as it has been…. Enjoy the next couple of weeks, but then let’s show the Dignity and respect I often see from the Celtic Fraternity. let’s move on build for next season< forget the crap, it is fitba', hopefully we will have more trophies bestowed upon us if the SFA get their act together. Proud to be a Celt, proud of the family who moved from Co. Monaghan to flemington near Blantyre and my proddie Da.. It's all about Football. I have a boys team mixed and there has never been one bit of bother or sectarian shit except from parents on the odd occasion, I hate that… Let's try to change that….. respect and equality to all..!!!"It's not the creed nor his nationality that counts. It's the man himself". Maley

  29. Gerry Carty

    What can i say Phil …..i started reading your blogs a couple of years back ….not to regular but being a man who likes the truth (whatever that truth is) i ended up more and more on your site as i knew we were reading the truth .I stopped buying the daily scottish rags and turned each day to your site for real news ….not something dreamed up to placate the blue side of glasgow …but the truth , you were hounded and threatened but you had the spirit and belief to see through what you had started ……many many thanks for doing so , it would have been much easier to get a wee job on a paper putting in a story that agreed with the editor …but no ….you were your own man and i take my hat off to you for all the work you have done and all the truths you have furnished us with….. dia linn a chara .
    I await your book with salivating anticipation .

  30. Wim, Fergus & Henrik

    Well done Phil, I stopped buying Glasgow newspapers about 5 years ago. In my adolecent years of the mid 80’s onward’s I hung on their every word, as did most Celtic minded folk. Now because of their outright hostility to our community over many years we all view them as pathetic.

    I was in the wee shop at Yorkhill hospital the other day and happened to see the front and back page of one of them laid in front of me, it was glorying in the demise of Ireland at he hands of Croatia and the part Jelovic played in it. long may their circulations dwindle and dry up…

    All we want is a level playing field.

    Again, well done Phil hail hail

  31. Billy Bhoy


    I’ve been reading your site for the past two years. I attempted to keep my hun colleagues up to date with what was going on behind the scenes at their club. They were in total denial right up to Admin Day.

    Today you have been totally vindicated. Enjoy the moment!

  32. S.B. BELFAST

    Take a bow Phil; you deserve to sit back tonight and feel a total sense of achievement and vindication. You were vilified and ridiculed by sinister elements within Scotland who had a lot to hide but, alongside football fans who wanted the truth, and lately Alex Thomson from Channel 4 News, this was a tide that could not be held back any longer by the Scottish Establishment. They can no more keep Scotland’s Shame hidden in their dirty wee corner of religious and cultural bigotry and apartheid. They can’t hide behind paranoia and media cover ups now because the entire shower have been exposed for what they are. When I get paid I will make a contribution Phil. Hail Hail Sir, no more will the Croppies lie down. This has been a moral victory to those of us in these islands who have been persecuted for being Irish, particularly in Scotland, Catholic and Celtic supporters. This is historical.

  33. the end is nigh

    Smile on my freind and god blessgreat work for truth when does your book on this great day come out defo best seller ; )

  34. ryan

    Brilliant Phil. The Rangers we know are no more and I couldnae be any haha haha hahahahahappier. Superb!
    Keep up the good work and enjoy

  35. JimBhoy

    Could this be another own goal by D&P……

    “The history of the club remains with the club, so the club moves from Rangers Plc into the new company and all of the titles and 140-year history will remain with the club. That was part of the two-stage process we set up with Charles Green all those weeks ago.”

    The SFA are investigating Dual contracts as well as breach of rules, ie,going to court…

    I thought HMRC gave an exit plan but D&P bring it back are they really that feckless…..

  36. archie kane

    anyone who had the misfortune to sit next to the huns at the last old firm game will be celebrating no more huns in paradise for at least 3 years .hail hail phil enjoy this day it belongs to you

  37. weeandybhoy

    To all those who are regular readers of this site you’ll understand the following………………

    Neil, oh Neil, where are yooouuuu!!!

    Come on Neil, stop hiding. Give us one of your witty responses to today’s events…………………………..
    Neil, oh Neil…..cannae hear you!!!!

    “they’ll be jumping oot the windaes when we win”…….!!!!!

    1. Neil

      Which one weeandybhoy?,

      There seems to be two on this site now;-),I feel like Andy Goram.

      I dont know which way to take it, as I dont know if it is aimed at me or the imposter:-)

      What ever way your comment is meant,the end result is all that mattered.


  38. Jim

    Our journalist fraternity in central Scotland are still spewing out the same sycophantic drivel. It’s usually something along the lines of, “I think RFC should be punished…but we need them”.
    A bit like saying “I’m not racist…but”.

  39. Jim

    There are Celts out there who think ‘old firm’ encounters are the greatest. How unworldly. European nights from the Stein and O’Neill era were far more enthralling.
    Society and football would be healthier without the fascist club. Their absence in Europe will be a relief. It makes being Scottish so uncool when they hit the continent.

  40. Andybhoy

    Today,,I thought it was raining,,,,it was not,,,it was the tears of laughter from my grandfather falling on me as he was looking down from the heavens. 54-0,,,no more tick tock,,,the clockwork orange has stopped.

  41. Braidaigh

    “Oh what a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you”

    Our day has well and truly come Phil.
    God bless you, HAIL HAIL!

  42. David

    Well done Phil. I’m a fairly recent regular visitor to this site. I’ve been missing some great stuff. I will toast good health to your good self, the two Paul’s and sneaking in at the back post, Mark D and Thommo tonight here in North Carolina. Until this post, it hadn’t dawned on me, but a modest donation on the way Phil courtesy of Pay Pal. Again, well done. I will definitely be buying the book.

  43. sam stone

    Why don’t we start up a fund to Purchase THE BIG HOOSE and demolish it, we could then have the land sterilised. Then as an act of goodwill, donate it for a city farm. I am sure it could be done. Lloyds Bank might help seeing it’s for a good cause.

  44. roythebhoy

    I’m feeling quietly content sitting in my hotel room digesting all the snippets from the Freelance Journalist, CQN, KDS, RTC, Alex Thomson etc.
    Ok, so being abroad I’ve missed Chic Young’s reaction but hey, some you win………………….
    I feel strangely calm despite the significance of today’s news but that is due to having been provided with solid, reliable information throughout by you and others. The real shock was no doubt experienced by the sheep who have followed Traynor and Keevins etc without question.
    In the face of bitter resistance and threats, you and your internet bampot brothers have allowed balanced information to flow.
    Phil, thank you. Enjoy the reward of what will hopefully be a different Scotland.
    Today is your day.

  45. Stevie Reid

    NOw i reckon i will retrain in laser tattoo removals. There must be a shed load of money to be made when billy has to have his 5 star tattoos removed.

  46. Paul

    Call me cynical, but I think newco will retain history (all titles, tarnished or not).

    I think newco will be vote in to the SPL.

    I think creditors will be get nothing and newco will keep everything.

    That’s what I think.

    But then, I never thought Rangers would go into administration in the first place…

  47. jimbo

    well done mate,did u know campbell o’gilvie first name is ronald or richard but had to drop it as his door in grayskull would have read r.c.o’gilvie .this is fact as i dealt with them when employed at a hotel in glasgow in the 80 s _90 s

  48. dombhoy67

    They say that flattery is of little use unless there is lot’s of it. . .and well deserved too I may add Phil. I don’t have any income Phil but what I do have is the awareness to recognise a fighter for the people when I see one…and you my friend are a true champion of truth and justice. What an advert for getting rid of the Daily Rags for your news and logging on. Well done Phil and keep it up.

  49. Seamusbhoy

    Well Done Phil, first post,been a bit of a lurker. Your tenacity, is second to none. You brought the TRUTH to the fore. Brilliant stuff. Ghod Bless you and yours. Hail! Hail!

  50. chris

    What can I say that hasn’t been said already! Get you suitcase and enjoy a well earned holiday – as you should write a book when u get bk, all the best phil and well done for all the time and effort u put into this my donation is on its way, me and the bhoys are forever in your debt!

  51. Joe miller

    Phil mac giolla bhain………Legend! Your blog has had me hooked for the last year, and now that the fat lady is singing down Ibrox way, you hold your head up and say ‘I did it my way’. Looking forward to reading your book on this disaster, destined to be a best seller and I hope you get the recognition you deserve for bringing the truth to the masses! Long live the Internet bampots!!
    Stay safe!!

  52. Michael S

    Not really a drinker, BUT,just after a bottle of Moet and the obligatory ice cream and jelly.The plan now is to get the cork and metal top embedded in plastic to pass on to my grandkids.
    There were a few times when I doubted this day would ever come, but thanks to your great work Phil, not forgetting and assorted “internet bampots’in driving the agenda against the MSM.
    Hail hail

  53. Liah Smit

    Phil. I have never doubted your analysis of the Rangers’ situation since February. You were right all along! I have had the time of my life watching events unfolding and your posts have added to the enjoyment as well as giving truthfull and accurate information. Life has just got a whole lot better! Paul McConville also deserves credit for his in depth critiques of the legal ramifications of this complex situation.

  54. jim doyle

    try the ibrox smoothie
    take 45,000 bitter oranges and an equal amount of sour grapes
    for texture add a bag of cold chips from a disgruntled shoulder,put in a A blender and LIQUIDATE,
    serve with jelly and ice cream or some sour plums.
    delicious. D;p)

    well done phil for all your great work
    hail hail

  55. beeegajay

    Ya big bampot ye! NOW look what you’ve done. It’s murder trying to get the wee one to bed tonight. She says she’s not going until the jelly has set and she’s had her ice-cream. Hope the your Big Man is close at hand to enjoy the night with his Faithir. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. On the long haul to pay day right now, will square you up with a few wee bob when it comes. Thanks Phil ;D

  56. mat

    well phil all can say is leeetttttsssss partyyyyyyyyyy whe ha.
    hail hail god bless irish catholic celtic supporting families
    around the world ,enjoy the rest of the summer wahoo.

    1. Lisbonlion72

      God bless non catholic Celtic supporting fans as well,inclusive,that’s why we’re different,I’m sure you meant well …this site is on meltdown,amazing work,haven’t bought a newspaper in a year,or since I started reading Phil Hail HAIL TO YOUS ALL,

  57. wastrel

    Happy liquidation day everyone. The 12th June be ever remembered by the good guys. Congratulations Phil, job well done mate.
    Jelly & Ice Cream time.

  58. Logical Optimist

    Well done Phil,
    You were on the money from day 1.
    The truth has won out.
    All their politicking won’t save ’em
    Good riddance.
    Thanks for having the patience with this and as the saying goes
    ‘Something worth waiting for is worth having’ or along those lines.
    Hail Hail

  59. Michael M

    Phil, I must congratulate you on your work.

    On behalf of all Celtic fans present and those who never lived to see the day….. HAIL ! HAIL ! YNWA.

  60. SamBrowneBelt

    Is there a Phil Mac Giolla Bhain CSC? Now seems a good time.

    By the way, the 19 players at the Euros who were targeted by Charlie Green must be raelly disappointed 🙂

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      I’m glad to have played a part in this.
      Great team effort across social media to break the official reticence about going after this story.

  61. Allan

    STAND TALL AND PROUD PHIL, Your name will live forevermore in Celtic folklore. Very well done ! Hail! Hail!

  62. SamBrowneBelt

    I’m almost sad. I’ve really enjoyed the slow death of Dignity FC. It’s been great entertainment with yourself, Phil, always ahead of the game. I only read the MSM for humour now, to see what the uneducated are having to swallow.

    Because of you, I’ve been confident for months that this day would come, and you’ve reassured me when the MSM spin almost had me convinced that they might survive.

    Thank you.

  63. The Wallace

    Congratulations you have worked hard and under extreme external pressures, you have provided the truth throughout and all the great laughs and jokes aside, you have done a great service to ALL of Scottish Football. I personally thank you in the most sincere fashion,
    One of our days has come,roll on many more.
    To quote an old Scottish proverb,’Ice cream and jelly are good for the belly,’

  64. che'mor88

    Small donation made Phil- it’s not much but wanted to contribute to something that has became some what of a daily ritual for me 😀 …..thank you !!!

  65. Jamesy-Bhoy

    Phil, brilliant work I’m sure you feel vindicated. I’ve been visiting the site for many years but rarely post, I just wanted to say thanks. You RTC and CQN have played a huge part in a story that many simply hoped would go away.

    Let’s just hope that the SPL have the courage to say “no to new co” but I’m not so sure.

    In the meantime all fans should just adopt the mantra that whatever SEVCO is, it is NOT Rangers – think Monty Python’s dead parrot sketch and replace the word “parrot” with the word “Rangers”.

    But all of this is a concern and conversation for another day…………

    Today however is the day…….that an organisation which for 80 years refused to employ people (in any capacity) on the grounds of their faith…….that to date is the only senior club in British football NEVER to have fielded a Catholic from the Island of Ireland……that has spent the best part of the last twenty years defrauding every honest tax payer in the country to pay players it could not actually afford….has finally and at long last has got exactly what it deserves!!!

    I think Lou Reed said it best when he said “Oh it’s such a perfect day”

    I think it might be time to open a bottle of something a wee bit special – slainte!

  66. Chris

    Well done Phil on a brilliant job done, I hope you are voted “Man of the Year” by every CSC in the country. Our day has come….. well soon, and the longer it drags the better as far as I am concerned……..

  67. bodbhoy

    Mission accomplished, hail hail Phil historical effort by the man who will go down in history as their nemesis.

  68. B11OYS

    Congratulations Phil,for a dogged and noble fight to the finish!
    reminds me of a quote from Maxim Gorky
    “To speak the truth is the most difficult of all arts, for in its “pure” form, not connected with the interests of individuals, groups, classes, or nations, truth is almost completely unsuitable for use by the Philistine and is unacceptable to him.

  69. Gerry

    Phil, can i take this opportunity to say what a fantastic piece of journalism on your part throughout this whole situation. I haven’t always agreed with some of your comments but must say that you have to be admired for following through on the courage of your convictions. I am sure any young journalists will find your work on this story purely inspirational.

  70. Ed Gallagher

    Spent a month in Glasgow, waiting for liquidation; so that I could wind up pals
    Returned to Italy by road today, turned on the radio in the house this afternoon – Phil, you must have heard my shout of joy even in Donegal ?

    Congratulations to the most erudite bampot on Planet Fitba.

  71. aldobhoy67

    Take a bow Phil internet bampot of the year, god bless her majestys Revenue and customs for getting it right up them

  72. Brendan

    Well done Phil – dogged pursuit of the truth brings its rewards, even in the face of their propagandists and reluctant governing bodies…

    Now we must focus on ensuring Sevco588 don’t bargain with our money, Celtic FC will need to remain resolute….

    “That’s their problem although I cannot say I am not enjoying what’s happening to them at the moment…” Alistair McCoist 1994

    Well done Phil


  73. Neil


  74. patrick

    Could this be possibly true? Rangers rebelled against the crown HRMC ran then down! What a day. Much congratulations Phil.

  75. Peter

    Take a bow Phil, you’ve certainly done your bit. I’m not dancing on Rangers’ grave but their wrongdoing had to be exposed. You and Paul Brennan were the first ones to write about their impending financial doom and others joined you. Your efforts will always be remembered.

  76. andy

    the break in their history is enough for me…no stars, no titles, nothing-albion rovers will have more history and successes than the new huns will have for a long time to come! glod bless you and yours sir!

  77. Margaret Hart

    It is a glorious 12th is it not?

    Thank you Phil for your tireless efforts to bring the truth to light. Not that everyone wanted to see the truth, or even believed it (probably still hoping to wake up from the nightmare) The rangers fans and the media should be moving into the depression stage of DABDA since bargaining has failed lol.

    Having read some of the replies on the STV Q&A re RFC and the newco, have been horrified to see them say that the newco will retain all the old co titles, honours, trophies etc. This cant be true can it?

  78. Marc

    Phil,Another “Glorious Twelfth” to celebrate and whilst it is sweet it would have been nicer had it happened at the Creditors meeting, some of the fun and anticipation has been taken away. BTW it is highly unusual for HMRC to comment on individual cases and my suspicion is that no dialogue has taken place with HMRC and D&D have known the position all along and have only chosen to confirm it in public for an easier ride at the Creditors meeting.

    You have previously commented that this “Story just keeps on giving” I am sure it will continue to do so. Next chapter is the Courts’ phase as the main players scrap over the carcass.

    Do you know whether Craigy Bhoys shares revert to him in the event of the CVA failure?

    A big well done and thank you for your sterling work. I have enjoyed your blog immensely. Your next mission should you choose to accept it should be to teach the MSM “proper journalism”. Now that’s what I call a proper “Mission Impossible”

  79. g mcelroy

    Phil, today is the day your name will be spoken for decades with the same delight and joy the Lisbon lions still and will always bring to the football club, Glasgow Celtic, an all inclusive, lasting institution. Be in no doubt. Thank you so much.

  80. Celtic man

    Death right at the start of marching season. Sweet. Hail Hail Phil, been on the money from day dot on this one.If Carlsberg done smugness ……..;-)

  81. jimCB

    Couldnt resist this i’ve changed just two words (apologies to Mr Zimmerman)
    You must leave now, take what you need, you think will last
    But whatever you wish to keep you better grab it fast
    Yonder stands your orphan with his gun
    Crying like a fire in the sun
    Look out the Celts are coming through
    And it’s all over now Baby Blue

    Leave your stepping stones behind something calls for you
    Forget the dead you’ve left they will not follow you
    The fenian who is rapping at your door
    Is standing in the clothes that you once wore
    Strike another match lets start anew
    And it’s all over now Baby Blue

  82. Andy

    I see that the lobying has already gone into serious overdrive. Quick peek on SSN at lunchtime had Andy Gorum on, one of his comments being that “even the most bitter Celtic supporter doesn’t want to see Rangers out of the SPL” GTF Andy you have one hell of a cheek making comments like that!

    Evening times tonight fawning over poor wee Allie and saying “the club will now have to seek permission from the SPL to retain their status in the top flight”. It’s a new club so they would not be ‘Retaining’ anything, it would be a completely new application.

    Expect a lot more of this rubbish over the next few days.

  83. Peter


    on this day, our own glorious 12th,
    Hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of us,
    You made it possible and we won’t forget it.
    Great stuff, stay safe

  84. Kevybhoy

    They are now in the mindset that if Napoli and fiorentina can go bankrupt and come back a newco and keep there history so can they??

    Be a joke if they can, newco 3 years out a Europe only punishment n debt free!! Surely they can’t keep there history but ditch the debt??

  85. Frankier

    Can anyone tell me if professor Struth’s baby has been born yet, or has HMRC decided to abort it?

  86. Francis Glasgow

    Just delivered flowers to my mums grave.Wish my relations and friends who are gone but not forgotten could be here to see this day.Liquidation for Rangers was this Fenians fantasy.Never thought i would see this day.Thank you Phil for your fortitude and courage in pursuit of the truth.No hiding behind psuedonyms for you,I admire you for that.With my surname being Glasgow I maintain they called the Celts after me.Made a small donation to your site as we all deserve the truth.

  87. Rod

    Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha, this is our 12th.
    God bless all Celtic minded people, now to re write those history books and some cups to re engrave and Murry stripped of that knighthood.
    All in jubilee year, let’s get the bunting up buoys.

  88. Peter

    History will also recall the man who “stuck at it” against the grain of the establishment.

    Well done Phil. Well done.

  89. Neil

    Jackson, Traynor,Keevins come out! come out! wherever you are!
    you chaps helped the demise of your lunch ticket.

  90. Dubaibhoy


    Children and grandchildren will recall your name in victory stories with pride.


  91. Seanybhoy

    Phil thank you for all that you have done and no doubt had to put up with, today IS like JFK day, my wife texted me at work earlier “THE RANGERS ARE LIQUIDISED” had to look at it a couple of times as the smile spread across my face,it’s still here now,this is a victory for good versus evil and I hope you enjoy it to it’s fullest because you deserve it mate along with the other so called internet bampots,you have made a mockery of the MSM with your diligence and courage.I’m actually going to Donegal at the end of the month for a holiday I would buy you more of the black stuff than one man could drink,then again there would be more than one wanting to celebrate,superb mate well done and thank you again for all your efforts.HH

  92. Kevin Gallagher

    I too and smiling and many thanks Phil for helping to “out” them and let the world know the truth. And you should quite rightly feel good about making like difficult for them.

    I love the line “It will be a corporate execution on a digital scaffold……”

    But of real pride for me is that a man living in Donegal had the dogged determination and belief to stick by it and play no small role in where we are today ……….. if my father was alive today that man from Annagry would have been very happy indeed.

  93. Dite

    Would love to hear your thoughts on how Green can buy a supposed £100Million worth of assets for £5Million leaving creditors with next to nothing? Surely BDO will try to stop that?Wo

  94. AndyBhoy

    Surely this binding deal for Green to bu assets for £5.5 cannot be legal what happened to getting most for creditors. Duff and Duffer has backed Green on this.

  95. Robertg

    Congratulations Phil. I’ll also be making a donation (and have been meaning to for some time).

    I’m still struggling with the £5.5m asset sale (I’m a CA and while not an insolvency specialist by any stretch of the imagination, familiar enough to know that this has to be wrong).

    There are specific provisoons to prevent the practice of selling off the assets to a newco for a pound and stranding the debt. Surely Hector’s liquidators will set aside whatever agreement has been struck with Green on the basis that the players alone – as long as they are sold before formal liquidation takes place – have to be worth more than £5.5m. The ground has to be worth at least that as well. Any newco will need somewhere to play.

    Surely Duff and Duffer don’t want to be doing hard time for fraud by stitching up a deal like that with hector so visibly sniffing about.

  96. keighley bhoy


  97. Garibaldi

    ‘For every Fiver they spend, we’ll spend a Tenner’ words that should be immortalised & cast in stone.

  98. James

    Phil you are a legned pardon the pun.

    Well done matey and to everyone who contributed.

    Legends the lot of you.

  99. peter

    now, what way will Celtic Fc vote, in regards re-entry into the SPL for a newco. as a supporter of a ‘diddy club’ i have watched the old firm ride rough shot over the rest of the spl clubs. so, lets put Celtic FC on the spot: The decision is yours!!???

    1. Ben mcginlay

      Celtic will no way vote a newco into the spl. That would be the worse thing they could do.the fans would make sure of that. We let our feelings know at the home and away games most of the season. Peter lawell knows the backlash. No more old firm, no more rangers no more cheating. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a new era. I still think there should be a full independent inquiry into rangers business and financial affairs over the last 15 years. I’m so glad Phil has been vindicated in all his work and the underhand tactics by the orcs have not succeeded in quieting him.

  100. joe

    thanks phil you were right all along thought they would wriggle out of it but now the party begins hail hail God bless you sir

  101. hokeypokey

    Phil do you think Murray and Kennedy will make a move to create an alternative newco through the purchase of another Scottish club in Paisley or Fife?

    1. Neil

      Murray will be geting his passport out and offski to Argentina, HMRC will be wanting a word with him along with the Law.

  102. Ron237

    Can’t work for laughing, the more I think about it the more I laugh.
    Thanks Phil you got it right from the start.
    The more you were attacked and they tried to belittle you the more I was convinced you were right.
    Well Done Happy Days.
    Tomorrow we can return to reality and see what “deal Green will offer to gang of 10” to slither into SPL on his belly.

  103. Oykelboy

    Dear Phil,
    I had some real close insights, for some years into the Murray machine, and followed your journalistic statements with avid interest. The fire is alight and a raging blaze will follow. I am hopeful that the moral assessments and the optimisation of taxpayer benefits are overriding sentiments expressed by other authorities. Let us see integrity remain on display as the Footballing authorities follow with judgements! Trophies are not won, and with certainty, cannot be retained by cheating! There can be no precedent set for any team to misbehave and cheat in the future, and the governing laws must be adhered to. That must be the message! I do not agree with anyone that an SPL without Rangers is a doomed entity. I believe that local residents throughout Scotland will follow in greater numbers, a more competitive and adjudged correctly managed and directed local football club.
    Spartans were heavily punished for an error of “the pen” without intent!
    These double contracted Rangers players are surely just as culpable! It is not just directors who cheated! The entire Rangers club cheated!
    A rebuild of faith in the SFA and SPL is needed, and a competitive Edinburgh, Aberdeen,Dundee, West of Scotlan and indeed Highland challenge, with an emphasis on affordable home grown talent is required! It must be good for the game in general! My opinion is that Scotland will emerge stronger!

    You have a clear and incisive journalism that I admire greatly!

  104. Steve

    Phil, many have sung your praises these last couple of years for exposing the truth and sticking it to the MSM, well now it’s my turn – well done indeed! If you happen to be strutting around with a smug grin about your pus, then why not, you really do deserve to enjoy your moment. There’s many many many of us who’ve hoped and prayed that everything you’ve been saying would turn out to be true, and you haven’t let us down. Good bless you good man!

  105. Troony-Troony

    I have followed your blog for over a year now, and I pay tribute to the service you have done for truth and hosnesty in the media. Where others have ignominiously failed, you have triumphed. Would that they might learn a lesson; even now I somehow doubt it.
    I also pay tribute to your courage and tenacity, and your unswerving efforts to get to the truth of this scandal. More to come on this Phil, keep digging. Donation on the way.

  106. hokeypokey

    To quote a famous tim;
    “Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability, and I want you to know that we are with you”
    Keep it up Phil, victory is so close now I can taste it!
    I wouldn’t even let them in 3rd division let alone SPL.

  107. brian

    Well done Phil.Pleas take care as there will be a lot of hutin huns out there who will be seeking revenge.

    Paul J,I think CQN is in meltdown.

  108. joe burt

    Fantastic work,we are having a party here in Abu Dhabi this weekend to celebrate the fall of the “BIG HOOSE”There are however a lot of twists and turns to come yet.Im hearing that they will offer to vote with the other 10 clubs a share of home gate receipts if allowed to come back into the SPL.Have you heard this.

  109. Len McCoy

    I’m absolutely delighted at the news of the Liquidation of Rangers FC ! Its a truly historic day in the history of Scottish football and one which will be remembered fondly for years to come. However I am still perplexed as to how its possible for Mr Green to get his hands on the assets of RFC for the paltry sum of £5.5million in order to form a newco. These assets which include Ibrox Stadium, Murray Park and the Albion Carpark are valued at over £100million. So it should be the responsibility of BDO to auction off these assets to the highest bidder to maximise the funds available to the creditors. That’s who matters most right now and I don’t want to see a Zombie Rangers acquire these assets at a knock-down price at the expense of what is rightfully due to creditors. This would be a massive miscarriage of justice. Also, lets hope that the SPL do the decent thing and reject Zombie Rangers’ application to join the SPL. Sporting integrity must be paramount and Zombie Rangers should be forced to go cap in hand to apply for a place in the Scottish 3rd Division but only after they have served at least a one season suspension from football for having contested the transfer embargo in court.

    1. Dite

      Would love to hear your thoughts on how Green can buy a supposed £100Million worth of assets for £5Million leaving creditors with next to nothing? Surely BDO will try to stop that?

  110. Jim

    Martin O’Neill can to all intents and purposes celebrate five consecutive championships. The distress of that day at Motherwell should and will be be erased.
    We’ll never know how many trophies Racist FC won through deception, dodgy match officials and a corrupt footballing establishment. However…today is a good day.

  111. jimCB

    Fantastic Phil – what a story!! Historic day indeed. If my father and grandfather could have imagined this moment.It shows that with the net theres no hiding place.Despite an unfree press printing lies, slander and spin the truth comes out.The times are certainly changing. Its a good time to be a celt perhaps the best!!

  112. JimBhoy

    Been awesome reading and participating in your blog Phil… Although this is the end I fear there will be good value in this story to come as the carve up begins and Plod get involved.

    All along my only real interest has been in the trophies Celtic have been cheated out of, time for the SFA to do the needful.

  113. Chris

    Well done Phil and many thanks for all your hard work. It’s been a joy to read of this poisonous clubs slow, painful death.

  114. TonyD

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

    Not only did you do ‘something’ but you kept on doing something! You have shamed the sycophantic media all running around Murray (father like son!)like those circus poodles wearing wee hats and skirts, begging for wee morsels of pure fantasy and spin!

    You must be very proud and rightly so. Take a bow Sir!

    Happy to make a contribution to your site. Let me know how.

  115. Lenny Bhoy

    Great to see good has won against evil and good men like you Phil deserve enormous for sticking to your guns.

  116. RobinBhoy

    Great work Phil, you must be smiling as wide as me today. Thank God for internet bampots such as youself, RTC and CQN who have kept this story going despite all of the MSM BS and the intimidation.

    Wee donation made to help with running costs.

    Hail Hail!


  117. Cavanbhoy

    Internet ballots springs to mind Phil.
    I thought this day would never come congratulations to all these?? so called bampots for their excellent blogs.

  118. Frankier


    Could the knight of the realm you talk about be from a wee seaside town in the west of Scotland? If not, then there is an uncannily similar story regarding a well known knight and his father’s business “practices” which stem from around that time also.

  119. Finnharp



    I hope our Glasgow bhoys are safe today and the coming days.


  120. Jim

    It’s proving to be a good year. Demise of NOTW, Sour David Murray and RFC. The truth always comes out.

  121. Martin

    Keep smiling Phil. Thank you for everything you have done, and for everything you and your family have sacrificed.

  122. donegalpaul

    a big thanks phil will get you a drink some day when i bump into you its been a pleasure to read your site for the last number of years HAIL HAIL

  123. Murteen

    Congratulations. Its great when you are proved right. you have been wonderfully imformative all the way along. Kudos

  124. G Boyle

    Good work fhella.

    Any chance of joining yer sentences up to make paragraphs though? Just a wee thing that’s been bugging me over the last couple of years!! 🙂

  125. droid

    Big Tax Case Surrender

    C’mon Bhoy, C’mon Ghirl, lets party while the hunz surrender

    C’mon Bhoy, C’mon Ghirl, lets party while the hunz surrender

    All the things we dared speak about (are packed into one punch)

    All the things we were sure about (are sorted out at once)

    And as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end

    That bullshit is bullshit, it just goes by different names

    C’mon Bhoy, C’mon Ghirl, lets party while the hunz surrender

    C’mon Bhoy, C’mon Ghirl, lets party while the hunz surrender

    All the things we shouted about (but THEY never acted upon)

    All the courage and dreams we had (but seemed to take so long)

    All doubt is cast aside, watch phonies run to hide

    The dignified don’t even enter in the game

    C’mon Bhoy, C’mon Ghirl, lets party while the hunz surrender

    C’mon Bhoy, C’mon Ghirl, lets party while the hunz surrender

    Now we see there’s no substance

    To a lying generation

    Seized by determination

    To show fakers they ain’t foolin’

    You’ll see Hector come runnin’

    To the sound of sirens hummin’

    Fill our hearts with jhoy and ghladness

    We’ve lived too long in shadows of badness

    All doubt is cast aside, watch phonies run to hide

    The dignified don’t even enter in the game

    C’mon Bhoy, C’mon Ghirl, lets party while the hunz surrender

    C’mon Bhoy, C’mon Ghirl, lets party while the hunz surrender

    C’mon Bhoy, C’mon Ghirl, lets party while the hunz surrender

    C’mon Bhoy, C’mon Ghirl, lets party while the hunz surrender

    C’mon Bhoy, C’mon Ghirl, lets party while the hunz surrender

    C’mon Bhoy, C’mon Ghirl, lets party while the hunz surrender

    Waken up to the liquidation blast

    Take’em by the collar and throw’em out the SPL

    Mock them gently & send them screaming for another lender

    We’re here to pay homage to how we made the hunz surrender

  126. Jim Wood

    So you should be Sir. You are now a legend. Think to the people in the future who will read of the demise of RFC. One of the prime names will be yours Phil.
    I think the history books will say Donegal 1 RFC did’t.
    I would finish with keep at them, but there is only some mopping up to do, MSM should be able to do that… On second thoughts a supervisory role may still be necessary.
    Thank you so much for all you have done for us all.

  127. Jim

    May you be blessed Phil, for standing up to the establishment bullies. This all puts a different slant on ‘rule brittania’.

  128. Kevybhoy

    Brilliant phil, enjoyed your blog over the past few years, can you just confirm the situation with regards to their trophies? They are now sayin they will keep there titles when they become newco? Sayin the newco owns the club, the club stays the same? Surely there is no way they can do this, got to be zero league titles n zero cup trophies??


  129. Finnharp


    This is ur moment, you deserve to have 15 minutes, I know it’s not what ur looking for, but you, paul, alex T & RTC all tried in vein to help Rangers out and they didnt want to hear it, shame on them. Rolling in the deep, you reep what you sew.

  130. Ron237

    Well done to you and CQN you were the only people who delt with FACT and not spin. Honourable mention to BBC NEWS who stoop up the facts reported by you and CQN.
    If it wasn’t for the fact I’m diabetic then Jelly and Ice Cream would be getting consumed in large quantities 🙂

  131. Chris

    Brilliant Phil… Doantion made mate. thanks for the Good Work and making me laugh and I look forward to lost more… HH

  132. Hoopsmon

    Brilliant. Can’t wait to see what BDO un-earth. There must be more than a few squeaky sphinctres out there. You’ll keep us informed Phil. I’m sure. Cheers.

  133. Corky

    Schadenfruede. For the first time in my life I will allow myself a wee contented warm cosy glow to wash over me. When devastating events unfold anywhere in society anywhere in the world, I always spare a thought for the victims. As for the events unfolding at Castle Greyskull, its a self inflicted implosion that couldn’t have been scripted any better. I will spare them a thought alright, while sipping a cheeky glass of red in a big hot soapy bubble bath. Agent Phil, return to base, mission accomplished.

  134. tressell

    just wish my da and granda could be here to witness this,
    thankfully my children and grandchildren can.
    thank you phil.hail hail.

  135. Eddie

    Congratulations – your writings have sustained me for many a long time. Look forward to the book…..and film?

    1. JonnyBhoy1967

      Phil I have found the site where we can make a Donation. Just at the end of you Blog page. Just a small Donation Hope it helps.
      As this litigation starts I am sure your services will be required to point People in the Right Direction.
      HH and keep up hte great work, YWNWA.

    2. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      There is a paypal donate button on this site buddy.
      The bottom of the home page.
      It all helps.

  136. Philip

    Donation made to your site, Phil – wish it could be higher. Hopefully today will bring many more – you deserve it!

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      Thanks Philip-the new server costs are significant-we had no choice following the DOS attack last year.
      I have enemies.
      That’s good.
      That means I must have stood up for something.

  137. Niall

    Top drawer stuff.

    Terrific work Phil. Today is your reward. Tonight we will all sleep well but not before a rambunctious jig of joy.

    1. paul brady

      Looking forward to a future free of RFC.

      I am keen to see how the MSM spin this, but above all how they square their “internet bampots” statement when things turned out the polar opposite of all they confidently stated would happen.

      go the timternet bampots.

  138. musters

    I’m smiling too but, in a sense Phil, haven’t they got away with it? There can be no further claims or litigation against the club. This is Whyte’s master plan realised.

  139. Angie Gallagher

    Smiling is that all. You should be taking a bow!! It took a long time to get to this stage but here it is and the abuse and vile from fans has started in earnest. Well done Phil. Keep up the Good Work!!

  140. thecastings

    Well done indeed Phil , you are to be congratulated.
    Looks like its the pokey for CW since he was running a company that was effectively trading when insolvent. Would love to see Murrays crown removed also , that would be the icing on the cake.
    Surely now the players can go for nothing and they cannot be classed as an asset.

  141. Steveo

    Oh happy days, oh happy days…… As the song goes!!! Well done phil been following you since u broke the BTC story. Hopefully 3rd dicision beckons for them. Liquidation is actually too good for them

  142. Kinglovejoy

    Great news for all, one question though, with HMRC’s move to appoint their own liquidators does this mean GREEN cannot purchase the assets for 5.5 million to start a new co.

  143. John Gallagher

    Well done, Phil. They`ve finally bitten the dust. A great day for everyone who wants to see this institution die. None too soon.

  144. Paul J

    anyone having trouble getting to CQN this afternoon. i saw it this morning but my links keep failing.

  145. Graham

    Congratulations Phil, from The US Capitol. You kept pushing on with a fierce drive and determination for the truth and the truth won out. This is a victory for the good guys. Job well done

  146. Adrian

    Phil, may I be one of the first to thank you for your work, perseverence and dignity in dealing with this subject for the last 3 years, putting up with the abuse – and if past form is anything to go by – the physical threats from the Rangers support. This has been the best entertainment I’ve seen on the web in years. I salute you, I salute resolute dignity, professionalism and journalistic integrity and I salute the internet for making this platform for truth available to the likes of me. Ta. Now, where’s the shampers 🙂


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