Liquidation Day

So it was all a Fenian’s fantasy?

The idea that the mighty Rangers would suffer the humiliation of liquidation was obviously just the ramblings of deluded bloggers in undignified places like Donegal.


Today should put the officially sanctioned narrative of Rangers to bed for all time.

HMRC will move to have the club liquidated.

Their guys will carry out the liquidation.

It will be a corporate execution on a digital scaffold to be viewed by all on Planet Fitba.

Their humiliation will be total.

“Piercing the corporate veil” is a term that we will all become very familiar with in the weeks and months ahead.

My thoughts are drawn to a certain knight of the realm whose father served 18 months in prison in the early 1960s for “fraudulent conversation” a trifling matter over some race horses and outstanding taxes.

The mainstream media are programmed to beg for scraps from the Rangers table.

Even when that piece of furniture has been sold in the corporate equivalent of a Warrant Sale they will still simper at the same place like one of Ivan Pavlov’s laboratory trained mutts.

My published interest in Rangers financial troubles goes back three years.

The bank taking effective control of the club was major step towards oblivion for Rangers.

Once I had been given the tip about the existence of the “Big Tax Case” in early 2010 it was game on.

I started to attract the attention of people who wanted me to stop.

In June 2011 journalists in Glasgow were briefed by PR chaps suggesting that my idea that Mr Whyte had used future season ticket money was a monstrous libel.

Yeah, sure.

Then there were several attempts to take this site offline last year.

Arranging to have the Sheriff Officer blokes snapped outside Ibrox seemed to be the last straw for some.

The Fenian in Donegal had to be silenced.

In one instance some “stakeholders” at the Ibrox club complained to the web hosting company that this blog was “damaging Rangers as a going concern” because I was spreading lies.

The web hosting company blinked.

So I moved to another server.

Then there was a DOS attack.

We upgraded the bandwidth package at great expense.

The allegation that this site was having a negative impact on the financial health of the business was correct.

I was informed that the new regime was having real difficulty raising a credit line because of the negative headlines.

I was pleased when I heard this because that was my intention.

If the objective of the off the record briefings against me was to reduce the number of page views to this site then it was a total failure!

Moreover, if they thought that being called “a chancer” with a “comedy blog”  would stop me then that also failed.

It is the mainstream media who are being laughed at as this saga unfolds.

I just kept at it and my weapon of choice was the truth.

Today I’m smiling.

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