Long term planning

If the only source of Sevco news was the mainstream then I do not think that folk would have the full picture.

The scene being breathlessly depicted by the stenographers is of the last days of Saigon at the top of the Marble Staircase.

Actually, the reality is very much different to what they want it to be.

Very recently Mr Derek Llambias and Barry Leach were given the ‘ok’ from Big Mike to push ahead with planning for Season 2015/2016.

Once more John Carver’s name came up in those discussions so do not be surprised if he moves to Glasgow to be Big Mike’s guy in the Ibrox dug out.

A substantial list of Newcastle United lads have also been earmarked to move to Sevco on loan next season.

One player who has been seriously discussed is Rob Elliot the goalkeeper.

Sources tell me that one wheeze they are looking at  is where young promising players will move to Ibrox on a permanent basis, but the sell on fee for NUFC will be very generous indeed.

Essentially, Sevco will become a nursery for the Tyneside team.

In the here and now, payroll is due in two days and I am informed that the second tranche will have to be accessed.

It is worth re-stating that one of the conditions of this £10m is that Sports Direct has the right to appoint two directors to the RIFC board.

Even if Mr King and his colleagues ‘win’ the vote, it would appear that Big Mike is planning on having his guys in charge and following his orders.

Once more you would not know this if you were relying on the mainstream for a clear picture of events at Sevco.

One small vignette that has come to my attention is that Bauer Media, who own radio Clyde, have been on the receiving end of some major grief here in Ireland.

It would appear that the shambolic performance on Clyde 1 Super scoreboard has reached the attention of some advertisers.

One recent caller referred to the Irish tricolour as “…an IRA flag…” and was not corrected by the chaps in the studio.

That this went unchallenged was not appreciated by some serious folk here in Ireland who do business with Bauer Media.

The owners of Radio Clyde have several radio stations and other media outlets in Ireland.

Moreover, the statement by one of the ‘pundits’ on Clyde that the Soldier’s Song  was somehow inappropriate for a European night at Celtic Park was not well received here.

The stenographers have been rather reticent in coming forward to support Stan Collymore as he went head to head with the klan on Twitter.

Quelle surprise

So we have a mainstream media in Scotland that does not appear to be fit for purpose dear reader.

So, to recap ,Big Mike’s guys are going quietly and diligently about their business and putting together long-term plans for how they want to run Sevco.

The stenographers are all gushing about Dave King’s imminent victory and the restoration of the old brogue wearing order at the top of the Marble Staircase.

A Fourth Estate too craven and venal to call out terracing racists and support a black journalist who has taken the klan  for a square go on twitter.

It goes without saying that the reportage that is published here is often at variance with the narrative being shamefully woven by the stenographers in Glasgow.

However,in the round, the version of events here is usually vindicated.

If you recall this time a year ago when the club (or the company) put out a statement stating that all was well financially and ignore the blogger in Ireland.

A fortnight later they had to arrange the punitive loan from Laxey Partners and so it goes on…

What often appears here for the first time is usually a world exclusive in some Glasgow based title sometime later.

However, I can only continue to do this work with your support.

The page views on this site are off the radar and the web hosting fees, as well as other costs, continue to rise because of that.

The reporting here does not originate from PR agencies or dignified men in brogues.

There is a wider story to be told on Planet Fitba that is way more important than who scored a goal or who was offside.

The story that I am continuing to work on is the one about official corruption and the obedience of a venal, craven media to an Orwellian narrative.

I am sure there are one or two award winning copy and paste impresarios who would be happy if I did call it a day.

With your help I won’t…

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