Loyalty, urgency and the October payroll

When Mr. Derek Llambias was in the Blue Room, he had an urgent ‘to do’ list.

High on that pressing agenda was the ‘serious remedial work’ needed for Ibrox.

It was professionally stated to the Ashley appointed chaps that these repairs had to be completed before this winter set in.

Quite simply there is not the available finance to carry out this work.

Earlier this month  Mr Paul Murray and an Ibrox legend spent a day at Archerfield Golf Club with a senior chap from the banking world.

It was all very convivial and harmonious.

However, these banking chaps have been taught to be cautious and despite the brotherly nature of the ambience the man from RBS couldn’t help.

For those who doubt this, they can ask Mr Murray where he was on October 7th  during the day.

This is a company that desperately requires external finance.

I am told by a well-placed source that late last week the New Regime tried once more to make contact with Planet Ashley, but no one in Shirebrook picked up.

In the meantime supporters’ groups are being asked to be loyal and assist with the October payroll.

I understand that Mr John Gilligan forcefully pressed the case for the New Regime at a recent meeting of fans representatives.

Apparently there are some issues that currently prevent the South African based Chairman from…ahem…overinvesting.

I am told that not all of the chaps attending this conclave were completely convinced by this explanation.

In the midst of all the smoke and mirrors the cynical part of me thinks that it would be a Grand Master stroke if such largesse from The People were presented to the world as evidence of financial assistance from Mr. David Cunningham King.

Of course, such a thing would not happen in the real world.

What is extant on Planet Fitba is that the current club operating out of Ibrox is a loss making business without a credit line from a bank.

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