Making a Drachma out of a crisis

In Greek mythology Icarus fell to earth because of his arrogance and highflying ambition.

Will the same fate befall the new Govan God Charlie Green who is alleged to be flying over the very spot where Icarus had his fatal fall from grace?

Charlie is not in Greece to advise on the perilous state of the Greek economy, but is said to be hoping to arrange a friendly with Olympiacos. I wonder what the SFA, Uefa and FIFA would have to say about that.

Then Charlie boy had said on Sky that he would be flying to Switzerland to speak to UEFA representatives about renegotiating the debt he has inherited.

Some find it strange that he is flying around Europe when perhaps there is more vital work to be done closer to home and Brechin where a Ramsden’s Cup is scheduled for July 28th.

Some speculate he is keen to avoid the environs around Hampden just at this moment, because one question is asked of him again and again.

“Mr Green, who are the individuals who make up Blue Pitch, the consortium that have around 24% of Sevco? Would you like to name each member please?”

It is said until this question is answered, along with other loose ends, the SFA are prepared to play hardball and not allow NewCo to play football.

On the issue of travelling. Would any of the NewCo hierarchy have any trouble gaining access to the United States of America? Immigration rules are ultra-tight and any improprieties in the distant past can sometimes cause problems Stateside.

This new club is behaving as if they had a licence to play professional football in Scotland yet they don’t.

There are several excellent reasons why, as things stand at present, Sevco should not be granted that authorisation.

Of course, this should not just concern those on the Mount Florida acropolis.

Someone should go tell the Spartans.


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