Maybe it isn’t about the money?

I have learned that the £2.3 million for the tax bill has moved out of the side account at Ranger’s bank and into the coffers of HMRC.

This is the sum that caused Sherriff Officers to enter the premises last summer.

Although Rangers submitted a late appeal over these monies the club’s main concern looks likely to have been the awarding of a UEFA licence for this season.

By appealing this bill, even although the money has gone to the tax man, the club has muddied the waters over the question of whether Rangers had misled the SFA on whether is owed HMRC money on 31st March 2011.  Rangers can now argue that they do not believe that they owed anything to HMRC on this date.

Obviously if the appeal is successful the club could receive the £2.8million back with interest.  I am told that this is extremely unlikely.

Rangers had to pay £500,000 in June to avoid HMRC taking action.  It was when the remaining £2.3millionwas not forthcoming that the Sherriff Officers  visited  Edmiston  Drive in August as captured by  a freelance snapper engaged by me for that purpose.

It remains to be seen if the Scottish soccer authorities are willing to let the UEFA licence issue just drift or will they pursue it with vigour.

With the SFA apparently still waiting on answers to questions on Craig Whyte’s ability to meet the criteria for a Fit and Proper person, their resolve for demonstrating that they are in charge of Scottish football is being tested.

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