Medicals and wibbles

I’m told that some members of the Sevco High Command were rather irked yesterday.

Apparently, the accuracy of my reportage into their transfer dealings had caused them some dignified angst.

It would appear that my observation about Greece being the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, seems to have hit home.

One chap, peace be upon him, apparently suggested that this could be answered with a tweet about the ramshackle nature of the Greek economy, etc.

The implication being that quintessentially British medicals were more rigorous than those foreign ones in Athens.

Thankfully someone operating at a higher Level told the young visionary to desist immediately.

It was then explained to him that his online wibble would only cause more problems.

Monsieur Senderos got the deal that he wanted and, crucially, that was of the one-year variety.

I understand that the issues that he had were with the terms of year two.

However, when pressed by Sevco to finally make up his mind he moved with lightning speed.


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