Meet and greet

Of course not all meetings have to be face to face.

However the really important ones should be, but that’s just my opinion.

Moreover they should be planned well in advance and everyone attending should have a clear idea of the agenda.

I understand from sources that about thirty five minutes after I published this piece yesterday that there was a call made to the Big House.

It was Mr George Letham and he wanted to have the private mobile number of Mr Alexander Easdale.

I am sure that this was all entirely coincidental to the fact that I had just drawn attention to the fact that during his current sojourn in Scotland there had been no meetings between Mr David Cunningham King and the Easdale brothers.

Given that one of them is on the board of Rangers International Football Club and the other is the chairman of the Sevco football board then I thought this was highly remiss of the South African based entrepreneur.

Last night on Twitter an award winning journalist stated that Mr King’s PR was “…all over the place…”

It was reported in the tabloids today that the ‘meeting’ did not appear to move the situation forward.

Quelle surprise…

The ‘meeting’, as tweeted breathlessly last night by young Al Lamont from the Beeb, had today became, according to Mr Sandy Easdale’s PR, “An amicable telephone conversation”.

For the avoidance of doubt the Easdale brothers are major players in this story and should be engaged with on that basis.

Unlike the South African based entrepreneur they have already sunk a substantial amount of money into this venture and they are unlikely to get it back.

The Easdale brothers are not faceless Hedge Fund chaps, but real Rangers men.

If Mr King is truly serious about taking over at Ibrox then, in my opinion, these are the first guys he should have had a sit down with.

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