Monsieur Joey and that gobshite Trump

Today I undertsand that the Holding Company Vehicle received a very stiff letter from the Agent of Monsieur Joey.

I am told that it was “just below legal”.

My understanding is that it was apropos the alleged leaking of Mr Barton’s medical details to the media.

There was also the issue about the withdrawal of his access to first team facilities e.g. his locker, car park etc.

I think it is fair to say that the Engine Room Subsidiary has badly mishandled the entire fiasco with their French-speaking playmaker.

Indeed, I would be amazed if the Scouse Sartre accepted anything less than the full value of his contract To Do Walking Away.

The Holding Company Vehicle had scraped enough to pay him until January with a non-disclosure agreement as part of the deal.

However, this was rebuffed.

I can only imagine that the prospect of Joey let loose on the London media with no gagging agreement in place is an appalling vista.

At time of writing I am being told by an excellent inside source of a fractured dressing room.

Any intrepid stenographer out there might want to get an exclusive interview with young Masters O’Halloran and Tavernier.

Even Philippe Senderos thinks that perhaps he moved too quickly in his move to Sevco.

One of Joey’s team mates recently pointed out that Barton had only really been guilty of telling the truth about the quality of their performance against Celtic.

Recently Mr Stewart Robertson put the facts straight on the Lion Brand to Mr David Cunningham King.

As per the court case with Sports Direct next month I am told that the South African based entrepreneur will not be available to attend.

There is no legal requirement for him to be there, but it does send a message.

Of course, the Holding Company Vehicle will be   represented by an immaculately coiffed substitute.

I am told that the Admirable Warburton and Mr Stewart Robertson had a sit down.

Interestingly it took place out with the environs of Ibrox or the place that used to be called Murray Park.

I understand that it was an open and warn conclave where both men admitted to their errors of judgment apropos their decision to become workers in the Engine Rom Subsidiary.

On a human level I can feel for both men.

I have spoken on the phone to the Sevco supremo and it is clear that Mark Warburton is a seriously decent man.

Stewart Robertson was counselled by an ex-Motherwell colleague when he was weighing up the move to the Holding Company Vehicle at Ibrox.

I think it is fair to say now that Mr Robertson regrets not listening to the advice he was given.

So the situation is even more chaos than what passes for normal at Sevco.

Of course, dear reader you wouldn’t know that by looking at the mainstream

That’s why this site is as busy as it is.

The usual promise remains extant:

The content here is free of contaminated lamb and does not contain harmful PR additives.

That’s why your support is invaluable.

Now if I can bring you up to speed from the Media Village at the Web Summit in Lisbon between recruiting folk to the NUJ.

Then why can’t sports desks in Glasgow just level with you?

Perhaps they’re on a different Level.

Oh and then there’s that gobshite  in Trump America.

Ah, don’t start me…

Have a great day!

82 thoughts on “Monsieur Joey and that gobshite Trump

  1. Jay

    Hi Phil, big big fan of your writings and appreciate everything you expose about the good ship Sevco! I’m Canadian, so very close too my friends down south, but not in fact ‘American’. I have to say I understand your perception of ‘The President Elect’ and understand the bewilderment the world must have at what transpired in the USA the other night. (And my way of thinking tends to be more left than right). However, despite all this Mrs. Clinton can not be held up as a shining star that has been unfairly distinguished. She has a lot to answer for and did not energize her base to come out in support of her because of those controversies. We all live in democracies, and that is a beautiful thing. The American people have spoken and I (surprisingly) feel that Mr. Trump should be given the initial support to try bring together a seriously divided nation. Was he your typical candidate, NO! I’m hoping for the success of the new President for the sake of not just America but also for Canada and the world. Who I feel sorry for is the many women who proudly voted the other night with their little girls in their arms in hopes of a historic first female President. With what the MAIN STREAM MEDIA was saying this was all but a guaranteed certainty! They had truly believed this breakthrough was hours away and it evaporated! I had a sick feeling for all of them but all I can say is this was not the lady to make that breakthrough but the time is coming not too far down the road. There will be plenty of time to criticize and second guess the new President, but for now, his success will be all of our success and I hope it transpires! Democracy and the will of the people always wins! All the best Phil, keep up the great work!

  2. Sean e voy

    Dear Phil,

    So I too must be an American gobshite.

    My wife and I ( and perhaps some of our kids ) voted for Trump because he was the lesser of two bad choices.

    Sadly you won’t get this as you are not an American.

    In this election the working man in the States has spoken- you need to be here!!!!

    God bless the land of the Brave and the home of ….

    Hail Hail


    In Brendan we trust !!!

    1. Charger

      At no point in his article did Phil describe Americans as “Gobshites.” He referred to one specific Gobshite. If those two are the only candidates a nation of around 300 million people can come up with then the Land of the Brave is in a very sorry state indeed. Hillary Clinton may very well be a cold, hard calculating bitch; but she does calculate. Trump on the other hand? Well the term “Gobshite” could have been coined specifically with him in mind. Any man who thinks it’s acceptable to mock the disabled, insult and abuse anyone he wants to on the grounds of race, creed, gender or colour, describe a neighbouring nation as “rapists” and think he can bully the same nation into paying for something he wants has no right to even call himself a man. Frankly he only just makes it up to the level of a Gobshite!

    2. Charger

      At no point did Phil describe all Americans as “Gobshites”. He was very specific about a particular Gobshite. In fact the word “Gobshite” could have been coined with just such a person in mind. If H.Clinton and D.Trump are the two best candidates a nation of around 300 million can come up with then I have to suggest that the Land of the Brave is in deep shite!

      Now, Hillary Clinton may very well be a cold, hard, calculating bitch; but at least she calculates.

      Donald Trump on the other hand seems incapable of thinking at all. If he is capable of any kind of thought process then he seems to “think” that it is acceptable to mock the disabled; to insult or abuse anyone HE chooses to on grounds of creed, colour, gender or race; to describe a neighbouring country as a nation of rapists and then believe he can bully that same country into paying for something he wants. Such a person barely has the right to call himself a man and in my own personal opinion barely comes up to the level of a Gobshite.

      That so many Americans think someone like Trump is a fit and proper person to lead their, or indeed any, country is a truly sad indictment on the state of their society.

      Right now they are the laughing stock of the civilised world.

  3. joe mccormack

    From Ibrox Noise and The Bears Den.

    Right lads who do you fancy as the new manager if The Hat goes.

    Big Sam for me, pipes up a few voices.

    Come on say a few others, way outside our financial limits.

    Ah but, says another thinking outside the box, perhaps the wages might not be a stumbling block given the amount of money Sam has trousered through the years he’s made a fortune………Allegedly.

    You know what mate, you might have a point there.

    Where do you start with a mentality that would welcome someone caught in a bung sting to your club?

    When, from the outside, you look at the path their support has been led down by Murray, Whyte, Green and King it’s not difficult to understand the gullibility of the fans.

    Big Sam………..oh my aching sides?

    1. Snakes n Snails

      The rumour is that even Return To Senderos beat Joey to the door.

      Although there’s an equally cogent argument that, after his sending off in the 5-1 game, he just kept on walking …

  4. shiltrum

    Considering the new American Presidents lack of experience in real politics does that mean that he is in fact The Apprentice. God help us.

    1. Donald Ducked

      Chill out, Shiltrum, Presidents don’t need actual experience, they’re selected, not elected, and The Committee itself runs the show.

      The Pres is just a muppet they stick up on telly to talk a load of crap and piss off half the world with their nonsense as a diversion to what they’re really up to, so, in that sense, they chose exactly the right man for the job.

      Besides, Hillary would probably have been impeached already on any number of charges (stop laughing at the back) had she been the first practising witch in the White House.

      And I’m sure The Donald (Ducked) will, after a heavy night of trouser shaking and nipple baring, have been made fully aware of his actual place in the pecking order and how little influence he actually has in any kind of decision making, other than his missus’ taste in Oval Office curtains.

      Remember, Apprentice Boys don’t get anywhere near the top, as all The Committee needs is a jaw flapper that just loves the sound of his own voice.

  5. stuart Lindsay

    Do you ever get the feeling this Joey Barton carry on is just level 5 spin. After word got round that he had put in a sick line. The internet bampots went into overdrive.
    £20,000 a week for a gardener.
    As you so eloquently put it they don’t have a credit line from any bank. The sevco board had to make something up I.e. he has been paid off with a confidentiality clause stuck in. After the way he has been treated I’m sure Joseph Anthony Barton would be quite happy to see his contract out at sevco.

  6. Steven9761

    Phil – I think there’s every chance that sevco will email asking Scottish Water to review their water bill that was recently received, since Mr Barton took away his coffee machine. I’d imagine they will also be looking for a rebate on their electricity, as they now have one less electrical appliance that consumes electricity.

    As the Tesco ads remind us – EVERY LITTLE HELPS!!

  7. papa.dr

    Hello! Hello! You are all way behind the curve. This US election had you taking your eye off the ball and missing the major development in the real world. If you want to keep in the loop you should be reading Ibrox Noise where a comment by Robert Miller on the article “Warbs and Waggy bust up?” brought us the following ray of light at the end of the tunnel:

    “This is a wee piece of news i heard about finance possibly getting better at our club.To ibrox noise and all fellow bears out there here’s what i’ve heard.As we all know, rangers are going over to germany, in january,to play RB leipzig in a friendly.Here’s what i’ve been told by a friend of mine who’s from scotland and is an sv hamburg season ticket holder.He has it on good authority,from a prominent person who has a voice within sv hamburg,that rangers WILL be replacing 32Red(deal runs out at the end of the season) as their shirt sponsors,with RED BULL who own leipzig.They will according to him become our new shirt sponsors,taking over from 32Red at the end of this season.He also tells me that RED BULL looking to put money into rangers,with the possibility of an ibrox stand being sponsored and having the RED BULL name emblazoned on it.He also went on to tell me that RED BULL want to actually buy a football club in britain,with rangers and an unnamed english club at the top of their list.This potentially,could be tremendous news for us financially!He assures me there is a lot of talk about this in germany.Well fellow bears and ibrox noise,what’s your take on this info i’ve given you?Must admit it could be brilliant news for us,if it comes to fruition!Has anyone else heard anything regarding this??”

    Read it and weep

    1. timalloy67

      ha ha papa.dr what a coup by Sevco getting Red Bull on board, and if they take over the new club will they finally build the casino/hotel/resort next to Ibrox lol

    2. Cosmic Truth

      Isn’t this story almost word for word the one that was passed off as fact a year or so, ago, only it was a Russian billionaire who wanted to buy the plucky, cash strapped, newco, instead of Red Bull?

    3. Steven9761

      Red Bull gives you wings… what senco need is somebody that can give them free roof repairs on their stadum… Oh!.. and a good lawyer that can get them off the hook on their recent water bill!

    4. Professor Pat Pending.

      I Live in Germany and there is no talk of rangers in the media.

      RB are only interested in the EPL, not some 2 bit club that needs rebuilding from the ground up.

    5. Professor Pat Pending.

      I actually live in Germany and I can assure you there is no mention of the coffee gulpers in the media.

      Red Bull are only interested in the EPL, not some 2 bit club that needs rebuilding from the ground up.

      Of course, desperate attempts will be made by King to punt the club. Just like Murray though, he will soon realise no serious company would touch them with a Barge Pole.

      The risk of Brand Damage is just too great.

    6. Pat Nevins' Barnet

      I suppose Sevco have to arrange half-arsed matches like that to make them think that they are somehow a proper ‘European force ‘… Thing is – we know they’re not, they know they’re not, they know we know they’re not and everybody else knows they’re not!

      But ahhh! Let them dream.

      As for red bull investment ?
      Not a chance.

      If there is any investment from them it will be in a Leeds United or similar with top flight aspirations.

      More chance of the Sandy Jardine stand changing name to ‘Paddy Power’ pavilion .

  8. PP

    Hillary Clinton, a woman who supports the aborting of babies up to, and even after, they are born and has their body parts sold for profit is more evil by a few degrees than Trump.

    Mind you, you don’t need to go to America to find anyone like her. Our own wee, welcoming, soft-hearted country has more than its fair share of cut-throats (literally) carrying out the same atrocities in a place near you at all times of the day.

    1. The beekeeper

      Well said
      Funny how the atheist left wing loons say it is ok to kill unborn babies and have no problem with selling the body parts and want to start killing those who are dying in what is termed “euthanasia” rather than help them die with real dignity, by caring and looking after them as the pass on, BUT!!! and heres the best bit, When someone like the next President of the USA, Donald Trump says anythiing that is not fitting into their PC world view, they get so upset and start screaming about Racism, xenophobia, sexism,etc etc or and I nearly forgot, if you dont agree with homosexual marriage or even homosexual behavior such as a man sticking his penis into another mans rectum, then you are a homophobe.
      Ah don’t start me

      1. Tecumseh

        Don’t start me also….!!!
        This site is no stranger to tax fiddles and other scams….it is alleged that Ms Chelsea Clinton and family live in some style in a lavish house paid for by the Clinton Foundation….this is supposed to be a Charity and no doubt will have charity tax perks….therefore Ms Chelsea’s pad may be a perk based on fraud…If this is correct then someone should be in the dock….the Clinton Foundation is alleged to be rotten to the core and despite the FBI shitting the nest on the e mails….the FBI is still going through the foundation…..

        lock her….and him up….lock her up….lock her up……

    2. God Awfy

      ‘After’ they are born is her speciality.

      Just look at Libya.

      And her campaign team’s child eating practices don’t seem to be sitting too well with folk either.

    1. Harry Mata

      Perhaps I can be of assistance, Lewis. My new girlfriend and I had recent occasion to dine in a very fine establishment indeed, in a city not far from Gotham. And who should be at the adjacent table than – well you can guess.

      Now whilst I naturally had eyes only for the very beautiful young woman across the table from me, my ears could not fail to pick up a smidgeon of the conversation emanating from a young goodsir and his party – a chap with a remarkable resemblance to … well I had better not land him in it.

      Suffice to say, that mention of the name of a certain well known bread baker elicited scorn of a quality rarely witnessed by one so delicately brought up as my good self.

      And what was said concerning the character and probity of a certain member of the Broederbond in the land of Jan Smuts would not have been out of place in the NCO’s mess of Bomber Brown’s former regiment – the Royal First of Foot in Mouth.

      I am able to conclude from the above that all may not be well in the Engine Room of a sinking (or is that stinking?) ship berthed – for the time being – at Govan.

      Discretion no longer seems to be the better part of of valour. It would seem that some people have had more than enough of the Peepul – and do not seem to care too much who hears it- Though, as I say, we were in a very fine establishment indeed – the very kind that used to keep chaps lot my pedigree firmly outside.

      An excellent evening of the finest dining, drinking and earwigging was made even more sublime when the young lady in question – well let’s just draw the veil of discretion over the superb end of a very fine evening.

  9. Jim Thomas

    So there you have it. Joey walks for £250,000. Or maybe he sits in the south of France drinking sangria through a straw while coining in £2 mill. Stress can be a debilitating condition and not what you would want in a football player ( if you can call Joey that ). However, I am sure poor ( not in monetary terms ) Joey will struggle along and will take the bigger pay day ,even if it’s drip fed at £80 k a week.
    Not even a depressed idiot would walk away for such huge sums.

  10. phil Danaher

    Phil, i asked before, can you please start accepting Bitcoin donations? It would make it easier for us outside the banking system to contribute to the continuation of your fine work. Thank you.

      1. Mr Mah Jest Stick

        I’ll second that!

        Or third it, rather, after the 2 Phils .. 🙂

        Oh, and Trump is indeed a gobshite but I’m pretty sure the Wikileaks info revealing that Hillary’s entire campaign team, from John Podesta down, appear to be satanists, paedophiles and cannibals, is probably what done for her.

        Despite this absolutely mental information being largely suppressed in the MSM, it’s quite telling that such a huge swing towards Trump seems to have been generated via alternative media alone.

        Meanwhile, the mainstream continues to scratch its collective head in faux bemusement and ask the intentionally hollow question of ‘Oh Dear, How Did This Happen?’, as though the Democrats’ penchant for child rape, human sacrifice and ‘Eating The Pain’ was just standard practice for any wannabe Mrs President.

        We live in increasingly strange times and they’re about to get a whole lot stranger, and not before long either.

        And, Joey la’, could you do us an Americano, since you seem to have your hands free ..?

  11. Alfie Birches

    Apropos Trump. Imo he is the quintessential front man, a puppet. Paul Ryan Speaker of the House is a fiscally prudent and would not welcome some of Trump’s plans to overspend. He strikes me a little like someone closer to home, Govan perhaps, The professional politicians of the Rep Party will reign him in. As a candidate they could have picked someone from the bus stop. Any policies, when we find out what they are, will be fed to him and he will be told exactly what to do. As to Trade Agreements and isolationism……..mwhahahaha, the corporate giants will not permit that. He appealed to the masses, but he was appealing to the real control men.

    Unlike yourself Phil I have little sympathy for Warburton or Robertson. Decent men they may be, but they knew or should have known what they were letting themselves in to and in for. Good recon has won many a battle and prevented many a mistake.

  12. Ron237

    I would be greatly surprised if Joey left for the sum mentioned.
    why would he ?
    certainly not for goodwill GASL has destroyed that.
    Much better to sit back and recover from the stress that the appalling behaviour of the skint tribute act has caused and write a book unencumbered by any gagging clause.

    This would be a bestseller and he would make a fortune in addition to his contract salary.

  13. sligojoe

    If they are going to pay up his contact in full, then that clearly blows a very large hole in their recently released figures. Even if he agrees to accept half of it, it will be new money they will have to find.

    If Mike Ashley is successfull in early December over the RRL dispute, then that’s more money which hasn’t been factored into their cashflow projection to the seasons end.

    All “if’s”, I know, however, on a day of seriously bad news, it’s very welcome to have something to smile about.


  14. NT

    Thanks Phil…… needed an alternative view on the joey gate……. oh dear what has become of the world…. Donald trump….. this is a clear reaction since 2008 of a group of media and voters in their anger at President Obama….. his crime?? Being black and a democrat. And fighting for fairer healthcare

    1. Faith of Our Fathers

      N T . Obama has been the worst President in modern history and it’s not because he’s Black or of his Pro Homosexual Transgender or what Bathrooms people should pee in . His foreign policy has been a disaster and if you think that people disliked him who was it that voted him in mostly white. Actually it’s the same old story your own people as in this country usually come last . As of an earlier post for Clinton to be calculating . Anyone who used their own Private P.C. to send highly classified material is either very stupid very vain or just probably both.

  15. C Quigley

    Clinton foundation takes mega $$ from main ISIS sponser Saudi Arabia while record breaking arms deal goes through between US & Saudi??!!! and you want her in? And theres the destruction of Libya. And thats just tip of the iceberg.

    Doesnt matter who gets in same forces still dictate whats happening. Surely people understand that now. Obama ‘change’. Nope still the same. In fact worse.

    Even if Trump was a guy who really wanted to change things for the better. Do you think the elites would allow it? More $$ for us and less for them? He still has to form a govment with politicians who are all bought & paid for by central banks, arms trade & mega corporations etc. Good luck with that.

    People still buy this nonsense. Its never worked. Look at the state of the world. If anything is ever going to change then this system has to change. No more voting for puppets who are controlled by the same forces.

    But people who are immersed & totally programmed by the mainstream (vast majority of the population) wont get it. They’ll never get it.

      1. Mr Mah Jest Stick

        Destroy the system, it’s rotten to the core.

        As C points out above, how can anywhere claim to be a democracy when it’s the same people in charge, running exactly the same agenda, (destroy the Middle East, and anywhere else worth looting) then continue with the farcical mock elections every 4 years to pretend that the people participate in change, when the exact opposite is true.

        Never mind Donald Trump, they could make Donald feckin Duck President for all the difference it would make.

  16. There is NO Old Firm

    “Senderos moved too quickly”……..HeeHeeHee!!
    Joey bhoy has played an absolute blinder here, certainly better than anything he produced on the park.
    Clearly he’s been absolutely spot on with his assessment of his current employer, and if his No Nonsense book hasn’t sold in huge quantities I’m sure an updated version or a new book, perhaps called Utter Nonsense, will be of great interest to many!
    Another huge difficulty for them may lie in the fact that, if many of the squad hope to move on, other than O’Halloran, there is no one with any transfer value. Even O’Halloran is only likely to attract offers around £3 – 400. The rest have absolutely no value whatsoever and even less interest to the market in any case.
    Certainly they can all be freed, however I reckon many of them will be out of the game.
    I think I’m slightly saddened by the fact the entertainment may be coming to an end soon.
    Thanks again Phil for the excellent work. Enjoy Lisbon the way Celtic minded always do.

  17. Jerry Desmond

    The only thing I can add is that in my opinion the gobshite Trump is the lesser of the two evils between the two presidential candidates, as hard as that is to believe!

  18. joe mccormack

    Phil, just adds to the various rumours of discontent.

    Apparently Waghorn, after a heated exchange with The Hat, stormed into the Murray Park canteen and removed every piece of the silver cutlery set that he had previously provided on loan.

    So as a result of this and the loss of the upmarket coffee machine, Michelin is reviewing ‘The World Class Breakfast’ star awarded previously to the Murray Park eateries.

  19. Anthony McCabe

    Hi Phil. Can the Rangers afford a replacement coffee machine? It also makes me wonder what other club assets (canteen chairs, tables, plates for world class breakfasts) might be reclaimed by players as they depart the club in January. Ha ha

  20. Thai Tim

    Phil, I enjoy your entertaining and fascinating reporting of Sevco’s woes, but as a BREXIT supporter and Trump admirer who has spent a long time researching both, I ask you, please don’t spoil your excellent reports with childish political soundbites.

    1. The beekeeper

      Well said that man
      Unfortunately abuse and name calling seems to be the way for many so called left wing atheists when things don’t go the way they want, just like the little child who screams and has a tantrum when his mum says no.
      Phil does a wonderful job commenting on the sevco troubles and I praise him for it, but abuse and name calling destroy his credibility when things don’t go the way of his worldview.

      1. Thai Tim

        I despair sometimes. What we have now are these trendy “social justice warriors” who take the moral high ground; politically correct fascists without any real research or actual knowledge; they use worn-out soundbites such as “racist” or “sexist” or “privileged white male”. You know the type I mean. They thought they owned the narrative but they don’t. They are like the privileged people from the Hunger Games movie. They get their facts from their trendy idols such as Madonna, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, George Clooney or some pompous liberal thinking stand up comedian. They talk as if they know their subject matter but its all just a boring front of childish criticisms. In my day we had REAL protesters. Where is the anti-war movement? Why argue over allowing refugees into the west when actually we should be telling our crooked criminal politicians to STOP BOMBING OTHER COUNTRIES!!!! Donald Trump says he was against the Iraq war. He says he wants to deal with countries fairly. He says he wants cooperation – not confrontation. Isn’t that alone worth supporting? As for Sevco… it’s getting boring, even excellent sitcoms such as Dads Army and It Ain’t Half Hot Mum had a limited shelf life.

        1. Charger

          “We’re going to build a wall between us and Mexico. And who’s going to pay for it? The Mexicans, that’s who.” “We’re going to tear up the trade agreements!” Not confrontational! What colour is the sky on your planet?

        2. tkscot

          Thai Tim, quite right, it is indulgent of Phil to assume that his atheistic mores are shared by all who support his efforts in getting the truth about Scottish football, it was the same with his support of gay marriage in Ireland, again assuming the support of his readers – stick to the football side of things Phil, keep your political and social views to yourself, or start up a relevant blog, so that those who want to share those views with you can do so.

        3. Jim the Tim

          After I read your post it really made me think of the Political wind of change these days.How the ones in U.S.who shout for fairness and true Democracy who scream Bullshit words such as Homophobic and Islamophobic yet have taken to the streets saying they won’t acceptTrump as President . Yet all the MSM and money from Saudis to Soros went to back Clinton and the Globalists corruption Lie’s and Satanic rituals all thrown in ,yet they claim Trump is the big bad Wolf. Now he maybe and many including myself see him as the lesser of 2 evils but what a lesser of an evil as far as am concerned. Then I look at my team which I haven’t seen live for many a year and listen to the songs being sung and about how many would like to die for Ireland . As a Catholic and used to be Socialist in the true sense of the word .Who watched first hand The Tories intern my best friends cousins which saw him leave here and go join The I R A and me nearly going with him as day after day at work I would be interrogated as lots of us Sympathisers during the late 60s and 70s were. When such atrocities as the shoot to kill policy was in full swing yet now if I dislike Moslems or Homosexuals I am called a Racist and a Homophobic. About how so many of the fans of the team I love are now Marxist and haters of Israel.Of how if I was a resident of Northern Ireland I would rather vote D U P than SinnFein due at least to the D U P having at least the morality to stand against Abortion and Homosexual Marriage. Man it’s a strange strange world we live in now Personally I blame it all on Mo Johnson.

    2. hahaha

      I too was slightly disappointed in Phil’s use of the term “Gobshite” in relation to Trump.
      I can’t, for the life of me, think what the average gobshite could possibly say to merit the embarrassment of being bracketed alongside Trump!

      1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

        Ah now. In fairness. That’s a very reasonable shout.
        It wasn’t my intention to traduce all decent gobshites.
        I apologise for any offense taken.
        I think I need some new words for that fekker Trump…

    3. telthetruth

      i would rather have a womaniser in charge than baby killer clinton any day.and its not abortions im talking about its her govenment killing millions in libya,iraq and afghanistan not to mention civil wars they keep going regardless of how many women and children die in syria by supplying endless weapons ,that war would have been over in months if not for the yanks,,and they stand by and supply israel and saudi arabia as the commit genocide using their weapons and backing,puting everyone in danger of world war 3 with the russians,and theyve got the hard neck to say trump is dangerous ,,hes the only one there who isnt a mass last america is starting to wake up to its corrupt theiving government who not for their people or any people but only profit..they have invaded and started more wars than any other country in history and are still doing it ..i will take trump anyday ,,,but if he really is any good they will assasinate him.and the bought and paid for media will go along with it all

      1. sligojoe


        It will be Trump’s government once he has been sworn in in January 2017. At what point will the blod be on his hands?

        Will he stop the supply of weapons?

  21. Robert Fitzpatrick

    do you have a recurring paypal payment setup? email my email below if this is possible or how to as i can only donate a one off amount at the moment.


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