My 2016

The very notion that I could even attempt an adequate adumbration of the last twelve months strikes me as risible.

However, it has become something of a self-imposed tradition here.

As ever when I look back over the past year it is an entirely subjective admixture of the personal, the political, the sporting and the global.

So, this is a review of my 2016.

I do not claim that will be anything other than that.

Therefore, dear reader with those caveats in place and accepted I’ll proceed.

The main work of this site, following on from the predicted death of Rangers in 2012, has been to chart the chaos of Sevco.

Although many on Planet Fitba had reason to snigger at their sitcom type antics the story I published here at the start of this month was not the stuff of comedy.

The state of Ibrox stadium should be a matter of public concern and I believe that I have served the Public Interest.

It is now up to others to proceed with this story, although I will return to it as and when I can.

Of course, that stumbling simulacrum at Ibrox continues to benefit from high-Level puff piece coverage from the stenographers.

Consequently, my work apropos matters Ibrox is not over.

Until the mainstream media start to indulge in journalism regarding Sevco then there will be a need for me to do what I do.

However, I’m mindful that it takes me away from what I think I do best and what certainly engages me.

At the start of 2016, I was up to my neck in a rebellious project.


The great folk at Sweet for Addicts had the first act and I was up against a deadline to give them the second part of my play.


‘Rebellion’ was a love letter to my 1916 lineage.

The play itself was sold out for all the six nights a month before the curtain was raised at the Shed in Glasgow.

It was fitting that it was part of the Saint Patrick’s festival in my native city.

The Dear Green Place still abnormalizes itself apropos matters Irish.

It remains the only major city in the world with an Irish community and yet has no Patrick’s day parade.

It is also the only city to receive large numbers of refugees from An Gorta Mór yet has not marked that fact with an appropriate memorial.

At some point the Irish community will get its respect in Glasgow.

Our day will come.

Until then this Irish Glaswegian reserves the right to point out these uncomfortable facts.

As I do so I’m increasingly convinced that herself and I did the right thing in 1996 when we took the brood to Donegal.

In April I was back home in Ireland and spent much of it in Dublin.

I attended both the official and the non-official commemorations of Easter Week.

During that time, I saw a brilliant piece of local theatre in Ringsend where the local community put on a piece about the battle of Mount Street Bridge.

In the front row were the relatives of the Volunteers who valiantly fought Crown Forces in that engagement of Easter Week.


This was true community theatre and it crackled with authenticity.

The following month the Big Fella and myself were in the front row in the Mall in Westport.


We were there to honour the “Westport 31”.


These were the men who were arrested in the aftermath of the Rising and sent to Frongoch internment camp in Wales.

That former Whiskey distillery had been turned into a POW camp housing German prisoners.

The Kaiser’s lads were then moved out and my lot were moved in.

Among the 31 was a 23-year-old carpenter called Michael Derrig, my Grandmother’s brother.


During my An Phoblacht years, my pen name was ‘Mick Derrig’.

My grandmother used to say that I reminded her of him, in terms of personality and mannerisms.

Therefore, it seemed appropriate to use his name when pseudonyms were de rigueur at that Republican publication.

According to documents released by the British the local Crown Forces alleged that Volunteer Michael Derrig was under arms on Easter Monday awaiting the order to engage the enemy.

He learned well in Wales and when he returned home the next time there would be no uniforms and no parading.

It would be deadly guerrilla warfare and the Brits had no answer to the IRA in the boreens of West Mayo.

The words “Derrig” and “Frongoch” featured in my play as I dramatized what it was like in that university of revolution.

On the day, itself in Westport Uachtarán na hÉireann knocked it out of the park.


The Big Fella is seriously difficult to impress, but he stated to his dad afterward that he was happy to have voted for the Galway man to be his head of state.

Yes, dear reader, I know this voting for your head of state must seem very foreign to you if you’re reading this in Ukania, but we Irish rather like it that way.

Before I headed to Mayo in May I had to seize the moment wherever I was on the 30th of April.

Mayo Day is where the Green and Red are worn wherever we are.


I happened to be on top of a lovely wee mountain in Sligo, so I made sure I was dressed for the occasion.

Yes, yes, we thought 2016 was our year.

I was in the Lower Cusack on September 18th when we gave Dublin two own goals of a start.

The last-minute equaliser from the boot of Cillian O’Connor was mighty, but the replay was another heartbreak.

A single point…

It’s been a long road since 1951, but we’re Mayo and we go again.

In 2017 we’ll believe once more.

April 2016 saw Sevco have their finest hour in their four-year existence when they defeated Celtic in the Scottish Cup semi-final on penalties.

However, in their celebrations, the Blue Room chaps Hibbsed it.

It is fair to say that they rather over did the dignity and Dermot Desmond is not a man to take humiliation lying down.

It was the end of the heated driveway for the untitled director of football experiment at Celtic and the new manager Brandan Rodgers is in full charge of all team matters.

Heated Driveway

The same could not be said of the likable Norwegian who just couldn’t cope with the pressure of the job or being constantly undermined by the man in the sharp suit.

If Celtic supporters feel happy that Brendan Rodgers is their manager, then the events in the aftermath of that Scottish Cup semi-final are key to that recruitment.

The turnaround in the performance of players who under-performed for Ronny Deila is remarkable.

In the final, itself two Celtic loan signings proved crucial for Hibernian.

Anthony Stokes destroyed the Sevco defence and the set piece delivery of Liam Henderson undid the best laid plans of the Admirable Warburton.

The aftermath of the final was shameful and those events are now the subject of live proceedings.

Sevco Restraint

The financial gap between the champions of Scotland and the four-year-old institution at Ibrox is massive.

Perhaps a Tina Turner tribute act will rework an old Ibrox faithful:

‘Simply the second best’.

It is all they can hope for while General Ashley remains enraged and Dermot Desmond is engaged.

Pissing off TWO billionaires was not the smartest move by the new regime at Sevco.

The Engine Room Subsidiary might have the occasional day when they defeat their larger neighbours, but in the marathon of the league, they have no chance.

However, that is not acceptable to a fan base that is soothed on dreams of triumphalism.

The new regime keep the Sevco show on the road by selling futures in cultural supremacism.

It is a tacky marketing strategy that will eventually run out of road.

In the absence of success on the field Poppy Porn won’t be enough for The People.

to keep the Sevco show on the road.

Ultimately it is the fans who are bankrolling the current Ibrox operation.f course, this would happen a lot quicker if the local media did their job instead of being stenographers for high-Level pish.

If the supporters lose heart and stay away then the chaps in the Blue Room have no cash reserves to fall back on.

Of course, this would happen a lot quicker if the local media did their job instead of being stenographers for high-Level pish.

In September order was restored in the universe and Celtic thrashed Sevco 5-1.

Evening the lightning quick Philippe Senderos could not prevent the deluge.


In the aftermath of the defeat, The People responded within the accepted mores of their sub-kulchurr.

Celtic Toilets vandalised

Such dignity…

Even Monsieur Barton could not stop Les Celtic that day.

The hilarious departure of the French-speaking midfielder had all of Planet Fitba sniggering at the amateurs in the Blue Room.

On the 22nd of June,  I went to sleep in my father’s town believing that the people of Britain would get their sensible on and remain in the European Union.

I woke up to find out that they had got all ethnic and stuff when I was asleep.

In the six months since that vote it would appear that racists in England feel that that they have been written a permission slip to abuse and victimise anyone who doesn’t look like them.

It brought back the memories of what I was told by my mother about the signs my father saw when he landed there in the 1950s:

“no blacks, no dogs, no Irish”.

Now it appears that the new victims are Polish people and anyone who is visibly of the Islamic faith.

I have a neighbour in Donegal, originally from Poland and he told me his brother was set upon in London in the week after the vote.

His apparent crime against his host country was that he was speaking Polish on his mobile in a public place.

His assailants let him know that he should pack his bags and go home.

My neighbour told me that his brother had made London his home for many years, working several jobs and contributing to society.

I told him that his sibling would be very welcome here, we’re kinda short of people.

Do to certain historical events we’ve lost lots of people over the centuries.

There have been reported incidents of women in Hijabs being abused in public by these latter-day crusader types.

Shameful on so many levels.

In the days before Brexit, the vote Jo Cox MP was murdered by Thomas Mair.

Her killer was a fascist from central casting and originally from Kilmarnock.

I had hoped that her tragic death would give people in Britain a pause to consider the xenophobic rhetoric of the Leave campaign.

Now the British government now must deliver ‘Brexit’, whatever the fuck that really means.

On my island, it has brought the possibility of a hard border back onto the table.

One of the hilarious unintended consequences of the UK heading for the Brexit door in Europe was the rush in Norn Iron for Irish Passports.

Irish Passport

The Irish state has had to hire hundreds more staff to process an unprecedented number of applications from the Six Counties.

The hilarity comes from the fact that, most of these wannabe Irish citizens are called Daphne and Mervyn.

For the avoidance of doubt, they’re very welcome.

Céad mile fáilte…

When Daphne and Mervyn travel to the continent of Europe in the years after Brexit they will present a document that says that they are, like your humble correspondent, ‘Éireannach’, Irish.

However, if any Taig is within earshot no doubt Pádraig or Siobhán will be put right that these fine folks visiting the continent are still ‘Bratash’ from the ‘Pravince’.


In not so many years the demographic tipping point will be reached in the part of this country still owned by Britain.

Then the mood music in the Six Counties will be changed, changed utterly.

Equality is toxic to the Loyalist sub-culture.

Only Jamie Bryson and Willie Frazer can save The People now.



Once the tribal numbers are there in black and white in the census data of 2021 then the heat will be turned up on the constitutional issue once more.

Of course, the Ulsturr Scatch do rather identify with Fair Caledonia, but an independent Scotland they see as an existential threat to their sense of themselves.

It is interesting to see how Nicola Sturgeon has become a hate figure among Loyalists in the Six Counties.

It is beyond any discussion that they see the Holyrood administration one of the bad guys in their worldview.

I find it deliciously ironic that these descendants of the ‘Tartan Gangs’ now fear Perfidious Alba.

In 2016 a fire was lit under the First Minister Arlene Foster.

What is interesting about the Renewable Heating Initiative (RHI) scandal was that it was entirely of her own doing.

That story still has legs and two experienced Stormont watchers told me just last week that they don’t expect Ms Foster to survive this.

On the other side of that enforced coalition Martin McGuinness has serious health issues and it is expected that he will step down before long.

He will be a tough act to follow.

My own preference for Deputy First Minister would be Conor Murphy from South Armagh.

I’ve met the man, stayed in his house and I can attest that he’s made of the right stuff.

At the start of November, I had a perfectly enjoyable sojourn in Lisbon for a week wearing the NUJ jersey at the Web Summit.

My base of operations was a delightful little apartment in Bairro Alto, my favourite part of that city.

I first wandered those narrow cobbeld streest in 1974 on a school trip,  ach mar a deirtear sin e scéal eile.

Like the Brexit vote I retired for the night thinking that the pollsters couldn’t be wrong and that Hillary Rodham Clinton would be the 45th President of the United States of America.

When I awoke, I found out that instead the cool black dude would be succeeded by an orange man.

Donald Trump was backed by the Klan, so it kind of fits.

Even Stateside you will know them by their noise.

His successful election campaign had a Famine Song/ We Are The People vibe to it and he got out the local Sevco vote.

I just hope that his campaign rhetoric was just so much BS and that he leaves the task of governing to calm professionals.

The alternative is unthinkable.

The big winner in the November election was Vladimir Putin.

He now appears to have a free hand in Syria now to carve out what he has wanted for years, his own Israel.

This year the poor suffering people of Aleppo huddled among the ruins of the new Guernica.

The week after I returned from the Portuguese capital this site passed an important milestone when it won the ‘Best International’ category at the Football Blogging Awards.


The site was voted as the fans’ choice, so that was especially affirming.

To all of ye who voted míle buíochas!

As the year was ending, just like twelve months ago, I was immersed in another major writing project.

My debut novel “The Squad “will be published next summer by Frontline Noir.

The draft manuscript is almost ready to hand over to the editor.

The project started on a train journey from Dublin to Cork a decade ago.

I was traveling to the Rebel county to see a fine man about my first book.

He is now a Sinn Féin TD and Deputy Pat Buckley will one of the first names on the invite list for the book launch.

I hope ‘The Squad’ grabs you when you get your hands on it.

As the year ends the most important thing of my 2016 is that the brood continues to grow and thrive.  Number One Daughter is now a 21-year-old and Baby Doctor is seeing out her last couple of months as a teenager.

I remarked recently to the Bean a Tí that in reality we never had teenagers to contend with.

Our three seemed to have been for sensible implants at some point of the proceedings.

If it’s inherited, then they got that from their mother.

I can claim no credit for that whatsoever.

The Big Fella is planning his next move and we may lose him to East Asia.

Japan and South Korea seem to be on his itinerary.

My millennials are global citizens in a way that I can’t grasp.

However, Baby Doctor has already stated an aspiration to be a GP down the country with her brood playing Gah for the local parish.

She has so much of Julia Derrig, my Mayo grandmother, in her.

This DNA stuff is rather impressive I must say.

I’m seeing in the New Year in my father’s town, another little tradition I’ve invented over the past few years.

As a belated Christmas, present I was given this handmade thing of beauty.


Connolly’s words, written in the late 19th century, are as relevant today as they are prescient.

In the year that we remembered his leadership and sacrifice a century ago people in Dublin queue in line for a foodbank.

Meanwhile, some good people took over an empty building, owned by NAMA, and they turned it over to the homeless.

Rough sleeping is now at unprecedented levels in the Irish capital.

A fact that should shame us all.

In many ways, 2016 was an awful year on our small fragile planet.

We can only hope that good sense prevails among the those in positions of power and that they act with good authority.

If they don’t then events on this island a century ago should serve to remind us that real change comes from the bottom, not from the top.

History is made when ordinary people seize a historical moment.

The story of human progress is about the re-structuring of fundamental relationships within society and not, as Marx observed, “high-sounding dramas of princes and states”.

Well, that was my 2016, although I’m sure I will have forgotten something important along the way.

Anyway, thanks for being along for the ride.

This site had 9.17m page views during this year and since I moved to a new hosting company in the summer of 2011 this site has had 37m overall.

It was heartening to see that the stats for October and November were both over 1m for each month.

So not too shabby at all.

This just underlines to me that this site is an accidental success that continues to serve a need.

I try to shine a light on the parts of Planet Fitba that the stenographers are told to avoid.

Until they indulge in journalism I will continue this work with your support and assistance.

I certainly couldn’t do it without you.

Dear reader, I hope that 2017 will be good to you and yours.

Slán go fóill.

22 thoughts on “My 2016

    1. michaelcraven1

      Sid Happy New Year to you in 2017.

      However,no one forces you to visit these pages,so simply go elsewhere for your enlightenment.

      Phil provides us All with truth after truth,that you have little to no chance of the subject matter being ANYWHERE else other than this site.

      So Sid F off elsewhere your comments are permitted by Phil to create a balance,he decides what is and isn’t permitted.However,I think your comments,esp, at this time of the year are both ignorant and totally without empathy.I can’t speak for everyone who visits the site but if it were my site,your comment would never have made the cut.

      Are you sure your a true member of The Worldwide Celtic Family,?because your comments seem to indicate that you ARE NOT.And if I’m wrong,I apologise,but have a good long look in the mirror and hopefully you will see someone you like.Because if you can’t love yourself firstly,you have zero chance of loving others.

      Well done CFC and our Glorious New Leader,Mr.Brendan Rodgers,and long may that continue.

      Keep shining the light Phil,you are our only true investigative journalist,the rest merely carry the NUJ card for ID purposes only.They are mere stenographers.SHAMEFUL TO A MAN.

      Phil tháinig mé go dtí an réadú go gan tú, Táimid fucked léir, LE DO THOIL riamh stop.Mhiguel O’Crabhain HNY i 2017.

  1. Peter Dingwall

    Phil God bless you ,don’t stray from the truth ,you and yours a have a good new year might see you back in chicos box

  2. eldiplomato

    Phil, I dont think those blogging awards hold very much value. For what its worth I think you are better than that. Keep up the good work. I would say that most Brexit voters were probably not racists. However I would say with certainty that most racists ,voted for Brexit.

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      At no point did I allege that all Leave voters were racist-sloppy from you.
      However, I do contend that the Brexit victory authorised -within their own heads-racists to be more open about their xenophobia.

  3. Brian

    And lots of respect that you always where possible publish comments that disagree with your opinions, like
    mine did. Many bloggers and some if the mainstream media do not tolerate dissent.

  4. Kendo Nagasaky

    Hi Phil

    Keep digging for the truth and shining a light on the corruption and cover ups.

    All the best to you and your family and wish you all a happy and healthy 2017.

  5. DannyMac23

    Thanks Phil for showing up the charlatans and the imposters for their mendacity and covert ways.Peace and pity be upon them as in the land of the blind the one eyed King is a man not to be surrendered to as his and his childrens wealth might be possibly be off the radar.Apart from being a country mile better than they are on and off the park financially Celtic football fans are also better human beings than the Sevco followers as the words humility and equality do not exist in their WATP mentality.Their club died once and will do so again as predicted but not in the SMSM.They should hang their heads in shame but then WATP mentality prevails and prevents them from an acceptance of truth and admission of guilt.

    We live in good times party times get it right up them times.Lets enjoy.

    Many Thanks Phil for the inside track on the shambles that is Sevco.

    1. sligojoe


      “They should hang their heads in shame but then WATP mentality prevails and prevents them from an acceptance of truth and admission of guilt”.

      You’re bang on the money there.

      Ironic, when you really think about it, that the thing which we so despise about this “kultchur” is in fact the thing which will ultimately bring about their demise.

      A species which does not adapt to change will ultimately die out. There are countless examples of this in nature.

      I’ve had so many conversations over the last few years with friends who, like me, follow Phil’s site and others, where we discuss obvious mistakes which are being repeated by this iteration of Rangers and how things could be so very different for them if they were to waken up and smell the proverbial.

      While I’m writing this, I’m thinking that my new years resolution for 2017 should be to stop doing that. Perhaps we all should.

      They can only move forward if they face the fact that their current course of action is completely and utterly counter productive.

      So, let’s hope that in 2017 there is no awakening. Not by the board, the fans or the media. Business as “unusual” for Sevco in the year ahead.

      Thanks Phil for keeping us updated with the minutes of the Blue room meetings on a regular basis throughout the year. I look forward to more of the same in 2017, for however long the conclaves continue.

      A very happy and prosperous new year to one and all

  6. Jono

    As a son of cork, yet someone who often disagrees with you analasis, i am saddenned by your desire for truth while banning people from your site. Double standards where i am personally concerned. This message will never see the light of day, nor any more critical.

  7. Vinnie

    A tremendous article and summation of your own 2016.
    Lots of memory joggers for me and a thought-provoking, joyous thing to read. Once again, thank you.
    James Connolly really understood what was at stake as he laid down his life for the dream of a Socialist Irish Republic. It’s a great pity that the opportunity was lost and we now see homelessness and hunger across the whole of the British Isles. An absolute fucking disgrace for countries of such wealth.
    I hope all those who attend Ibrox tomorrow have a decent spectacle on the park with plenty of goals and that they return home safe and sound, with those whose loyalty lies in the East End of Glasgow (as does mine) having a real day to remember, just like a very famous 7-1 from 1957.

    Anyway, I wish yourself, your wife and your ‘brood’ all the Very Best during this Festive Season and throughout the New Year 2017.
    PS I’ll make another wee donation as soon as I can in 2017. Your site needs and deserves our support.

  8. Alfie Birches

    Have a great 2017 Phil and keep on top of the Klan and the SMSM. The latter treat football fans in Scotland like mushrooms.

    I see MA is getting it rough from the Klan. Most of whom forget that in January 2015 he saved their new club from financial extinction. They fail to understand investment and business and cannot separate it from emotional investment, which has cost some with responsibilities for portfolios their employment.
    In 2012, CG was desperate for investment to get the New Start off the ground. NS are notoriously risky investments, more than 85% folding within eighteen months. Apart from the tax breaks, Venture Capitalists and Seed Investors look for and expect, quite rightly, a handsome immediate, short term and medium term return for the risk they put their capital at. This is even more true of a new start football club. MA was enticed into the new start project from the very beginning iirc. CG could not offer incentives like Compound Convertable Preference Shares, as they would not and could not meet the criteria. Consequently, MA sought a return from another source, the Retail section, a business he knows inside out. Without the deals struck at the beginning and the loan terms of January 2015 TRFC,formerly SEVCO Scotland, would have gone bust. Dragons Den is a programme which shows and reflects the normal business practices where New Start Companies are concerned. Often close to 50% equity is demanded for investment, reflecting the risk at which the entrepreneur is putting their capital.
    MA has operated towards TRFC as any business person would. Extracting a high price for a high risk. So what? The problem is, that the Klan think they should continue the habit of three decades of borrowing money, building debt with no intention of repaying it.
    As to the boycott practiced, I suggest that they have shot themselves in the foot with regard to the prospect of future sponsorship, after all, who wants to sponsor a club whose fans will boycott your product at the drop of a sash, damaging your company image and reputation into the bargain. Keep it up lads lol.

    I have to say that Warbs and BFDJ have a good point about the Kiernan incident on Wdnesday. I sympathise with them and him. It was no more than, as BFDJ and Warbs describe it, than a slap.
    One of the best slaps I have seen in recent years was when Karl Froch slapped George Groves in their last contest.
    Have FIFA revised the rules to permit even slapping of opponents ?

    1. Allyjambo


      Good points about MA’s involvement.

      Both parties entered the arrangement with eyes wide open and, just as in football, the strong took advantage of the weak. Mike Ashley is, I believe, a nasty piece of work, who enters into every deal concerned with only his own profit, and doesn’t care who he hurts in the process. He is, though, careful to act within the law, and ready to change his business practices to ensure he stays within the law, but makes hay until such times as he has to make the change.

      I can’t stand the man, or his ilk, but it is because he is so good at what he does that I most fervently hope he never returns to Ibrox. TRFC supporters would do well to view his, I hope unlikely, return differently!

      Put it this way, if Ashley’s people were still in charge at Ibrox, TRFC would be in no worse state in absolutely any aspect of the club, and would be far more stable financially, with any roof problems fixed, along with the installation of Sports Direct advertising on the roof panels, of course!

      There is a price to pay for everything, as RFC discovered in 2012, after all.

  9. iamthelasttaxpayer

    Phil,perhaps you could turn your journalistic eye towards the EU.I would love you to tell me that everything is corruption and scandal free and that the concept of democracy is at the heart of the EU project.
    You have made your choice,well Ireland did……..eventually.
    Please take note,not all Brexit voters are racist, some of us just don’t want to be part of a failed vanity project.

  10. James Houston (@jameshouston24)

    Oh Dear Phil – You have been excellent in your dealings with Rangers/Sevco but with regards to politics you haven’t got a clue. Obviously researching things for yourself is not one of your strong points just like the rest of the journalists you rightly slag off with regard to the Scottish MSM mind you.

    Just because people wanted to vote for Brexit does NOT make them xenophobic – some of us are just more educated on the subject than people like you. The EU is the exact OPPOSITE of the independence you go on about whether with regard to Ireland or Scotland. The EU is the start of the Elites New World Order – One World Government DICTATORSHIP and if they get away with this agenda Ireland and Scotland are going to be a REGION of what is going to be the United States of Europe and England is going to be split into 9 REGIONS and there is NOT going to be any voting. The EU is totally CORRUPT with most of the money going into there going back out the back door into the offshore accounts of the Elite bankers etc – the woman whistleblower who exposed this was sacked by the equally corrupt Neil Kinnock when he was a EU Commissioner to try and shut her up – Google it for yourself. Also amazing all you people who are for the EU think we are better off by putting in £millions more than we get back out and there is also the other MASSIVE scam where countries like Greece are totally bankrupt because the EU has lent them absolutely NOTHING and Greece owes them hundreds of billions in return because the Greek political parties are just as corrupt and controlled as the ones in all of the western countries including Ireland and the UK all controlled and in debt PLUS interest to these Elites who lent our countries absolutely NOTHING. All of the immigration is to help in this agenda to get rid of the countries and also to bring down the wages and conditions in our countries as well and to keep the people fighting with each other while all of this is going on.

    Our governments/political parties are all LYING about Brexit pretending that we are coming out while integrating everything in the background as part of this agenda as exposed by the excellent Ian R Crane here :

    h ttps:// (remove the space between the first h and t to get link)

    That is why there are people in queues for food banks – our governments/political parties could solve all of this tomorrow morning by arresting and jailing all of the Elite bankers etc and by printing our OWN money debt and interest FREE. Two countries in the past fought to get free of this corrupt controlled system – the US before they were taken over again and had a PRIVATE Federal Reserve Central Bank foisted on them and Germany in the 1930’s when Hitler did this by arresting the Elite Bankers and took over their banks and printed his own – the peoples – money debt and interest FREE and that is why Germany was BOOMING in the 1930’s while the rest of the world was in these Elites DELIBERATELY created Depression – this debt/austerity is DELIBERATE as well to force the world towards this NWO Government DICTATORSHIP agenda – Hitler/Germany was taken out to stop the people in all of the other countries questioning why their governments were not doing the same as them by printing their own debt and interest FREE money and the world is wakening up online to the LIES about WW2 and all of this. Everyone who has debt especially Mortgages is responsible for the price inflation and job destruction – that is why countries with far superior economies such as Germany the people do NOT buy houses because it is a massive Ponzi Scheme SCAM. People are being suckered by greed in thinking and wanting the values of their house to keep going up which is forcing the wages and prices up and destroying the jobs again like the corrupt banking and financial system adding to the food banks and unemployment plus the value of the houses is NOT going up the value of money is plummeting. Nothern Ireland policeman Anthony Carlin who was arrested and jailed for trying to arrest a Judge for covering up for the Mortgage Scam exposes just some of this here :

    h ttps://

    The other countries that are not controlled by these Elites and their debt and interest money SCAM are the Muslim countries – oh dear all the lies about weapons of mass destruction etc and people like yourself still believe all the DRIVEL about Muslim “terrorists” etc. Only Two Muslim countries that have not been bombed and invaded into this corrupt and controlled money system – Syria and Iran and contrary to what you have said here and think – Putin and Russia have NO plans to take over any other country he was INVITED in to Syria by the Syrian government to deal with the TERRORISTS called ISIS who ARE funded by the UK/US as mercenaries to take out the Syrian and then Iranian governments and you had better worry for the sake of your kids future because if Russia does not stop them then it will be Russia and China these Elites and our corrupt controlled governments will be after next as exposed by the excellent Dr Paul Craig Roberts here :

    h ttps://

    You need to start educating yourself Phil to see that every one of the political parties are involved in all of the poverty and food banks etc and there is absolutely NO need for it – all of the politicians in our countries and elite bankers etc need to be jailed at the very least and every country then needs to print their own debt and interest FREE money and spent it into their own country and we would be booming like the US and Germany was as per what I said above but that will only happen if the people research and EDUCATE themselves to learn what is really going on and if they really want a better future for their kids and grandkids. Happy New Year to all those who do.

    1. Mr Mah Jest Stick

      Nice one, James.

      Not everyone is aware of this ongoing deliberate scam by the banking elite but the word is spreading fast,nuts juts that must folk are too exhausted after a day at the grindstone to research it for themselves, so I try to give folk some hints and hope they pick up on it themselves.

      But you’ve written a scorcher here, with good links too, so thanks again.

      And it will only ever be a happy new year to all of us once we have rid our greater society of this lecherous cancer sucking us dry.

      And, aye, Putin has no intentions whatsoever of grabbing Syria or anywhere else, read, or listen to, his UN speeches going back 6 or 7 years, he’s constantly detailing the massive global threat from the joint forces of America, Israel & the UK; in his 2011 UN address, he is absolutely unequivocal about that they plan to do, which they’re now doing, and which Putin s doing everything he can to avert.

      The fact is, it’s Israel who is the instigator of all the warfare throughout the Middle East, or acts as the Western puppet, and it’s Israel who has not taken one single refugee from anywhere in the region but has deliberately instigated the scattering of all the young men, that is, all the potential resistance fighters against Israel’s Mid Eastern power grab, across the streets of Europe.

      The NWO and their elites have had this plan in place for a very long time, because these unelected world ‘leaders’ who pull the strings from behind the scenes work not in timescales of a few years or more but in timescales of 50-100 years and all that we see before us today was set in motion after the signing of the Antarctic Treaty in 1947.

      Indeed, some theories suggest that, due to this being the only treaty in known history to have never been broken by any of the hundred-odd signee countries, the ultimate sacrosanct international agreement, and that Russia, and Putin, might well just be playing their part in the public game and are actually working hand in hand with the elites’ overall plan, and are happy to accept their role as the ‘Baddie’ to the ‘Goodie’ of the West.

      Who knows the actual truth of it, but I would sure like to know what exactly is going on down in Antarctica that they can keep so secrte that no one dare breach the agreement.

      Look online and you’ll quickly find some clues that will help you find out.

      Hitler and the gang weren’t down there for nothing and their stunning images of Neuschwabenland will surprise almost anyone who thinks of the area as being nothing more than just a sheet of ice with some unspecified ‘scientific research’ going on, which they can’t tell us what it is.

      Anyway, yeah, happy new year to one and all.

      But let’s all try to see begging the media lie, because everything they feed us is nothing less than utter horse shit, every last bit of it, and the sooner we all cop onto this the better for everyone, not lest our kids and their futures.

  11. Peter mcginlay

    Thanks again Phil.
    Your work is truly appreciated by myself and countless others.
    Journalistic integrity,and exposing the local smsm as totally charlatans, and working to a level 5 agenda.
    Anyway the good guys won…
    Hope you and your clan have a great 2017..
    Hail Hail…

  12. Brian

    Thanks for the updates over 2016 and look forward to 2017 with a feeling the best us yet to come.

    I’ve lived in England for most of the last 15 years and I simply don’t recognise it from your description of the place I know. You live in Donegal and I can only suggest you’ll never form an accurate picture of a foreign land through a few headlines and some hearsay. The type of incidents you describe happened before the referendum also. Fortunately the did, and despite an increase, still do happen in such rarity that England remains one of the most tolerant places anyone could live.

    Sadly, Scotland isn’t the only nation where the press have overt agendas and organisations such as the BBC and certain newspapers were so firmly backing one side of the debate, they still appear to be incapable of accepting the result with any grace and haven’t given up hope if scuppering the outcome.

  13. Noel Skytrot

    I hope you and your family have a great 2017. As for this blog, it’s unrivalled even though there are others which keep exposing the lies foisted on us regarding all things Sevco and the total incompetence of the Scottish media. Keep it going, Phil.

    PS: I had a laugh earlier ar Grant Russell trying to squirm his way out of his Sevco tweet. Brilliant. Talk about yer arse being bitten.


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