No comment. No denial.

I have no idea who puts material up onto the Sevco website.

However I understand that Mr Derek Llambias had something taken down rather sharpish yesterday.

Today I contacted the BDO Press Office about the change in the statement on the Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) website regarding the Telfer case.

BDO are, of course, the liquidators of Rangers (1872) and I had good reason to be contacting them.

I told BDO that I was in possession of information that a letter had been served on RIFC yesterday  by them apropos the original statement on the website of RIFC/TRFC.

Moreover I told BDO that my sources informed me that the terms of said missive was that it instructed the two year old club to cease and desist making references to Rangers prior to the liquidation.

I then put the following questions to BDO in writing:

I understand that BDO, or legal representatives acting for BDO, communicated with Rangers International Football Club apropos this matter yesterday.

Did Dundee United FC or their legal representatives contact BDO apropos this matter?

A BDO spokesperson replied that:

“On this occasion, BDO does not wish to make any comment.”

You will note dear reader that a denial was not issued.

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