No happy new year for the Sevco High Command

This will be a financially difficult month for the Sevco High Command.

There are no home league matches at Ibrox in January.

Therefore that’s a valuable source of match day income that isn’t coming into the coffers this month.

There is also the small matter of the £250k tranche for Monsieur Barton that is due at the end of January.

I’m told that the High Command will have a meeting this week with their world class scout.

At this conclave, I understand that he will be asked to justify his performance as a discoverer of football talent.

Meanwhile, the Sevco High Command has been utilising back channels to reach out to General Ashley.

The chaps in the Blue Room know that the court case in March could be fatal.

Moreover, the contingent liability of that litigation is far greater that the £1m as per the year end accounts.

As for strengthening their squad, the only way that Sevco can augment their playing staff is on a wage neutral basis.

At the same time, there are players that the Sevco High Command would love to depart the premises.

One of them is probably the lightening quick Philippe Senderos.

He is a high earner within the Engine Room Subsidiary.

Of course, the High Command would rather like some loan players on generous terms.

That’s where the lending club pays ALL of the wages and attendant costs.

Essentially, Sevco is in the market for free players.

Of course, those highly prized sporting assets will need to be looked after while they’re at the four-year-old institution.

I would not be surprised if Mr Garner and his agent were unimpressed that the striker had to queue in an NHS A&E to have his shoulder injury treated.

I think it is fair to say that Sevco isn’t currently at the top of his hit parade.

Moreover, I understand that Preston is due the final tranche of his transfer fee this month.

If that cheque comes through then the English club really should be glad all over.

Although there will be a lot of high-Level speculation about players being “linked” with Ibrox departures are far more likely.

Quite simply, the cash flow situation demands it.

This is a loss making business without a credit line from a bank.

With little matchday income this month, they really could do with some help.

Of course, the High Command could always approach the nice folk at Club 1872 to increase their direct debits top the Holding Company Vehicle.

That would be very helpful.

Meanwhile Celtic go about their transfer business with swift intention.

I understand that the scout that spotted Victor Wanyama can also claim the credit for alerting Brendan Rodgers to the availability of Kouassi Eboue.

It is the clear intention of the Parkhead club to emerge from this transfer window stronger than when business began at the start of this year.

At the other side of Glasgow, Sevco’s transfer business this month will be inextricably entwined with their cash flow crisis.

For the avoidance of doubt, the threat that the Espanyol of Glasgow poses to Celtic’s sporting hegemony is as empty as the pre-paid credit cards currently in the wallets of some Sevco employees.

94 thoughts on “No happy new year for the Sevco High Command

  1. joe mccormack

    Garner turning up at A&E definitely doesn’t look right….perhaps Ross Hall don’t want to be caught out again as they are due monies from Oldco.
    If a Sevco player suffers a fracture in his next game will he too be joining the queue at the Royal?
    There is absolutely nothing positive coming out of Ibrox at the moment. Playing the loan market reeks of short termism, there is no credit line from a bank, there is no scouting system in place, the Bears are restless and are slowly coming to the realisation that Dave may not be the most honest man in the world.
    Not sure where they are with the WiFi case but the upcoming SDI court case could be the game changer. If they have to find a couple of million in a hurry to keep Big Mike at bay where will it come from?
    Compare and contrast with what’s happening across the City. Plans are afoot for the future and next season’s CL campaign, confidence is sky high.
    Brendan has The Hat’s number, x 10.
    This season, with the 50th anniversary of that glorious day in Lisbon, is going to be special. All sorts of records are there for the taking.
    A treble, record points winning margin, unbeaten domestically, what’s not to like?
    Affirmation by the Supreme Court on the EBT ruling should immediately result in title stripping for the 12 years of financial doping……I look forward to Stuey and Donkey squirming as they try to find a way out for the establishment team.
    League titles should be awarded to the runners up, the cups are more difficult.
    There should be no Going For 55 campaign to sell ST’S next year, try 40 something. The football authorities of course have not needed to wait for the Supreme Court decision, Rangers had already driven a horse and cart through the rule book by not declaring the payments to the SFA and issuing side letters to most of the recipients.
    Hopefully the beneficiaries have been advised by their accountants/agents to put some money away just in case because very soon the taxman will come calling.
    Those who blew their EBT’S on one wild night out in Glasgow will have plenty of time to dwell on their stupidity……a £100k EBT, with tax , interest and penalties attached could result in an HMRC demand for £2m plus……..bless.

  2. Sergio

    Celtic have 37 players on the club website first team page. 5 are on loan. I believe we need to move out ten guys. The fact we have cash and can cover their salaries should be no mitigation to action.

    They will do great with weekly game time at other clubs.

    I believe our best back four are good defenders. I maintain it is our defensive coach that needs replaced. The Miller goal was defendable by these guys, they have the skills but our defensive coach is mince.

    Johann mjalby was the best defensive coach CFC has ever had. He stopped Barca. The game is too serious in CL to be carrying Rookies.

    1. Hills of Donegal

      I did note that Virgil Van Dyke stated after he left Celtic that he learned nothing about defending there.

  3. JimBhoy

    The Herald leads with this on the Arsenal loanee ‘game-changer’ story…… Sick bag to the ready.

    ” MARK WARBURTON must have a contacts book the size of a telephone directory and a memory as vivid as an elephant’s. The Englishman’s route to the Rangers manager’s office was a circuitous one and from each stage of his coaching development he has stored away memories of players and their talents for future use. It is Rangers who are currently benefiting from that in-depth, internal Rolodex that Warburton has at his disposal. ”

    Maybe they should ask the Rangers support what they think of Warbs 11 new players this season…. Even they are getting it. Penny is in gravitational fall.

    That has got to rank as one of the most outrageous PR puff pieces on the warbler ever in the Meeja. Maybe he has found his spare magic hat.

      1. There is NO Old Firm

        Best thing to do guys is to simply ignore all this Level5 hysterical nonsense.
        I know you don’t believe a word that’s printed anyway, so I wouldn’t even bother posting links to them. I only see snippets such as JimBhoy ‘s above because he’s gone to the bother of highlighting it. I don’t even go to links about them as we know it’s going to be junk.
        Fact is, we all know the truth with regards to the whingeing little amateur no matter what rubbish the rags try to promote.
        Just imagine your own industry for a moment, whatever it may be. Mine is construction. Having served an apprenticeship, gained City & Guilds and spent many years travelling around the UK carrying out all aspects of the trade, I know hundreds of fellow tradesman with varying degrees of skill and experience.
        I have also come across many impostors, whose skills tend to range from poor to absolutely non-existent.
        The thing these guys have in common is a blowhard, waffling garbage mentality, and when challenged they come out with similar excuses time after time e.g. “Yeah I’ve boobed there but I’ll sort it and learn from it blah, blah, blah”.
        My belief is people like that try to operate in all industries but the real, properly trained and, dare I say, traditional operators know who they are and treat them with the contempt they deserve, or tolerate them because they function in an area and in a fashion which doesn’t generally affect them.
        In general, they are not regarded as serious competition as their limitations will always come to the fore.
        This, for me, is the sum total of the current incumbent who appears to be trying to put together Brentford Rejects FC….. no matter what Level5 try to say.
        Laugh ’em off guys, just laugh ’em off!

        1. JimBhoy

          Level5 is their anchor, it keeps them firmly where they are as long as they have enough who believe in the nonsense printed. It is laughable though, the last few articles by Clumps nails it completely.

          Ironically the sevco fans are paying for the privilege of being lied to.

          I wouldn’t have linked to the article, it was more of the same 🙂

  4. peter

    Anyone been aware of the PLG stories wonder how this one was recieved in the dressing room with wee Barry and co.

    DT: You must be aware that you are the first Catholic manager of Rangers. What, if anything, does that mean to you? And people will want to know if you’re a practising Catholic.

    PLG: I was a practising Catholic up to about 17 or 18 years old, that’s the way I was brought up. So, yes, you can say I’m a Catholic. But these days I don’t practice. The only time I go to church, in fact, is back in Pencran, my home town, on December 24 – just because it’s a tradition in the family and something we’ve always done. That’s my annual rendezvous with the Catholic church. And it’s a tradition which I will be breaking this year as Rangers have a game on December 26, so there you are. But it’s not something that will particularly worry me. I’ll have a thought for my family as I know they will be there, otherwise it’s not something which is in my thoughts. I’m not someone for whom religion is a big part of life. I’m a tolerant man, and I expect others to be the same.

    DT: You’re aware of the problems Rangers have had recently with sectarian chants?

    PLG: I’m aware of the situation, of course. But all I can really do at this stage is repeat that I preach tolerance. In my day-to-day existence I try to behave in a way that goes in that direction.

  5. joe mccormack

    Here we go with the Sevco transfer window pish.

    The rabbits have been let loose and hey ho an Arsenal loanee, currently failing to get a game at Granada, is on his way to Govan.
    Attacking midfielder I believe, just where The Hat needs reinforcements not, and another player who has served under the former city trader at Brentford.
    He ticks all the usual Sevco boxes…
    no transfer fee
    been around the houses
    currently injured, or has historic injuries……let’s see how that one turns out
    Apart from McKay and Foderingham they have no other saleable assets. Will one or both have to go in the window or will King release the funds he’s been holding in reserve?
    As Phil has revealed in previous articles Robertson has been sidelined and the release of his salary details to make him look greedy is a Level 5 release.
    Funny how the man with the nice hair’s payments from Garrion doesn’t get a mention.
    As the Hat prepares new contracts for the two oldest players in the SPFL Celtic sign a 19 year old Ivorian with a long future in the game in front of him.
    It’s actually fun poking at the still breathing corpse, according to the MSM, of the club formerly known as Rangers.
    If justice is finally delivered by the Supreme Court then next year’s ST campaign at Ibrox should be Going for 40 something.
    Panic is already setting in amongst their support as they finally realise that this time next year Celtic will be well on their way to 7 IAR, with 10 clearly in sight.
    Another couple of SPL defeats from Celtic, perhaps a Scottish Cup defeat given an unlikely draw balls up, a 30 point plus record gap in the league, will see a decline in ST uptake and Club 1872 contributions.
    We await with interest the SDI court case which according to the notes in the accounts could cost the club/company/thingy £1m.
    This is a number which the Directors will have been asked to calculate by the auditors. The basis of the calculation is unclear but it’s unlikely that the auditors will have contacted SD to get their views on the accuracy or not of the contingent liability.
    More interesting times ahead, shame on those who wish to see an end to the Ibrox institution, who would want to miss the daily drip, drip.

  6. sligojoe

    This from the Clumpany hits it on the napper…

    “Sevco behaves and spends as if it is Rangers. And even though the players and financial sums involved are miniscule compared to those of the souped-up Rangers juggernaut, the ultimate effect looks set to be the same. Sevco is living beyond its means and faces disaster unless it finds a sugar daddy or some sort of perspective on its predicament”.

    They have everything totaly OUT OF PERSPECTIVE.

      1. michaelcraven1

        There is NO such team,you POOR deluded soul.

        Just had to invest in a staple gun,my doctor told me to.Saves time going to A&E wae may sides splitting from laughing at you lot.Might meet Wee cheap-cheap Joey Garner there ,eh?

        Nah,al stick tae ma gun.HAHA⚽

      2. There is NO Old Firm

        It’s not a belief you are Sevco…’s a legal FACT!
        It’s not a belief Rangers don’t exist…’s a legal FACT!

        It’s also a fact that outside of Ibrox, throughout the rest of Scottish football and possibly a little further afield…..Sevco are a ridiculous, laughable irrelevance.

        1. SevcoComedyClub

          Rangers do still exist. They are still in the process of being liquidated.
          Just by that fact alone you know sevco is a new club.

          1. There is NO Old Firm


            Correct! Meant to add “Once liquidation process is complete” but got sidetracked by laughing.


  7. Alfie Birches

    Is it legal to offer a three year contract with no wages for the two summer months?

    Also, always found it strange that MA employment pracices should become so high profile in the media just when Sevco fans want rid of him.

    The tentacles reach far and wide.

  8. Anthony Gardner

    I see a story highlighted in the BBC Scotland gossip site, regarding the wages of Stewart Robertson. A suspicious man could believe that he is being briefed against or possibly used as a distraction.

  9. Cunningham Clown

    He promised £50m investment, openness, golden times and going for 55.

    He brought ultra severe austerity, secrecy and massive indebtedness breaking FFP.

    He’s not going for 55 but going for broke. He relies on SFA Refs to deliver the goods. And home draws in cups.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Mr Jam tomorrow, Mr David Cunningham King and his circus of clowns.

  10. Sergio

    They’re essentially a company that has no football match revenue for a month in winter and three months in summer, so four months no income or an 8 month trading year.
    Of course, in the summer they don’t pay wages June, July so they’re a ten month employer.
    Their star striker in an NHS waiting queue and cash injections required to the end of season should terrify fans. Are they winter breaking somewhere warm?

    Surely Paul Murray’s hair should be dyed green? Because he’s an excellent Joker.

    Sevco V Celtic at Ibrox isn’t important for Murray or King. They don’t turn up. It’s not the old firm. It’s not a twice per year best derby in the world cannot be missed event. Supporting Sevco is irrelevant to them.

      1. You Are Sevco

        Can you not read, son?

        Sergio explains that supporting Sevco is irrelevant to Dave King & Paul Murray, as they can’t even be arsed to turn up for a Celtic match.

        As for your obsession with private health wards’ A&E procedures, haven’t you ever heard of the Internet Search Engine called Google?

        Everyone’s using it these days.

        1. Doctor John


          The BMI Ross Hall Hospital Orthopaedic Centre offers an Enhanced Recovery Programme (ERP) and brings together a very respected and talented team of private orthopaedic surgeons, spinal surgeons and specialists in sports injuries.

          Whether treatment is required for the Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Wrist, Elbow, Foot or Ankle, our nationally recognised orthopaedic surgeons and spinal surgeons offer the highest standards of care supported by technology and procedures, including diagnostics and dedicated musculoskeletal radiologists.

          1. SW1

            Do they offer an A&E service 24/7? Which presumably was what was required to confirm the pitchside Doctor’s analysis and first round of treatment before a specialist’s assessment of further treatment and rehabilitation.

  11. sligojoe


    I never thought I would see the day (I was born in 1962) when folk of that ilk would describe themselves as being descriminated against and persecuted, however that is how they feel. When I cast doubt that they will see out 2017, I’m referring to Sevco. What they do after it experiences insolvency is not really of interest to me. I just want to King and Co, and the MSM put in their place. We didn’t think it could happen to SDM’s Rangers 1872, however, I was there at the time. IT DID HAPPEN.

  12. sligojoe

    Noel/Michael, CONT/-

    (The site is not displaying on my screen properly which means I can only post so much at a time!)

    This change is slow, incramental, for many of us, glacial in its progress, however, society is moving on and leaving them behind. The evidence is clearly there. It’s this very change in our society which prompted “The ref” to write his unbelievable blog on VB.

  13. sligojoe


    I understand your reluctance to allow yourself to believe that we are living in “END TIMES” for the Klan Kulchur.

    I don’t believe for a second that what they stand for will be fully eradicated from the west of Scotland (and beyond) in my lifetime, however, I am very aware that their beloved traditions and indeed their numbers are waining.

    1. Wessex

      When Britain finally falls apart then their venom will be redirected towards those who they feel have betrayed them.
      That’s the problem with their unquestioning deference and loyalty, it’s been ruthlessly exploited but it’s never delivered much in the way of benefits.Has being “The People” delivered financially, educationally or economically or are they just as expendable as the rest of us?

    2. Noel Skytrot

      Hi Joe,

      I agree fully with you that a lot of the bollox the tributeers hang onto is definitely waning but when it comes to certain things they associate with, I suspect it might be a very long time before certain elements die away. Probably not in my lifetime either. Scotland is a very diverse nation and the sooner the fools accept this, the better. Heres for better days in the future.

      PS: the VB article would just make the oul heart bleed, cultural genocide, time for necks to be wound in.

  14. Charles

    No doubt the SMSM will continue to sell newspapers daily with linking Sevco with multitudes of players. I’ve counted three already.
    Keeping the Gullible in blissful ignorance and chatting about who they can afford rather than will they survive.
    The solution is simple, spend much less, stop pretending to be Rangers* on bank loans and EBT steroids and break even in mid table.

    *in liquidation.

    1. JimBhoy

      4 I think, Jota, Toral, Crawford, Luke Daniels (GK), apparently the Warbler is in london negotiating new deals or effectively talking to a couple of old pals on ANYBODY willing to come North. Regardless of what obscure name is linked it will be an exciting prospect according to the compliant hacks.

      I thought the clumps latest output was class, 4 separate outlets all suddenly on the 10 yr old Paul Le Guen look back. Concert party anyone?

      1. Byzantine Bhoy

        Where is Paul LeGuen? Has he recently refused to send them freebie players? Has he advised players not to touch them? Defo sounds like it.

        1. Papa Crock

          Nah, they’ve just run out of positive memories and all they have left are the shit ones.

          It’s a natural part of the grieving process, as the realisation dawns on them that the team they’re now supporting really isn’t ‘Rangers’ any more.

          Their last match has brought it home just how crap they are, so they must be absolutely bealing at this, the Resurgent Revenge of Celtic.

          Nae luck, Sevco!

    2. Mr Smith

      will sell newspapers daily till circa 2020 when their business may become unviable.

      There will be no Daily Sevco when that happens

      1. Swavvy

        Ss long as we get to see them greeting when Celtic Do The Ten.

        Then we can watch them fade into oblivion, still laughing our asses aff.

  15. Pol OGriobhtha

    Are you still shopping with Woolthworths?Fantastic read,the Barclay twins own it through Shop direct,interesting story about the Littlewoods pools and the Moore’s brothers.Anyway the craic is “Insolvency and the hidden brand effect” a object in modern capitalism,can’t wait for the March findings!

  16. Joe Keane

    Exciting times ahead for jelly and ice cream enthusiasts. Good chance this mob of shysters and crooks trading as Rangers do not see 2018. You only live twice, Sevco fans! No third editions! I will soon be walking my dug on your demolished, tumbleweed strewn bigot dome and will let him foul away. I might even do one myself in the long grass.

    1. Cocktails time

      No Euro football for at least another two seasons until their accounts show profits and come into Fair Play compliance. Regardless of the ridiculous STV Grant warbling to the contrary.

      Did he learn UEFA rules interpretation at Glasgow Caley?

      Does his contract of employment state defend Sevco at all costs including your personal integrity as a Journo?

  17. Paddy bhoy

    Phil ,
    Any plans to do a follow follow up on downfall ?
    Will it have more pages than War and peace if you do ?

  18. Jamie

    What is the provision of private non planned health care in Glasgow on a hogmanay Saturday afternoon?
    Just wondering

      1. Hammy Berry

        Where did you get your figures from then, Cortes?

        Surely you wouldn’t contribute ‘zero,nada, zip, zilch’ to a commentary with such certainty without Google checking your ‘facts’ first?

      1. Byzantine Bhoy

        Jamie, all three can send a private ambulance on call from a club. St Johns at the ground can transport via ambulance also to private hospital. Numerous surgeons are on standby in Glasgow area for call out.

        If club has 1. Player medical insurance 2. Cash payments 3. Corporate contract with provider. Then there’s no problem ergo I expect none of these three options are possible.

        Indeed well paid players could pay for it themselves.

    1. Doctor John

      To my certain knowledge there are numerous orthopaedic consultants of the Sevco persuasion operating in Glasgow. I have no doubt that one could have been found at a moment’s notice – even on hogmanay. Some were likely at the match.

      There is however, a slight problem. These highly skilled and even more highly paid individuals expect to be paid handsomely – and even if for Sevco-loyal reasons they were willing to forego a personal fee – a private hospital such as Ross Hall works on a purely commercial basis, and would not be satisfied with a wink and a funny handshake.

      Most companies have insurance or or otherwise hold accounts with such institutions where their staff have a contractual entitlement to private health care.

      One can only assume that RIFC-Sevco – for whatever reason – have no such arrangements in place. Hardly a winning formula for the attraction and retention of top flight staff – particularly in an occupation where injuries are to be expected, and where lack of swift and expert treatment can mean the end of a promising career.

      Happily, this does not apply in this case, where so many promising careers are in the past, and so few of the remaining hold any promise whatsoever. For they WERE the people.

      1. jamie

        Finding a consultant is one thing, but how could the make a diagnosis without, x-ray/scan?

        All that fully operational on a Hogmanay Saturday afternoon in a private hospital that doesn’t take emergencies?

        A commercial operation would really have millions of pounds of equipment fully staffed a few hours before the bells just on the off chance?


        1. Gringo

          A delusion so powerful that it causes arguments based on topics it has fully failed to research for itself to maintain the delusion that all is well at Ibrox despite the plethora of evidence to the contrary?!

          Double WOW!!!

        2. Doctor John

          Whilst this injury may have been ‘urgent’ – it was likely not an ’emergency’. As I explained above – what may be ‘urgent’ for an expensive athlete or footballer, may not be so for other kinds of patient who need not perform at elite level, and who’s similar injuries may not be time-critical.

          I know Ross Hall quite well – and it would be well within its capabilities to provide the technical back-up required for all but the most complicated injuries and conditions.

          But why take my word? – a quick look at their website will provide the necessary information:

          “BMI Ross Hall Hospital has 101 beds with all rooms offering the privacy and comfort of en-suite facilities, satellite TV and telephone. The hospital has four theatres, one minor procedures theatre, an endoscopy suite, five bed intensive care unit and a high dependency unit.

          These facilities combined with the latest in technology and on-site support services, enable our consultants to undertake a wide range of procedures from routine investigations to complex surgery. This specialist expertise is supported by caring and professional medical staff, with dedicated nursing teams and Resident Medical Officers on duty 24 hours a day, providing care within a friendly and comfortable environment.

          The BMI Ross Hall Hospital Orthopaedic Centre offers an Enhanced Recovery Programme (ERP) and brings together a very respected and talented team of private orthopaedic surgeons, spinal surgeons and specialists in sports injuries.

          Whether treatment is required for the Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Wrist, Elbow, Foot or Ankle, our nationally recognised orthopaedic surgeons and spinal surgeons offer the highest standards of care supported by technology and procedures, including diagnostics and dedicated musculoskeletal radiologists.”

          I’m not happy to provide an advert for Ross Hall – in all respects except pampering and queue-dodging – the NHS is superior.

          But elite footballers expect to be pampered, dodge queues – and crucially – be treated away from the view, attention and smell of the type of person they might expect to see attending an NHS A&E Department near Ibrox after a match there (no offence).

          What all of this suggests to me is that a) Sevco do not have any ‘elite’ players – they wouldn’t stand for it and b) the club/company can’t afford private health care.

          1. Jamie

            All that is very interesting (and available on their website) but doesn’t really address the question you are studiously avoiding…which is what is the level of availability of all that expertise and equipment on a weekend a few hours before the bells? It’s okay to say you don’t know by the way.

            As for your suggestion the club cannot afford private health care….strangely enough less than two months ago niko kranjcar was operated on privately in London no less.

            What are the odds?

          2. Doctor John


            There would be absolutely no problem about obtaining private treatment 365 days a year in RH or Murrayfield. All you need is the money.

            So Niko Kranjcar had a private operation in London?

            But who paid for it? The club or Kranjcar himself?

            Looks like the latter to me, if 2 months later a key player has to go to the local A&E.

            I have a measure of sympathy for you, Jamie. Denial is a normal part of the mourning process – and there is a certain poignancy in your mourning your dead club.

            But my professional advice is that ultimately you need to face reality if you wish to avoid more serious long term psychological damage – beyond the obvious symptoms you currently display.

    2. Allyjambo

      Jamie, I would imagine most ‘big’ clubs would have a private orthopaedic surgeon on standby on match days. Not rocket science to work out that injury is quite likely to happen to high paid players during a game, so while Garner’s injury was not ‘planned’, it was hardly ‘non-planned’ either, and a plan should have been in place to deal with such an eventuality. In fact, I’d be very surprised if insurers of high value players (of big clubs) don’t insist on clubs having such facilities available on match days, as recovery time from some injuries might be shortened by early treatment!

    1. Noel Skytrot


      Unfortunately this cabal of cheating bastards will always exist. Sadly with the establishment in many parts of societal structure firmly into the peepill agenda here in Scotland, they’ll always be about in some shape or form. As much as I admire Phil and others exposing them for what they are methinks with the pull they have in this corrupt, bigoted, backwater they’ll always be around. That’s Scotland’s real Shame.

      1. michaelcraven1

        Yes,I do believe that is sadly the case,and always will be.

        Oh how I really wish that I was/am so,so wrong.

        That is thee only reason that they still exist,IF what they have done had happened in any other country than Scotland.They would have been dead,dead,dead since 2012.

        1. Cassandra's Cat

          Friends in high places can help a lot – and have done so over many years. But now they need friends in high palces who can also deliver millions of snide funding every year far into the future – and those friends just do not exist.

          Twisting rules, ignore infringements, turning blind eyes and honest mistakes cost nothing, Keeping Rangers alive requires cold hard cash – and lots of it.

          The cash flow never lies.

          Dream that you can dream your dreams.

          1. michaelcraven1

            Oh how I honestly wish I could believe in your reply.
            But,it’s Scotland.End of.
            Their reach is so much further than even I believed.
            I spoke with a gent who works at the English FA at wedding a few years back now,and when I asked ‘what he thought may have happened if it had been in England,and not Scotland where it did’
            He simply replied ‘there wouldn’t be a _____s anymore.’
            Their ‘friends’ have been running the game alongside the sfa since its inception,that will continue for as long as they can make it so.
            That is exactly why I keep repeating ‘We All need a new governing body too’.

            And I do see what you mean re. cash…,cash is KING,just not Daves,his GLIBNESS,I mean.HH

            Thanks Phil.

            Roll on the 22nd.

  19. Thomas watt

    Think you’ve got it all wrong Phil according to a sevco fan on twitter they have a £40 million goal keeper and young McKay worth £20+ they where putting him in a white last time I heard HH

  20. Sanfrancelt

    Is it really Joe Garner in the A and E picture or is it a full kitchen wanker……If it is Joe , he is sitting scarily close close to the vending machine shaped like big Eric! Were one of the peepul your moniker would surely be “The Bad News Bear”
    Welcome back Phil , don’t want to wish my life away …..but roll on March!

  21. Neil lynas

    Phil Cheers for all the good work as per, I wouldlove to get them in the Scottish early in season put them out , season over for them ,then sit back and watch them trying to get 2nd for Europe, only for uefa to soooooo them thru fair play and the debt they r in ,

  22. michaelcraven1

    Hi Phil
    That’s more news/music to my ears that I almost certainly wouldn’t get ANYWHERE but here.

    Keep at it Phil,keep shining the light where others fear to tread.

    You nearly had me with,’a discoverer of football talent’ !!!! THATS A CRACKER….

    Oh to be a fly on the wall at that conclave!!

    NAH scratch that,because that would mean that a version of me would have to be inside that place.HH

    1. michaelcraven1

      Hi Brian,

      Please excuse me correcting you but,we have that record already in season 2003/4

      2-1, 1-0, 3-0, 1-0, 2-1, 1-0. Big Chris Sutton would be giving you a roasting for that.For me it merely gives me some really enjoyable entertainment later,as I have the DVD of it.

      It might be dream of mine,but I thought there was a season when we played them seven times,and beat them every time.Although that IS probably in the post anyway.HH Brian.

      This is for feedback only,please don’t take it any other way,Mr.Mc Laughlin.

        1. Herbert

          Only fecklers, Sevcons and fools dare insult The mighty Clumpany.

          (And you all know who you are, you sad mainstream crankshafters)

  23. Gerry G

    If this latest Ivory Coast transfer target for Celtic goes through, this means Kouassi Eboue will join the two Dembelles, and Kolo Toure, making it four Ivorians in the hoops.
    They must feel at home at Paradise seeing so many Tricolours flying there.
    There will, no doubt, be occasions when fans can make an instant appreciation to them by turning the Irish tricolour upside down.
    The Ivory Coast flag is an Orange White and Green tricolour.
    So c’mon boys make them feel at home!!

  24. Yogithebear 67

    Celtic need to strengthen at the back for Europe. Big Erik was poor during the first 30 mins and caused the first goal and Izzy was also found lacking at times, with balls in behind him – he is good going forward but his first job must be to defend. The standard in Europe is much higher than what Sevco can produce yet we were on the back foot until Dembele equalised.

    1. Zeddy

      Couldn’t agree more ….Our defense was caught wanting far too many times against Sevco…..This happens in the “big’ games and in particular when Forrest is playing….He refuses to track back and I’m surprised Rodgers let him hang Lustig out to dry for so long.

      I’m my view Forrest was back to his old self and when the pressure is on he doesn’t step up. there are times when a moment of magic isn’t enough and you need to work harder for the team.

      We had similar issues with Ronny in defense and Kennedy’s role need to be brought under greater scrutiny… Holding their line, stepping out ,set pieces and balls over top …….need I say more. More intelligence required I think

      I’d rather see three quality defensive players come in for next season than a gamble on buying a starlet to sell

  25. Andrew

    Ive read on another blog that glib the almighty has sold a major company in south Africa maybe he will invest all the profit into the debt ridden club to ease it’s finance.

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      What is beyond debate is that Sevco require external finance to continue operating until the end of the season.

      1. Hugh

        Interesting Phil. External? I know you’re usually careful with words (none of us are always careful with them) so does that mean no more soft loans (gifts) from inside the RRM circle?

    2. Therese Storrie

      The problem with that is South Africa have very stringent views on money leaving their country and only people with excellent credit ratings have a chance of moving money I dont think DCK is one of their top people somehow


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