Normal channels

When senior executives of companies agree to meet the conclave is usually arranged via Personal Assistants.

Essentially subordinates communicate and then diary in the sit down for their respective superiors.

This is what the Sports Direct folk had expected to happen when the meeting was granted to Mr David Cunningham King, the Chairman of Rangers International Football Club.

Therefore, the Ashley people were surprised when a specific request was made to them by the South African based convicted criminal.

Sources close to Sports Direct inform me that Mr King insisted that all communications apropos the proposed meeting with them go directly to him and not through the normal RIFC channels.

This led the Ashely people to surmise that the RIFC Chairman was acting without the knowledge of his boardroom colleagues.

Of course, they could be completely wrong on this matter and there might be a perfectly simple explanation for Mr King’s behaviour.

However, if their hunch is correct, then the Sports Direct folks could be dealing with a split board at Ibrox.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am not detecting any indications that Big Mike is minded to re-negotiate the retail contract in favour of Sevco.

Moreover, I am told that there is a large bill in the pipeline for the merchandise that was ordered, but not sold last season.

Under the terms of the deal between Rangers Retail Limited and Sevco the club has to buy back all unsold merchandise at full retail price.

Quite simply every time a Bear does not buy a replica Sevco shirt then that quality item of sportswear has to be bought by the Holding Company Vehicle.

I have no doubt that the said invoice, a substantial six-figure sum I believe; will be settled in full without any delay.

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