Now the spin begins

In the dark arts of spin sometimes silence is a good policy.

If the story is so strong that it is difficult to counter then one strategy is just ignore it and hope that you have enough obedient hacks on your payroll who will  look the other way.

However, if the story keeps on giving then you have might have to break cover and attempt to weave an alternative narrative.

Readers of the Daily Mail today would have been wowed at the amazing exclusive by @mcgowan_stephen that Dave King met with Mike Ashley on June 12th the day of the general meeting at Ibrox.


On here there have, so far, been three chapters to this story.

The first one on June 17th was that the meeting had taken place.

The second one, published here on June 20th was that King had offered his shares in Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) to Ashley.

Chapter Three , that Dave King was on a solo run and had not told his RIFC colleagues about the meeting, came in two parts  on June 22nd and June 23rd .

Clearly they are all interlinked as they part of the same story.

The PR people behind this amazing scoop by the Daily Mail are, I believe, responding to Chapter one, but are really addressing the toxic nature of the information contained in Chapter Two.

The danger for the Spin merchants and, ipso facto, their clients is when they decide to break cover and attempt to weave an alternative narrative to an event.

When they do that they can inadvertently, as they say in American crime fiction, ‘open the door’ to other possibilities.

The readers of the Daily Mail in Scotland are being asked to believe that, yes, Chapter One here is correct, but that Chapter Two and Chapter Three are wrong.

The meeting was a secret mission by Double Oh Dave operating behind the Retail lines or perhaps courageous King taking one for the team.

Heroic Dave as Captain Oates meeting the cold fish Ashley on the Sports Direct tundra selflessly taking one for the Sevco expedition:

“I’m just going outside now to check the share price. I maybe some time.”

As has been stated here several times since June 17th, I am convinced that King met with Ashley on June 12th the day of the General Meeting.

Now that it is in the Daily Mail then The People are free to discuss it without any reference to your Humble Correspondent.

Moreover, I stand by the reporting that I have provided about that meeting since the story was broken here.

Of course,The People responded to the journalism here as only they can with vicious ad hominems ,smears and lies.

It’s how lynch mobs engage with the wider world.

However, dear reader, since I first visited the open sewer of their belief system in 2008 apropos the Famine Song, The People have not had much luck in persuading me to Do Walking Away.

On the balance of probabilities, given what we know of the major players in this drama, then I tend to believe that His Glibness was on a solo run and that the Ashley people are now dealing with a split board at RIFC.

Of course, if I am wrong on that then a simple statement from the excellent PR professionals that serve the New Regime can clear that one up.

On reflection I think this entire story is probably a case study in why so many people visit this site and return again and again.

In terms of unique users if the same amount of people bought copies of the Daily Mail in Scotland then their editor would think that nirvana had arrived.

The coverage here is guaranteed to be free of contaminated lamb and free from harmful PR additives.

I can only do this work with your continued support and it is in days like this that it is appropriate for me to record that debt of gratitude to all of you who keep this site going.

Many thanks.

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