Nuisance value

I’m a nuisance.

An absolute pain in the nether regions.

However that is only my day job.

Off duty I’m a fairly relaxed chap.

I am told that there were quite a few folks in RIFC last night who were anything but relaxed.

Apparently I had irked some influential folks with the accuracy of my reporting on Graham Wallace being on ‘Gardening Leave’.

It probably didn’t help that I got the exact figure of days that he had been so unassigned.

As I reported this morning several succulent stenographers were briefed yesterday to spin the line that Mr Graham was hard at it, fully focussed etc.

I was not surprised that the two year old club had reached an Out Of Court settlement with Mr Imran Ahmad.

It was the smart move and the guy currently driving the bus at Sevco is a seriously smart operator.

I understand that senior folk met with counsel yesterday and the reality of the situation was laid out to them.

The bottom line was that he had a signed contract by Charles Green and that he had upheld his part of it.

Therefore he had a strong case.

Moreover, each court appearance was costing RIFC in the region of £60,000.

They were informed that the next time they were in court in November they could be hit with Mr Ahmad’s legal costs too.

I am told that the mutually agreed figure is close to £350,000.

The last minute uptake in the Open Offer of shares will almost certainly yield another tale to tell and I will be happy to relate that when I can.

Someone somewhere appears to have had a very very late change of heart.

For the avoidance of doubt £3.13 Million (gross) will bring in approximately £2.8 million to RIFC.

£1.7 million is owed in loans.

That leaves £1.1m, which is just about the monthly pay roll.

Of course some staff bonuses are still outstanding and other bills are piling up.

For the avoidance of doubt if you’re a journalist and you find that you are being briefed by PR folk to spin a line that deflects  and confuses the general public  and you go along with that then you’re not making enough of a nuisance of yourself.

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