Old familiar faces

In all long running TV dramas it is always a good idea to reintroduce an old character now and again.

It gives the audience a flashback to earlier times and it also invigorates a storyline that has become jaded.

Of course for the writers it saves them for having to create a new backstory.

The Ibrox soap opera is no different in this regard.

I was interested to learn today that the Three Bears, which is a new story line in itself, has an old familiar face on board.

Their PR apropos this power play for the Marble Staircase is being handled by none other than Mr James Traynor.

The ex-Sevco communications director, of course, left the employ of Charles of Normandy in November 2013 after eleven months at Ibrox.

Perhaps Mr Douglas Park feels that Traynor is best placed to advise him on how to communicate with this entity.

I was pleased to learn that Professor Peter Watson, late of Levy & McRae, has now been retained by Sevco.

Of course when this eminent legal chap was with his old firm his name would crop up again and again throughout the last days of Rangers in 2011 and 2012.

My compliments to the writers as I think this series could do with a dash of James Traynor and a wee bit of Perry Mason.

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