On Club 9.

Anyone else feeling baffled this morning?

After reading this I thought it would be best if I slept on it.


So I did, but it didn’t make a bit of difference.

I’m still in the confuzzled club.

Having read and re-read this statement it would appear that the only way to save Rangers from liquidation is to put them… into liquidation.

Last week I was regaled by Archie MacPherson and his tales from the commentary box.

He told me and the assembled throng of one time he was commentating on a match between Scotland and Czechoslovakia.

The ball whooshed across the Scotland penalty area and some damn foreigner got his head on it.

Back of the net.


He had no idea who had scored so he muffled the microphone under his arm and leaned over to a colleague and asked “who scored that goal?” to which the other Scot said “fucked if I know!”

Archie straightened up got the mic back out and said  “Fuckedifiknow scores for Czechoslovakia!”

I just read that Club 9 statement again and I think that perhaps I’m from a country that doesn’t even exist anymore…

Because I’m fucked if I know.

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