On the Record.

What does Keith Jackson of the Daily Record think of Craig Whyte?

Is it this?


Or is it this?


Clearly he cannot believe both as they are clearly mutually exclusive.

It is, of course perfectly acceptable to change your view of someone that is part of life.

However, it is unedifying to pretend that you were right all along when in fact you described Mr Whyte as a “billionaire” back in November 2010.

If a journalist meekly accepts the word of a PR on a matter of substance about their client, then they are in danger of being duped.


These are the end of days for Rangers, and although it was the tax strategies authorised by Sir David Murray that created the crisis, the reign on Craig Whyte has also been a factor.

For those who grieve and for those who celebrate the passing of Rangers they should be mindful that Mr Whyte had the benefit of a local media.

The local press didn’t question the good news that the Ibrox club had finally been delivered from the clutches of the bank.

Indeed during the protracted negotiations with the bank Mr Whyte appeared to have had leading Scottish sports journalists on his side.


Overall from November 2010  until a few weeks ago Craig Whyte had an easy press from the Scottish sports desks.

Even after the BBC documentary in October 2011 they remained on message and played their part in the  Nikica Jelavić charades in the January window.

The only questions being asked about the source of finance to buy the club and Mr Whyte’s plan for Rangers as a going concern were on here and the RTC blog.


Note the date on the post.

The real Craig Whyte story was always there if the mainstream media in Scotland had truly wanted it.

Now that they’re finally on the job, regular readers of this site will not be fooled that guys on the sports desks were always with the programme because they weren’t.

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