One man bandwidth

First an apology.

The site has suffered several incidents of outage over the past couple of weeks.

It always happened just after I published a piece.

This was simply because of a huge volume of traffic.

Then the site was down for some maintenance yesterday and today to try and fix the problem.

The work in ongoing and I’m hugely indebted to my brilliant webmeister and two hosting companies.

I would like to name check them, but that would just open them up to a deluge of online abuse and dignified threats.

However, they know who they are and mile buíochas.

You will note from my piece today that Planet Fitba has a very distressed outfit stumbling from crisis to crisis.

There is a rather brutish rule in journalism:

‘If it bleeds it leads.’

Well, for the avoidance of doubt, Sevco is bleeding out at an alarming rate.

They need millions of pounds, and they need it rather quickly if you don’t mind.

There is now a fairly long queue of suppliers waiting to be paid.

I’m told that the only Wi-Fi that is extant at Ibrox is in Argyle House for the staff there.

Of course, if you were relying on the mainstream then you would think that all was financially rosy in the dignified garden.

It isn’t.

Not in the slightest.

The chaps in the Sevco High Command know that what appears here is well sourced and disquietingly accurate.

They just don’t know how I manage it.

Orwell and jaournalism

However, the content here is avidly read by the scores of thousands of ye who log on here almost at once.

So apologies for any future outage.

The folk in my tech crew are trying to find a solution that doesn’t give ME a cash flow crisis.

I feel that I’m one guy doing what several sports desks should be all over.

Instead, there is non-stop output of feel good churnalism and Off the Radar obedience.

It is almost as if they have a Big Brother watching over them.


The truth about Sevco is out there, and many of ye find it here.

The continued traffic into this site should be a badge of shame for the mainstream.

It would appear that they have resigned themselves to being irrelevant bystanders as another massive Ibrox story unfolds.


17 thoughts on “One man bandwidth

  1. Joe Murphy

    It appears there is a fire raging on Edmunster Drive that not even the holy water stolen from a local church will extinguish.

  2. Joecon

    Most of the daily rectum readers are OAP who have never seen a phone or laptop.

    I asked my son and daughters tonight what newspapers do you buy the answer never bought a paper ever just read off the phone or tablet many different news outlets.

    Which makes me think it’s tick tock for this outdated establishment queaf of a newspaper
    A quite intelligent looking guy gave a talk in my work the other week about how we need to change and evolve
    I usually fall asleep as these suits talking but this guy is held my attention
    He said if you don’t change as a company you die you become irrelevant because everyone all your competitors are moving around about you he gave a few examples Woolworth..BHS..ect..
    The same will happen to the record they have been peddling the same old rubbish for years

    And when it dose go it won’t be missed good riddance

  3. lisa lane

    I like many other supporters stopped buying the Daily Record years ago after their Headline on the front page indicating Celtic players were thieves, thugs and hooligans after an incident in a hotel in England.The accusation was later proved false and an apology was later printed in a verysmall corner of a page in the middle of the paper.

  4. Avid Reader

    When it finally implodes for the current board at Ibrox I look forward to reading how the MSSM spin it. With most of the information out there courtesy of social media they can hardly use “Nelson’s eye” as an excuse for not investigating and reporting it. More worryingly though, none of them are even discussing the Ibrox roof. Is it safe for spectators to continue to attend? If so, who said it was? What was the nature of the inspection undertaken? If anything untoward does happen with the roof it will not just be the Ibrox board questions will be asked of but of GCC too, the engineers who inspected it, the SFA and of course the MSSM.

  5. Kenny Stewart

    In my best English – The Rectum is fucked . The saying used to be good riddance to bad news ……..well good riddance to good The Rangers news . Thank you for your endeavours Phil . A small donation has been made as a thank you .

  6. jas

    The Rectum have gone too far down the churnalism route that they are in tailspin, they won’t be missed, neither will Jabba.

  7. Agrajag

    The problem is, as you well know, that the people you speak of are not Journalist like yourself. They are not even reporters, they are simply in the business of re-hashing press releases.

    They don’t investigate stories, they don’t even report them, they simply re-write (if they even bother doing that) the propaganda fed to them.

    It’s pathetic, so please keep up what you are doing. Researching and investigating stories and providing them to your readers.

    Thanks for that.

  8. James Barr

    That graph begs the question: Why does the DR continue to support Sevco and all who sail in her when the strategy is so obviously failing? They could try being positive about Scottish Football. Aberdeen, Celtic and Hearts are all good news clubs . Why not try a bit of promotion of the GAME rather than the fluff about one Club?

    James B

    1. macdee

      Indeed. The Daily Record itself today pointed out that Sky got more viewers for Hearts v Celtic in August than it did for Celtic v Rangers in September. Could it be that no one cares about Rangers any more?

    2. Yogithebear 67

      Too late for them James – I for one haven’t bought this crap for many years now and never will again. Hail, hail.

    3. Mr smith

      Phil might have seen a similar graph tweeted to him by a well meaning republican sick of the Westminster status quo and their banker chums.

      That graph extends beyond 2016 and follows on at the same rate of decline as before.

      The conclusion being…the DR might not exist after 2022.

      Tines are changing.

      If you think the rangers/sevco story was big…wait till the truth about the bankers and their very friendly MPs eventually gets out! It seems the English MSM are much like their Scottish counterparts

      Of course, won’t be as funny as sevco.


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