Open season on the bears

All things have their time.

The Tennessee black bear hunting season is over until early autumn, but don’t be surprised to see bear-traps being set for the new owner designate of Rangers FC Bill Miller in the next few weeks.

Yes, while the black bears can sleep soundly in the Smokey Mountains, the blue bears of Snake Mountain are plotting through the knights to wreck the wrecker and tell the Tennessee trucker to truck off!

But what about the king of the Sharks, the trillionaire double-glazing salesman Brian Kennedy, the world’s richest man since Keith Jackson met Craig Whyte. Is he finished with his bid and set to head down the M74 at great speed?

From some quarters there has been opprobrium poured on Craig Whyte, arguably Rangers Player of the Year, and his dealings with Hector.

Well it could be Brian will soon be like a bear with a sore head after hearing that HMRC are turning their attention to his tax affairs.

Double glazing- double speak-double dealing, you couldn’t make it up!

After the Life of Brian expect the Strife of Brian starring Hector in the lead role.

I hope he doesn’t feel hunted.

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