There has been some strange manoeuvres in the mother of parliaments this week.

That fine upstanding member, Central Ayrshire MP Brian Donohoe, Secretary of the Westminster Rangers Supporters Club is calling for a parliamentary inquiry to grill Motherwell billionaire Craig Whyte.

Along with Donohoe, this Westminster band of brethren has luminaries like regular Ibrox guest and Govan MP, Ian Davidson as Vice Chairman and true blue Gregory Campbell MP for East Londonderry, a lovely man who wants the return of capital punishment, though to be fair not for fraud.

But why the need for an inquiry now?

Did Brian Donohoe and the others from the Westminster Rangers Supporters Club not see through the Motherwell billionaire when he was their guest at Westminster only a matter of months ago?

As seekers of the truth and guardians of the public purse did they not ask probing questions about the billionaire’s future plans for Ibrox?  Did they probe Mr. Whyte’s financial background?  Were they not aware of the tax bill Mr. Whyte’s club owed HMRC?

No, sadly not. I am told it was an occasion for handshakes and back slapping all around.

Some have rightly questioned the wisdom of statements from the SNP Government about Rangers and the tax bills.


However, they should digest at their leisure some of the thoughts from Scotland’s red, Whyte and blue party.

Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran wrote to the British Treasury, urging it to act in a reasonable way with Ranger claiming that ongoing discussions between HMRC and Rangers are key to reaching a sustainable outcome for the club.

Were the Rangers’ administrators who visited Westminster this week quizzed about the outlandish possibility that the taxpayers who elected Donohoe, Davidson, Campbell and Curran were ever likely to get their millions back?

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