Orders for the General

It would appear that Sevco have not learned very much from the PR disaster of their Remembrance Day festivities at Ibrox last year.

In this joint statement it was clear that knuckles were rapped rather than caressed at Ibrox.

Any journalist in Glasgow who wanted to follow up on this story in Glasgow might well have thought to ask who had requested the meeting.

Amid all the fluff about a special relationship here are the important bits:

“…to be marked by the club in future with activities that are suitably sombre and restrained.”

“…and that they must be conducted with solemnity and respect.”

Was what transpired at Ibrox last November sombre and restrained?

And was it solemn and respectful?

If it was then there was no need for that joint statement.

I doubt that the meeting was held to congratulate the new club on their Remembrance Day jamboree last year.

Moreover, I know of several ex-service personnel in Scotland with no interest in matters football who were horrified at the antics at Ibrox.

It was brought to my attention that in the deluded land of the Sevco internet some of The People thought I was the author of their military embarrassment.

There really was no need for me to become involved, but I just wanted to make sure.

However, by the time that the Fenian Phone was flashing green in the GOC’s office he already knew that there was a problem requiring “action this day” without receiving an order from the HQ in Donegal.

Of course the idea that Major-General Nicholas Eeles gets orders from me here in the shade of Errigal is only slightly more ridiculous than the belief that the armed services in Scotland considered the Remembrance Day fiasco at Ibrox last year to be suitably respectful to the fallen.

It wasn’t and no amount of Sevco spin will alter that fact.

Lest we forget.

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