Out of the loop.

Didn’t you get the memo?

Apparently It is a rather an awkward moment for anyone in a big organisation when they are asked that question.

Now the argot of the corporate world has been introduced into everyday language.

‘I must have missed the memo’ has become a standard excuse when you find you’re not on the same page as everyone else in the room.

The reaction of the valued customers of the Rangers franchise to the recent news that (gasp) CEO Graham Wallace was attempting to implement an austerity plan would indicate that they did not get the memo.

Of course, regular visitors to this little corner of Planet Fitba would not have been surprised in the least.

So what does the future hold for the new Holding Club?

Ah, that’s easy: austerity or insolvency.

There are no other real-world grown up choices.

I fully accept that this is an appalling vista for the customer base of the new entity.

Regular visitors here will just know it as reality and you’re way ahead of the Ibrox fans, dear reader.

Of course it would be unbecoming to say ‘told you so!’

The dumping of penny shares in the first working weeks of 2014 on the stock market and the need to stem the blood loss from Sevco’s bank account was predicted.

As it currently stands Sevco as a business is bleeding out and all of this was forecast on here many months ago.

Of course, The People seem to have an issue with believing the truth when it is presented to them here.

Sevco had a chance 18 months ago and they True Blue it; by pretending to be Rangers they signed their financial death warrant.

Another share issue would dilute the existing shareholder’s equity in the company.

New owners would first have to buy out the current lot to gain a controlling interest and then they would have to bankroll the monthly losses and fund the turnaround.

Only with that strategy could they arrive at a breakeven point in time for the clumpany’s entry into the second tier of Scottish football.

What the Sevco customer base needs is to be brought around to the reality that their new club will be in the shadow of Celtic for many years.

Moreover, the battle for second spot in the SPFL will have honed the abilities and the increased determination of Aberdeen, Dundee United and Motherwell.

The first two clubs in that trio have a genuine European pedigree from another era and they will want to sample more of those nights.

The Sevco chaps haven’t got the memo that the rest of Planet Fitba has read and acknowledged.

The world of Scottish football has changed and The People are now very much on the outside looking in.

They do, of course, still have their friends on the sixth floor at Hampden Park and their flunkies in the media.

However, out in the glens and straths of Planet Fitba The People and their Herrenvolk Hubris are openly derided and utterly detested.

The No To NewCo fan campaign was a grassroots movement that scored a massive victory for decency and honesty in the game.

The fact that the fans won against their own SPL club chairmen was epochal for the game in Scotland.

Then, the chairmen of the SFL clubs thwarted Stewart Regan’s Plan B of Sevco beginning life in the First Division.

On top of questionable governance, the behaviour of the Ibrox clientele over the summer of 2012 has meant that they haven’t made many friends on the journey.

At Berwick last year, the klan had a day out where they throatily indulged in Fenian blood-wading and incessantly chanted about paedophilia.

It would appear that the racist subculture at Ibrox that produced David Limond has been increasingly occupying centre stage while the decent fans do walking away.

I certainly don’t blame them as the entire omnishambles, since Charlie spoke of “bigotry” just before the new club played their first match against Brechin, has been nothing less than Shakespearean.

Many of the Sevco customers now appear to be heartily sick of it all and there are rumblings that a portion of them might ‘disengage’.

However indecision is currently the order of the day.

Now is the winter of their disconnect.

The reaction of the Ibrox clientele last week to the first visible signs of the cash crisis has largely been one of shock and panic.

Yet I have been warning them of this for over a year now.

They obviously didn’t get the memo.

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