Overinvestors required

These are difficult days for the New Regime.

I fully realise that the succulent infomercials in the mainstream media suggest otherwise.

The stenographers have been instructed to gush about the wonderful future under Mr David Cunningham King.

However, the reality is almost certainly much more grim.

The tough cookies on Planet Ashley appear to be happy to watch while this zombie club falls into the grave that they have dug for themselves since March.

Sources close to the action tell me that the New Regime might be down to around £170,000 in “usable cash”.

Now there are also monies in an escrow account earmarked for Hector, but that does not belong to them.

That doth be due to Her Britannic Majesty’s chaps.

The situation is simple enough to grasp, and that is without external finance this company is in deep trouble.

Of course, there is a corollary to that:

External finance means they are not immediately in deep trouble.

Indeed,  I would not be surprised if the chaps in the New Regime have not been having intense meetings today with anyone who might lend to them.

For the avoidance of doubt, it would be a really good idea for any prospective benefactor to start overinvesting rather quickly.

Whatever it takes and all that.

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