Performance related play

This pre-season stuff is such jolly japes.

Foreign travels and being all friendly on the field of play.

The mighty Glasgow Sevco have the Admirable Warburton back at his post, and this must be a great bonus for the chaps in the Blue Room.

No doubt, a chance to play in the top flight of Scottish football must be a great incentive for the ex-City trader.

I’m sure some intrepid stenographer will soon be asking Mr Warburton if he is happy with his agreed remuneration package.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is always important that here is no ambiguity in what is agreed.

Our fearless stenographer will, I am sure, ask the ex-Brentford supremo why he hasnow  appeared to go for grizzled veterans as opposed to energetic youngsters.

There could be a coveted award lurking within that back story.

I had been told to expect that a large invoice would be winging its way to the Blue Room from Shirebrook by now.

However, there are several things that are holding that up.

One is that the Ibrox chaps have asked for certain matters to be clarified apropos items that were missed from the unsold inventory last year.

The other factor holding up this invoice is that General Ashley is having his legal people examine the current impasse regarding the intellectual property rights.

The folk at Puma are poised to leap into action over this merchandising clusterfuck, but I’m told that Big Mike has told them to keep their powder dry.

These deals go back to the days of Charlie Green and his overinflated sense of the Ibrox market.

It was because of this that Big Mike insisted on the buyback clause in the Rangers Retail Limited deal.

The Sports Direct magnate just didn’t believe that they would sell that amount of merchandise, and he was on the money with that call.

If and when the invoice is issued I’m told that it is likely to be in the region of £370k.

A sizable sum, but small change for Mr David Cunningham King, who is, as always, poised to overinvest in the Holding Company Vehicle.

Remember Mr Derek Llambias?

Well, I expect him to be in the news again regarding matters Sevco.

It is worth recalling that from October 2014 to March 2015 the Ibrox operation was a tight ship well on its way to being a self-sustaining business.

Mr Llambias deserves his good name in the business world,

No doubt if he feels that he has in any way been impugned then I’m sure he will address that issue at a time of his choosing.

Next week I’m told that the senior chaps at Sevco could be in conclave to discuss a ‘funding drive’ to meet the cash shortfall for this season.

Across the city, it isn’t nearly as exciting.

It is a cliché of football supporting that the fans can often be the ‘twelfth man’.

Well, the enthusiastic folks who turned up to welcome Brendan Rodgers may have unwittingly played a part in convincing Moussa Dembele to sign for Celtic.

I’m told that the Irishman showed the French kid some mobile phone footage of the welcome that Rodgers received when HE signed for Celtic.

Perhaps our intrepid stenographer could ask Mr Lawwell about his precise role in the signing talks with the young French star.

If Celtic’s squad is soon bolstered with the likes of Joe Allen and Shane Duffy, then it will be difficult for the stenographers to be negative about Brendan Rodger’s side.

However, they’ll try their best in that regard.

After all, they have a rather insecure demographic to sooth.

I’m told that the Liverpool midfielder has already had a face to face talks with Brendan Rodgers.

My information is that a private jet belonging to an Irish billionaire was instrumental in getting the Celtic boss to France to speak with the Welsh playmaker where he is currently on international duty.

These are exciting times for Celtic supporters.

Moreover, they have reacted positively to the Rodger’s regime at Parkhead, and they’re looking forward to the Brendan voyages.

However, some public move by the club on Resolution 12 would send a message to the fans that a decade of cheating across the City will not be meekly swallowed.

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