Pertinent questions from a serious professional

I understand that there was a fair and free exchange of views at the most recent conclave of the Sevco High Command.

The meeting took place on Thursday and Mr David Cunningham King was in telephonic attendance.

At one point the issue of the Chairman’s recent windfall from a sale of shares in one of his companies was discussed.

This led a senior employee to question the South African based entrepreneur about his intentions apropos the cash-strapped Hold Company Vehicle.

I understand that this challenge from a non-board member was not entirely appreciated by the Chairman.

The Chairman hit back at the senior employee by saying that if there were any cash flow issues then that was within his job description.

The riposte from the senior employee was that he didn’t have the necessary authority within the structures to implement the changes that he saw were needed.

The mood of the conclave was set when the same senior employee raised the issue of the most recent loan target for Sevco.

The costs of bringing in Jon-Miquel Toral was questioned.

Apparently even meeting the wunderkind’s living expenses would be a challenge let alone a portion of his salary.

The good sense of spending money on a PR agency when other bills are outstanding was also questioned by the senior employee.

No doubt dear reader you will have noticed that the remuneration package of Mr Stewart Robertson has emerged into the mainstream media.

My own feeling was a decent man being involuntarily propelled under a road going public conveyance.

For the avoidance of doubt, in my opinion, he has earned that bonus and then some.

Mr Robertson was the point man in the negotiations on renting Hampden.

Sources inform me that he presented an excellent case to the folk in Mount Florida.

Had he been given full authority then I believe that the costs base would have been lower by now.

On other matters the High Command a frantically trying to reach out to General Ashely.

They are desperate to reach a rapprochement with the Sports Direct magnate.

The good people at Glasgow City Council still have not received answers to their questions apropos the stadium.

The local authority is very stressed that their questions have not been answered by the Holding Company Vehicle.

Moreover, they know that a certain journalist in Ireland hasn’t gone away you know.

66 thoughts on “Pertinent questions from a serious professional

  1. sligojoe

    One could be in a “penny arcade” at the moment given the deafening noise of pennies finally dropping all over the place.

    Jonny McFarlane, the DR’S Sevco blogger, stated today….

    “With his call to throw money at the Rangers problem, Walter completely missed the mark and misrepresented the mood of realism that has slowly seeped into the Rangers support. The comments seem to be of a man who hasn’t adapted his mind-set to the reality of the club’s current situation”. How very true, John, how very true.

  2. An.Lann.Gairdean.Laidir

    SSA . . Sore Sides Alert. .
    papers and radio sevco referring today to FRESH INVESTMENT NEEDED AT IBROX . . hmmmm. .
    now multi million funding from say
    the arab states might be prejudiced by britains armed forces marching around on the pitch . .
    from Irish racehorse owning types by anti irish racism reverberating around the stadium . .
    from russian oligarchs of jewish heritage by nazi salutes from the fans.
    from continental catholic countries by anti popery stances .
    basically its narrowed down to somebody preferably W.A.S.P. with big bucks , affection for red white and blue AND orange . . and ideally a scottish connection . . . OH OH . . WAIT A MINUTE . . Ibrox renamed TRUMPTON mibbees ! nahhh surely not . .

    1. Rumplestiltskin

      They’ve got Billionaire David Cunningham King and his much lauded Three Bears with a promissory £50m. Surely that’s enough?

      Is it really publicly begging time? Has Paul Murray’s Shameless private begging morphed into full on global pleading?

      Is RIFC PLC to be de registered as a company and re-registered as a Scottish Charity at Companies House?

      Oh wait a minute! That’s not allowed under football rules. Clubs need to be an incorporated company. No probs, the SFA will look the other way. But those pesky UEFA types will be problematic.

  3. Luke`s Grandad

    3 page slabberfest on wattie today,usual shite from jackass, spend more money blah blah, celtic too far ahead blah blah, we are rangers we cant allow ten in a row, These muppets are suffering big style, they obviously have forgotten why the previous entity playing out of edmiston drive Blew up!

  4. Professor Pat Pending

    It would seem the release of Mr Robertson’s pay details to the Scottish press is a crass attempt to get the Pitchfork brigade on his back in the hope he will quit the board and stop King being held to account.

    The Bears den Forum have already taken up the cry “get him oot”. How dare he expect to be paid while working for the Institution.

  5. sligojoe

    Interview with Walter Smith in the Radar today. Here’s a snippet of his wisdom…..

    “But for Rangers to get access to Champions League money they may have to take a gamble and risk going into debt”.

    Reality calling Walter, Reality calling Walter, hello, hello, is there….

  6. Alfie Birches

    Things have settled down now after the Hogmanay game against Sevco.
    The 81st minute is worth a looking at. Hill challenges Sviatchenko for a high ball.
    Worth a look and form your own opinion. Incident is inside the penalty box and McLean is only a few yards away.

    1. Chris

      You can’t leave a comment like that without providing a link to the incident, it’s torture trying to find it

      1. Alfie Birches

        Hill and Sviatchenko compete for a high ball from a Celtic corner. Hill with his left arm vertically above his head and in a totally unnatural position, while his right arm is out 45 degrees and his hand flapping into the face of Erik, who goes down clutching his face. Both Hills arms are well above shoulder level and therefore constitute a danger to his opponent. A clear penalty as the incident is inside the box and a further yellow for Clint Hill. Brother McLean of the selective myopia fails to see, or dare I say it ignores it, yet again from less than ten years away, as in the ITC SF a couple of years ago. Nothing impedes McLeans view except perhaps bias. At 2-1 to Celtic McLean was never going to make a fair judgement and award what should have been a stone wall penalty to Celtic. Poor decision, which strangely lol was missed by the analytical Sportscene crew lol.

  7. Jumbo

    Today’s sun , (I know ) Kenny macdonald joining up the writing for Stuart McCall (Celtic fans deam of eclipsing, 10 men begin the wa Wattie smiths 9 in a row record) jock stein has just been erased from Scottish football, they ( the Huns ) equalled his record with haunted cash , and the rest as they say was their history lol

  8. Herbert

    Wtf is going on in their managers’ head? He only seems to want injured players.

    You’d think after Kanckered Crockjar and the Rossiter kid he’d have learned his lesson.

    Does he think he has healing hands to go with his daft hat or is he just trying to wind up King for his long awaited bonus?

  9. SucculentLambStinks

    So I read today from one of the world famous SMSM stating that indeed Rangers 2012 hold the record for 9 in a row. Am I missing something here ?
    So email sent and shall be sent every day until I am dignified with a response. I ain’t sitting back any more allowing SMSM to print shite.

    Hello. In today’s sun sport, Kenny MacDonald states that, “Celtic fans are already dreaming of eclipsing the record set by Walter smiths side”.
    I have to remind you that Celtic actually achieved the nine-in-a-row record BEFORE rangers fc 2012 went onto EQUALISE THE CURRENT record, set by Celtic.
    So then why do you report this as if Rangers 2012 hold the record ?

    Look forward to your reply.

  10. Jon Toral

    Blah Blah Blah
    Sevco are skint! , Loan Deals Only!
    Conclave Meeting, Bad atmosphere!
    You’ve been saying this for the last 3 transfer windows and each time you have been proved WRONG!!!

  11. Sammy

    Blah Blah de Blah…..
    Berahino to the Bears…. what a headline!!
    Wer’e about to bye Berahino the Brazilian from West Ham and you think Mr King is at it..
    We still need a new left half and inside right… onwards and upwards…

    1. michaelcraven1

      Spammyy 0196 Happpy Yew Neer,

      So I’m taking it that you really enjoyed The Bells at the end of an extraordinairy year @serfco.

      But I’m a wee bit upset,as you seem to have abandoned your studies,well,studies is stretching it a tad.Going by your above post you seem to have lost your dictionary,well,referencing it anyway.So much ‘for,out with the old and in with the new.’

      Ach well,so much for NYs resolutions,Spammmy I honestly wish YOU well,but unfortunately I cannot do the same for your favourite bottomless money pit of a parcel of rogues,serfco,that you think will soon be changed with yet more dreggs from the English lower leagues.

      So please keep coming back,YOU really are priceless,unlike the squad of the team that you follow.Who are closer to the opposite of priceless(worthless,Spammmmy).

      Good luck and may the NY bring you a new dictionary.No Suchsplendour,eh Spammy

      Hail! Hail!

  12. joe mccormack

    Hold on to your hat, hear we go.

    Arsenal ace , non starter on loan at Granada, coming in in loan. History of knee problems.
    Bournemouth non starter coming in on loan. Not clear yet if he has the genetic injury issues that The Hat and McParland are drawn to.

    Aston Villa non starter, pre contract signing for next season, development fee due to Villa.

    New one year contacts to be offered to Hill and Miller which will almost take them through to their 40th birthdays.

    It’s all kicking off down Govan way, the fans must be tripping over themselves with excitement.
    Two additional midfielders, an untried striker, and two of the oldest players to wear the jersey.

    As many have pointed out, including Gers fans, The Hat seems unable to recognise the defensive issues that have been evident, even as far back as last season’s Scottish Cup Final.
    They are averaging just over a goal a game in the SPFL which would suggest that there is a major issue in that department.
    When a Ross County and Motherwell striker between them have scored, combined, almost as many goals as the entire Ibrox outfit there’s the confirmation.

    Our hacks continue to outdo one another. Eg. An article appeared today on Crooks and the writer was at pains to highlight the fact that the player ISN’T( his capitals) looking for a move away.
    Hey ho, 3 paragraphs down and there is a quote from the player saying that if he has to move to get game time then so be it!
    Oh and by the way he’s on a 4 year contract, probably on relatively low wages, but when the market place is the lower English leagues no one will be rushing to take him on.
    A transfer fee…..are you kidding, and so it goes on.
    A football media, who apart from the gullibles, is being laughed at on a daily basis as they churn out their daily ration of Level 5 pap.
    If Celtic get through CL qualification again next season the football club finances will be secure for several years to come.
    When the time comes to sell Brendan knows the market so he will ensure the club get full value.
    The barrier has been broken with the £50m being sought for Virgil, only 18 months after his departure.
    If Dembele is called up to the full French squad that will just add value to his price.
    Izzy has done well since he came in for KT but I think we miss the latter’s swashbuckling runs down the wing in tandem with Sinclair.
    The manager cannot be praised enough. Gordon is at the height of his game, Broony is back to his best, Armstrong is a revelation, Forrest has improved markedly, it’s all good and in years to come Celtic fans will be looking back on the Brendan era as a special time, a time that may never be repeated in many of our lifetimes.
    With quality added to the squad over the next 2 windows we should expect an improved showing in Europe, the group draw surely can’t be any more cruel to us than this year.
    Onwards and upwards.

    1. There is NO Old Firm


      Imagine the reporting we’d receive if our league goals record was…….For 1.3 ….Against 1 per game!
      We certainly wouldn’t be reading we had some sort of managerial genius who played “fast paced attacking football which is a joy to watch” blah blah blah!
      How can these daily rag people look at themselves in the mirror? They must know they are killing the sales of their own rag with their refusal to even be realistic in regards to Sevco.
      I remember a time when certain reporters were admired for their knowledge and analysis of the game and their writings would encourage good debate, e.g Bob Crampsey, Alex Cameron to name 2. Now, everything is automatically linked (rightly or wrong) to Level5 gash. Nobody takes the likes of Jackson, Jack, Johnstone, Ferguson, Walker, Boyd, Keevins or, least of all, Traynor seriously.
      Without guys like Phil, this is the crap we’d be getting without any way of exposing it for the garbage that it is. We owe Phil and a few others an enormous debt of gratitude and I’m sure they’ll still be here when the rags have gone.
      It’s too late for the rags to redeem themselves. I know none of my extended family buy the Glasgow based rag anymore and we all used to, even abroad at a couple of Euro a shot.
      No doubt their Sevco supporting garbage will continue, but so will the laughter, ridicule and, most importantly, dropping sales figures! He’ll mend them.
      Incidently, the runaway league leaders goals average is. …..For 2.7 Against 0.7 What a shame we’re not even losing enough goals to lose a game eh? They must be tearing their hair out to come up with a negative spin on us…..Not that I’d see it anyway….well not without laughing!

    2. Andy

      Regarding your point “a time that may never be repeated in many of our lifetimes” I always thought this after our Martin O’Neil high water ‘Uefa Cup season’ mark. Here’s hoping you get to happily admit that you got it wrong as well in years to come.

  13. macdee

    Why is the Scottish press in thrall to Jim Traynor? It can’t seriously be threats to remove Park’s advertising account. Park can’t really advertise anywhere else.

    Nary a word about Letham or Taylor these days. What’s the story with Garrion Security? A wholly owned subsidiary of RIFC. It doesn’t have a website and doesn’t appear to provide security services to anyone else.

    The ‘new Hong Kong investors’ (via Workington Reds) are very quiet.

    What does Gilligan do? Incidentally, he and one other are the only directors of the Thistle Pub Company which is 100% owned by Tennant Caledonian Breweries.

    1. sonofhenryroot

      I see Jim as the Scottish Malcom Tucker…he knows who has been a naughty boy….

      If only an Ian Archer or Hugh McIlvanney was around the Scottish scene now to show the rest of the hacks what journalism is, and without fear or favour…alas….

  14. Pieinthesky

    Some people on this site have suggested that MA may step in and rescue Sevco.
    Question how many billionaires do you know that squander money?
    Answer none,as they would not be billionaires in the first place.
    MA has witnessed first hand the power of the masonic lodge in this country,and there may be more in the coming months,furthermore,as some suggest he may drop the case against Sevco.
    Another question,who would pick up the legal fees?
    Answer I don’t know,but it certainly won’t be Sevco.
    MA intends to take as much cash from them until they cease to exist,so let’s not treat him like a fool,and enjoy watching him destroy this entity.
    Personally I like to give people the benefit of the doubt,but if you have ever tried to debate with Sevco supporters you will realise that their agenda is not football

    1. f williams

      great words at the end but i disagree with the rest. Big Mike needs to keep the lights on down ibrokes way so his 7 year merchandising deal continues…..unless i have missed something


  15. fred1888

    I’m going to be a bit negative here Phil unfortunately..

    Your work is brilliant, I bought the Downfall book the day it was in the shops.

    I know Rangers died and we are all watching a tribute act.

    The Rangers fans actually think they have been hard done too (no laughing at the back).

    But I am afraid there will always be a team called Rangers, playing out of somewhere, wearing blue strips. the klan will not have it any other way


  16. Avid Reader (@6019Kilo)

    Is the Daily Record inferring in this article that if anything occurs vis-à-vis the Ibrox roof Glasgow City Council and the emergency services will have to answer for it?

    “There have been rumours circulating about safety at Ibrox since Rangers’ chairman Dave King spoke about a planned overhaul of the stadium’s roof earlier this year.

    However, the stadium has been declared safe with a safety certificate for the season approved by Glasgow City Council and the emergency services.”

  17. joe mccormack

    The WIFI was installed in early 2013.

    The only news I’ve come across was the claim for £300k to be ring fenced by the supplier set aside by the court.
    Thereafter I think there was an article that claimed Rangers were counter suing?

  18. joe mccormack

    With no Whyte Knight likely to ride to the rescue the only way forward for the distressed Govan entity is to make peace with Big Mike.
    That will immediately provide the finance to cover the cash flow issues and may even see some level of ‘investment’ in the squad.
    This support however will come at a cost.
    The removal of King and some others from the board will be a certain starter. Mike ‘ s guys will be back running the show. Loanees from Newcastle will be welcomed with open arms.
    Will The Hat, once referred to as Magic, survive the cull?
    Interested onlookers will be pissing themselves laughing when the PR machine goes into full reverse mode as Big Mike is lauded as the best thing since…….The Hat.
    It’s doubtful if Level 5 will remain the conduit for the PR going forward as Ashley would prefer a professional organisation that deals in believable untruths rather than the laughable pish being served up by the former Airdrie Academy graduate.
    There are some who find the mixed loyalties of the AA grad not to their taste, perhaps with a perception of him being a glory hunter.
    People can make up their own minds but I remember being on one of the dozens of busses leaving Phil Cole ‘ s in Coatbridge, heading to Hampden for the first leg of the World Club Championship v Racing Club, and was surprised to see the AA grad and his cousin climb aboard.

    1. Cassandra's Cat

      Ashley’s terms for such a change would be:

      • King, Mini Murray and Three Bears out with appropriate resignation letters

      • All director debts wiped clean.

      • All director shares purchased for £1.

      • All other shares bought at 1p each.

      • 100% control of Rangers Retail transferred to Ashley.

      • 100% control of merchandising transferred to Rangers Retail forever.

      • 100% control of all Rangers IP transferred to Rangers Retail forever.

      • Hampden provided free of charge for 10 years.

      • Glasgow City Council refurbish Ibrox as a World Heritage Site.

      • All protected contracts for RRM hangers-on terminated immediately.

      • Regan, Doncaster and cronies do not seek contract renewal.

      Just sign here son !

  19. Jumbo

    Well we just move out of xmas mode ,even the wicked witch of the west was only liquidised once , power to the wonderful wizard of deter(mond)

    1. Steven R

      Got to be Mr Waggy-Pen, aka the big restaurant tipper – not!! I reckon if the tight-fisted git accidentally dropped his wallet in the presence of Mark Warburton, he’d be selected to play ahead of Matt Gilks and Wes FoderIngam!!

  20. 1jaybee

    The sooner this corrupt sectarian tribute act goes the way of its predecessor the better.
    The bile that floods out on a weekly basis from the ibrokes terraces have no place in a modern society.
    Go now, Scottish football doesn’t need you or your billy boys.

  21. Cassandra's Cat

    So the Managing Director of TRFC Ltd and non-director of RIFC plc has responsibly for TRFC Ltd’s cash flow, and hence RIFC plc’s cash flow, without adequate authority. By inference, the chairman of RIFC plc indicates that he and the RIFC plc directors have NO responsibility for RIFC plc’s cashflow.

    What can you say? Arse & Elbow, Lunatics & Asylum, Piss-up and Brewery . . . .

  22. There is NO Old Firm

    Meanwhile, I wonder how KJ will view the performance of the “legendary Arsenal wonderkid” who delayed his potential short term move to Ridiculous FC in order to provide his star qualities for the purpose of subduing Ronaldo etc…….Oh! It was only 5-0 to Real, but as his potential new manager would say “Granada played very well for the first 10 seconds, it wasn’t a 5-0 game, the gap between Real and Granada isn’t as big as people say”.
    “First Ronaldo” eh?

  23. John hamilton

    This whole saga is now verging on boring, they limp from loan to loan, they are guaranteed home draws in the cup competitions, the SFA/SPFL still allow them to masquerade as the same club and people like Bryson stay in place even after blatantly liking to the Nimmo-Smith enquiry. Hopefully March will deal two fatal blows, one by the HMRC case and one by Mike Ashley. If the EBT scheme is proven to be illegal once and for all and no titles are removed from the old clubs history, and, certain key players in authority are not removed then the game is a bogey. It is a sad state of affairs that we are rooting for an individual like Ashley with his employment practices to kill of another odious institution.

    1. A Pedant

      John Hamilton: “Hopefully March will deal two fatal blows” – sorry to be a pedant, but can you have two fatal blows?

      If the first kills you (which by definition a ‘fatal’ blow will do) – then the second blow can’t. since you are already dead.

      You can’t die twice…..or can you?

      (only Sevco fans believe that might be possible)

      1. The Ghood Pheople of EK

        Not if the blows are to two different entities. The EBT scheme affects old co rangers in liquidation, nearly dead. Big Mike is concerned with new co the rangers who are at best a bit poorly.

  24. theclumpany

    Oh dear. It all sounds a bit tetchy and… well… short of cash. Maybe what they need is someone experienced in running a football club? Oh wait…

    Meanwhile, the MSM serenely cover the big stories such as the 10th anniversary of the departure of Paul le Guen from a now-dead club… Here (if I may), is my take on that truly bizarre spectacle… ‪‬

    1. JimBhoy

      Clumps, read it earlier, excellent, in fact your last 4 or 5 offerings have been different class. Keep up the good work.

        1. Pull the other one mate

          Great stuff Clumps. Putting your life and career at risk all for the amusement of your readers. This blogging about rangers malarkey is clearly dangerous stuff. Look at poor JJ. On the run in the Far East not knowing where his next meal is coming from. I can envisage him moving from safe house to safe house as the net closes in. Or should that be safe cave to safe cave? I suspect only them closest to him will know for sure? Small donation on its way ✌️

  25. JimBhoy

    Often wondered about the club bills v PR bills but without the BS out there in all Jabba run media could they control the majority of fans.

    Surely not having level5 led propaganda more fans would be looking out the pitchforks and torches. So a necessary evil for the Glibster to keep the lights on and his expenses paid.

    I’d go as far as to say the PR monkeys may be paid in advance.

    Has Mr Robertson been shown a garden and given a hoe?

    1. Onlyme

      The calls will be over the internet with wifi. But wait a minute they still haven’t paid their wifi bill yet

  26. James

    I wonder who the next mugs will be that lends them cash ,anyone investing in that sinking ship deserves to lose the lot.It is fun watching them desperately try to cling onto it though and keep up the pretence of the same club garbage ,aided by the blue journalists who get ridiculed daily on twitter for it and to top it off they pay for that pish PR.More and more of there fans are starting to wake up to the fact that they are in a bad place and things aren’t going to get better anytime soon ,life is great 😀

    1. JimBhoy

      I think the Glibster will have something lined up that will loaned and repaid way before any other loan and at very very generous conditions.

      A little bit of “Henry the mild mannered janitor” type loan.

  27. michaelcraven1

    Thanks Phil,
    You’re timing is quite something,and ONLY here for all things unprintable/unreportable from the boneyard,grazie molto.

    Keep up the rhythm of this sweet music.HH

  28. speysider

    its a bit late for the holding company vehicle thingy to be trying to make up with General Ashley.

    i can imagine any contact made by telephonic (love that word phil) means would be met with much mirth resulting in urine soaked trousers down Shirebrook way.

    Big Mike should never have been pissed off, he was the one player in this whole saga who would have kept the good ship sevco floating… yes, perhaps on the sea of austerity but better than careering full steam ahead towards the enevitable iceberg.

    i used to wish they would die quickly but its so much fun i actually enjoy it now..

    1. JimBhoy

      Maybe if the Loans well has dried up Mike is the ONLY option. Surely that irony would not be lost on even the most gullible of the gullibillies?

      It’s probably in the SD man’s best interests to drip feed them while he takes in profits one would assume a wee bit of good PR would see his profits increase as he becomes a friend to the board, giving the big guy more strings to pull in his plaything. It would ultimately see the Glibster go.

      Maybe even drop the impending court date.


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