Pertinent questions

I have today submitted the following questions to the Rangers Press Office.

Is it true that a supporter has made a donation to cover some of the costs of the hotel stay for the team before the Ramsden’s cup final?

Is it true that there is utility bill (three months electricity charges) currently outstanding?

Will the club/company require further emergency finance to meet the payroll for April?

Was there a meeting between Mr McCoist, Mr Philip Nash and Mr Graham Wallace at Murray Park recently about Mr McCoist’s associations with ex-club/company directors?

Is it true that the first team Manager Mr McCoist has been spoke to about having recent unauthorised meetings with Mr Malcolm Murray, Mr Paul Murray and Mr Walter Smith?

Is it true that these unauthorised meetings allegedly took place in Ayrshire, Edinburgh and Glasgow?

Is it also true that Mr McCoist was spoken to about these alleged meetings last Thursday at Murray Park?

During that meeting was Mr McCoist warned not to discuss budgets or player acquisitions with the media in future?

I will publish their answers when they become available to me.

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