Playing by numbers

One of the frequent criticism aimed at the Admirable Warburton has been a reliance on his preferred 4-3-3 system.

It is an expansive game utilising two attacking fullbacks and going forward his team can be pleasing on the eye.

However, the back door can be left unattended, and against superior opponents, this is courting danger.

This was evident in the 5-1 thrashing from Celtic in September.

Therefore the 4-5-1 formation at Hampden caused a few dignified eyebrows to be raised in Churchillian surprise.

I am led to believe that the Admirable Warburton might not have been the author of his tactical volte-face.

Moreover, I was told that if the ex-City trader leaves Sevco then his trusted lieutenant, Mr David Weir, might not accompany him out of the door.

No doubt the award-winning stenographers will be working hard to bring you all of these updates.

For the avoidance of doubt, the parlous financial situation at Sevco remains extant.

The Holding Company Vehicle is a loss making business without a credit line from a bank.

Consequently, they are finding it difficult to keep the lights on at the Engine Room Subsidiary.

Several members of the Sevco High Command are still foraging for external finance.

Their deadline for success on this matter is mid-November.

However, do not fret dear reader; I’m sure they’ll come through and secure the regime until the January window opens.

Then the overinvesting will begin…


I’m sure that will come as a great comfort to the Admirable Warburton.


5 thoughts on “Playing by numbers

  1. theclumpany

    Surely Mr Weir would never besmirch the honour of Warbo by setting the team’s tactics? You mention Mr Weir potentially remaining at Sevco in the unlikely event of Mr Warbs leaving. Interesting. However, seems that others have different ideas and are calling for a famous Cardigan to return to Ibrox… Who wouldn’t enjoy that?! (If I may…) here are some observations on that ‘possibility’…

    1. sligojoe

      Do Waldo’s magic cardigan’s extraordinary powers extend to…….

      Making the club bank account suddenly look flush?

      Making a (any) lending institution suddenly interested in “investing” ( no tittering ) in Sevco?

      Making the meeting of “pay roll” a formality until the end of the season?

      Making outstanding invoices disapear?

      Making possible outstanding utility bills float away?

      Making the VAT man disapear?

      Making dodgy roofs magically safe again?

      Making all outstanding maintenence issues disapear?

      Making the day to day costs of running Auchenhowie more affordable?

      Producing an increased cash flow and profitability from merchandise sales….. out of nowhere?

      Increasing cashflow and profitability from other sundry income streams….out of no where?

      Subsequently, making the accounts look good enough to call a date for an AGM?

      If the answer to all of those (and i’m sure there are more) questions are yes, then he’s the man.

      Once he’s worked his way through that list and tidied up those issues, he can then turn his attention to meeti ng the squad and taking a training session.

      Or, to put it another, more succinct, way, the squad and it’s performance is really not the BIGGEST fish that Sevcdo supporters have to fry. The middle of November, as Phil, aluded to, is just three weeks away. If these issues are still “extant” then Walter or no Walter they really are….eh, funked.

  2. James

    I find it hard to believe DP and the rest of the Rangers board haven’t now realised kings as bad as green and Whyte if in fact not worse , surely they have now stopped throwing money into a black hole considering the tax criminal hasn’t put in one rand any word on the Brian Kennedy takeover or was that all smoke and mirrors from a level 5 friend in the media ?

  3. pieinthesky

    One important point missed at the semi was the effect that the ref had on the final result.
    Thomson has his honest mistake,and Sevco benefit,because by awarding the goal Sevco have to open out,and with the space available to Celtics forwards we may see a cricket score So well done Thomson for assisting Sevco with your honest mistake


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