Police charges out of the blue!

A former close business associate of Sir David Murray is set to be paid a visit from the boys in blue any day now, and no I don’t mean players from Sevco.

This colourful business wheeler-dealer, who some claim would make Del Boy look like the Bank of England’s Governor Mervyn King, also worked on the Board of the Daily Record and Sunday Mail Ltd with Murray’s close friend and former financial advisor Sir Angus Grossart.

The ex-pupil of the private boarding school Loretto in Musselburgh is expected to be charged following enquires over financial irregularities in a business venture backed with tax payers money through Scottish Enterprise.

The much hyped venture went down quicker than Nacho Novo in the penalty box. It left a trail of debt with the tax payer at the top of the queue and several enraged sports stars and business people following behind. Among the star names said to have invested in the doomed project were Celtic Captain Scott Brown along with Gary Naismith, Gary Caldwell and Kenny Miller

It is not known if Sir David or Sir Angus will be called as character witnesses for the ‘businessman’ who once used offices at Ibrox Park; if David and Angus give their testimony it might be well worth listening to!

A developing story…

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