Policing Paradise.

The policing operation for the Glasgow derby match tonight at Celtic Park indicates the growing  political aspect of this fixture.

Firstly ACC Campbell Corrigan will be in attendance.

It is not usual for such a high ranking officer to be at a match, but this is no ordinary fixture.

It has assumed a political importance far beyond any sporting rivalry in the city of Glasgow.

Although not formally in charge every cop inside the stadium will know that he is there.

Not that this will bother the guy in the police hot seat tonight.

The Match Commander is an ex-Metropolitan Police officer who is “going places.”

Like the goalkeepers on show tonight only a safe pair of hands need apply for this one.

Promoted into Strathclyde this Chief Superintendent has looked after the North London derby at White Hart lane.

Although I rather suspect that 7,300 Rangers chaps  will present a greater challenge that visiting Arsenal fellows.

No doubt Section 111 will once more be subject to Orwellian scrutiny.

I can only hope that the neurosurgeon behind the UEFA banner at the  Udinese match  is not inside Celtic Park tonight.

The man from the Met is no rookie to the Glasgow madness as he’s covered a few scraps in Paradise over the last 18 months.

Let’s hope that he has quiet shift.

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