Probe now underway into SFL payments to Longmuir

A meeting of SPFL clubs at Hampden yesterday heard a statement about a probe being carried out into bonus payments paid to the Scottish Football League’s former Chief Executive David Longmuir.

The investigation is being carried out by trained lawyers who were on the SFL committee that should have known about these payments – which were authorised by former SFL chairman Jim Ballantyne – but, apparently, did not.

I am aware of their identities but I will not name them or their clubs. As both of them are legally trained their investigation will no doubt be suitably forensic.

The prepared statement said that the bonus payments in question may have an element of ‘kickback’ in them. The allegation is that in paying the bonuses to Longmuir, Ballantyne  himself received a percentage. The investigation will consider whether or not  the Airdrie man is a ‘fit and proper person’ to continue as the director of a football club in the SPFL.

Ballantyne was not present to hear the statement, but his sister was and my sources said that she visibly paled as the allegation was read out.

The great and the good at the SPFL are very keen that this story is not known as they fear this will tarnish the image of Scottish football.

I know, I know…

This may explain why the hacks are staying away from this one.

Developing story.

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