Rangers are “the first domino” for HMRC.

It isn’t often that I find myself in agreement with Sir David Murray.

Indeed, it is even rarer that I can independently corroborate what he has said.
In his interview with Jeff Randall for Sky the former owner of Rangers stated:
 “What I find concerning, and I have to be aware of sub-judice, I have to watch what I’m saying here, is that Rangers have come under the spotlight more than anyone.
I think they wanted a high profile case. It’s not quite the same if it’s a concrete company in Crewe or something- they want a high profile case and we’ve fought this vehemently because we don’t think, through our advice, that we’ve done as wrong as they say we have.”
I can confirm that people at the highest levels in the Treasury consider the Rangers case currently awaiting a deliberation to be “the first domino” of the EBT cases that will follow if HMRC win.
In that scenario it is imperative that there is no “pennies in the pound deal” that sees HMRC writing off millions of unpaid taxes.
The optics will be  the most important part of all of this.
The first domino must be seen to fall and break into many pieces.

17 thoughts on “Rangers are “the first domino” for HMRC.

  1. Ped

    Sadly this may be the case. HRMC are obviously using rangers as the scapegoat to flex their muscles and show British business’ what they can do. What gets me is where did they pull the figure for the multi-millions pound fine on top of the principle sum owed by the club? Did a boardroom full of suits just do an poll asking who would like what for christmas. Secretary gets a new yacht, chairman a new holiday home in the lake district, spokesman a all inclusive holiday to carribean. I mean whats the logic. Seems like everyone has an agenda against this club now including the sfa. Milk the cash cow for all its worth. What a country we live in. Suits who control the public purse cant see past the next £ sign. Greedy, soulless theifs if you ask me

  2. Scotjolly

    Why is all this taking so long and why are the administrators not talking about getting some money repaid to the creditors like Hearts etc. Something stinks and it smells like a stitch up – someone is pulling the strings of D & P, as they are not working with the creditors in mind. No decision has been taken since the day D & P were appointed, absolutely nothing apart from a begging bowl being passed round !!!!!!

  3. Kevin

    I think everyone knows that the main target here is the teams in the EPL.
    Regardless of what we think, Scotland is a backwater, far enough away from London that you can’t hear the screams eminating from the north but the ripples will eventually lap at the doors of some big clubs down south.
    HMRC want a head on a stick to brandish to the bigger fish down south.

  4. john clarke

    To be absolutely fair to Judge Hodge (and I was in court 6 all day yesterday listening to Clancy (for Ticketus) and Sellars(for RangersFC (in administration)) he really forced each of them hard on their legal submissions. There is at least one point of law on which he might be the first to have to adjudicate upon, so I don’t think it’s likely that his decision will be in any way corrupt. It might still be wrong,though, in the sense that it might not be the one that suits us!

  5. Gerry

    Like many celtic fans and others Id like to see RFC (IA) suffer the fullest of consequences for what has gone on. However whilst I dont know him I somehow find myself agreeing with Willie(earlier post)that they will emerge from all of this unscathed. Alex Thomsons piece on C4 will confirm the shocking lack of leadership by the SFA and that in effect will be the get out of jail card in other words because we didnt do what we should have done we cant and or wont take action against a member club which in this case just happens to be RFC. So its business as usual with al the promises of new dawn which wont ever materialise. Hope I am very very wrong……but

    1. Paul B

      I would prefer them to go into liquidation after the 6th April 2012, as I believe the new laws take effect that any company that has tax liabilities and are then liquidated, then start up as a “phonenix newco” these tax liabilities would then be owned by the “phoenix newco”

      So here’s hoping the “fighting fund”, the 75% reduction in players wages, the buckets at games to collect money, the “Charity Legend” game which is not a charity, can keep them surviving till after the 6th April, then they can liquidate.

      Will be interesting to see who will buy the “phoenix newco” with a large tax liablity then!

    2. Johnny Farrell

      Here’s a question… If rfc survive until the start of the new tax year on donations from the fighting fund, the non-charity match and etc, isn’t that income liable to tax, because a football club is a profit-making business and not a charitable organisation ? Should the Charities Commission not be looking at the Rangers Charity Foundation or whatever it is called, because they are turning over money raised from an event that was advertised as a charity fundraiser, but the profits are being donated to said profit making business ? I’m pretty sure that invalidates their charity status.

  6. SeanBonJovi

    I then want that broken domino ground to dust before the remains are scattered on the Clyde. Too much?

  7. Willie

    While I agree with you Phil this was a PR stunt with SDM and Jeff Randall who is a Sky pundit and Rangers shareholder. The common consensus here is that they are almost clear of administration and they have a nod and a wink from HMRC regarding a CVA. The media is only reporting favourable accounts of their case re Ticketus. They are not reporting with any degree of accuracy or depth what ticketus are saying in responce to their alligations. If they win this case, bum out Wee Craig and get a CVA. Then I cant for the life of me see how they can justify persuing others. Both the Court and HMRC will be open to charges of corruption. What is your thoughts on that Phil

  8. joe burt

    I had to read the piece twice,
    THEY WANT A HIGH PROFILE CASE AND WEVE FAUGHT THIS VEHEMENTLY BECAUSE WE DONT THINK,THROUGH OUR ADVICE,”THAT WEVE DONE AS WRONG AS THEY SAY WE HAVE”sounds very like an admission of guilt to me.Let the dominoes fall,this is getting quite tedious now.
    Keep the good work going Phil.

  9. Ryan Malone

    “… that we’ve done as wrong as they say we have.”

    That’s pretty much an admission of guilt – what I read is ‘we’re fighting the penalties not the tax itself’.

  10. john m

    If He was so sure that the advice he had was he was doing nothing wrong then why try to settle? The main character behind the EBT schemes has been discredited/ disbarred now enjoying being derobed in adult movies… couldnt write it. whilst the QC fighting the MIH case was in cahoots early days of the scheme/scam with said disbarred…. Just a thought maybe we give SDM far too much credit… we think he is smart, intelligent, honest but maybe…….

  11. Stuart

    Really looking forward to A Thomson on Ch 4 news tonight. Will be good to get an outside view of the situation, rather than relying on the usual Scottish media who daren’t ask the right questions.


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