Rangers are “the first domino” for HMRC.

It isn’t often that I find myself in agreement with Sir David Murray.

Indeed, it is even rarer that I can independently corroborate what he has said.
In his interview with Jeff Randall for Sky the former owner of Rangers stated:
 “What I find concerning, and I have to be aware of sub-judice, I have to watch what I’m saying here, is that Rangers have come under the spotlight more than anyone.
I think they wanted a high profile case. It’s not quite the same if it’s a concrete company in Crewe or something- they want a high profile case and we’ve fought this vehemently because we don’t think, through our advice, that we’ve done as wrong as they say we have.”
I can confirm that people at the highest levels in the Treasury consider the Rangers case currently awaiting a deliberation to be “the first domino” of the EBT cases that will follow if HMRC win.
In that scenario it is imperative that there is no “pennies in the pound deal” that sees HMRC writing off millions of unpaid taxes.
The optics will be  the most important part of all of this.
The first domino must be seen to fall and break into many pieces.

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