Rangers prepare to walk away

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

After today everyone on Planet Fitba should be totally convinced that the plans are in place for Rangers to be liquidated.

The club founded in 1872 is done for.

However the suits need the phoenix club in the SPL and this is how they propose to slide New Rangers straight back in after stiffing their many creditors.


Under these new rules going into administration will be more heavily punished than stiffing hundreds of creditors for over one hundred million by escaping into a NewCo.

You couldn’t make it up.

If these rules were written at the start of the SPL then they would just be bad rules.

To propose these changes while Rangers approaches at the door marked “liquidation” is immoral.

The key proposal is 2a:

Resolution 2A proposes further sporting sanctions in the event that any Club undergoes an Insolvency Transfer Event (i.e. transfers its share in the SPL to a new company where this occurs because of the insolvency of the transferor) of 10 points in each of two consecutive seasons from the Insolvency Transfer Event.

“Insolvency Transfer Event” should enter the lexicon of shame for all those who want the game to be straight in Scotland.

If these get-out-of-debt-free rules are passed by the SPL then no one should ever again question the description of Rangers as “the establishment club”.

Apparently when it comes to monies owed to they do indeed do walking away.


All the loyal ducks are now in a row.

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