Re-calibrating reality for The People

As Motherwell completed the rout on Sunday, it was clear that The People had to perhaps reconsider their route.

While they thought they were on ‘The Journey’ they could pretend.

Indeed, pretending has become increasingly important to The People since Rangers died.

The entire Sevco charade has been about fantasizing that Rangers did not die in 2012.

Moreover, the home crowd at Ibrox has been facilitated in this soothing pretence by powerful vested interests.

However, the legal reality is that Charlie and the boys constructed a strange hybrid entity from the body parts of Rangers three years ago.

That creature was given life to serve and enrich the original consortium and it still does exactly that.

The seed corn £5.5m was returned rather quickly as £8.5m then Charlie and his lads got done to the serious business of drawing up Off The Radar contracts that still keep the lights on in his château.

Meanwhile the New Regime is in office, but not in power.

They must serve the holders of the Onerous Contracts and try and soothe The People at the same time.

Mr David Cunningham King is the chairman of a lossmaking business without a credit line from a bank.

The choice facing that enterprise is simple enough; austerity or insolvency.

What should happen, but probably won’t, is for someone to recalibrate reality for the home crowd at Ibrox.

Of course, they cannot now come clean with The People and tell them that what they have bankrolled and supported over the last three years is not Rangers (1872).

That would be a truth that the poor dears just couldn’t handle.

Moreover, I don’t see them developing any insight into that one anytime soon.

Subsequently, only part of the truth that can be served up to them at the moment and here it is; there is no ‘rightful place’ for Sevco other than where the results on a football pitch place them.

It’s as simple as that.

The home crowd at Ibrox are not ‘The People’ they’re just people.

Once they have digested that they should be led blinking into the light that the tam that they follow is exactly where it should be.

As I have written here before, the team now playing at Ibrox is no longer a suitable vehicle for the racist supremacism that defined the home crowd there for over a century.

Sadly this week end the local council in Glasgow has seen fit to allow a festival of hatred.

This event is being staged on the basis of the Orwellian fiction that the range Order is about something other than the visceral hatred of Catholics.

During the Play Off final, some extracts of the ‘traditional song book’ of the Ibrox crowd were clearly audible.

Another reality check for The People is that in Scotland 2015 such attitudes as championed by them in song are out of date and unwanted.

Perhaps Glasgow City Council should also consider that basic reality.

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