Real billionaires are often off the radar

I doubt that the news today that Mike Ashley has been criticised by MSP Adam Ingram will have registered with the Sports Direct magnate.

He does not care, because he doesn’t have to.

This is a chap who does not feel the need to return the calls from the Scottish government.

With that in mind I do not fancy the chances of The People to do any better when it comes to influencing Big Mike.

The key part of the Herald piece is this:

“Sports Direct declined to comment”.

Of course they declined to comment…

Neo-liberalism has created corporate monsters like Facebook and Google and they often treat elected government with disdain just because they can.

Sports Direct appears to operate in a similar fashion.

These huge companies aren’t too big to fail, but they are large enough to ignore elected politicians.

For too long The People have been hobbled by their belief system.

The deferential meme meant that they simply waited until a rich man in brogues would turn up and bankroll their supremacist dreams.

When Craig Whyte walked down Edmiston Drive in May 2011 they cheered him.

It was a culturally encoded deference to any authority figure that exuded a locally produced bourgeois cachet.

This unthinking adulation of the trappings of wealth has its roots in the world view of the Edwardian ship yard labour aristocracy.

Now their new club is in danger of being dismembered by a real billionaire.

When faced with inconvenient truths in 2011 about the imminent implosion of Rangers The People chose not to believe.

They reassured themselves that, somehow, Rangers would pull through and that there would be no insolvency event.

At the time the stenographers soothed them, because many of the hacks are from the same sub culture with the same worries.

Moreover the editors feared for circulation figures if the Bears were grief stricken by a daily diet of gloom.

So instead of the truth it was diet of puff pieces about a bright new future.

Out of the numb disbelief of the summer of 2012 in stepped Charlie and the boys to cash in on the grief induced denial of The People.

It was the unemotional deliberately enriching themselves by taking advantage of the emotionally needy.

When they turned their backs on Mr Bomber in 2012 The People queued for season tickets and Chuckles made them tea.

Bless them, but  they believed that everything would be ok.

They were wrong.

Now many of The People still believe that the Brogue Consortium will come through for them.

I rather suspect that Big Mike has others plans, but he is not available for comment.

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