Reality arrives at Sevco

Team Llambias continues to cut a swathe through the staffing establishment at Sevco.

Despite the howls of outrage from The People this is what is required.

At the inaugural AGM last year Graham Wallace said that the club was spending too much for the top flight and at that point they were in the third tier of Scottish football.

Now that they are in the Championship austerity has finally arrived at Sevco.

This is not pleasant especially this close to Christmas and it is undoubtedly painful for the folk who lose their jobs.

However it is needed if the current outfit operating out of Ibrox is to survive.

Sevco is now being run by fiat and it is Mr Llambias who is issuing the decrees.

The board meetings have become simply an opportunity for the former Newcastle United Chief Executive to tell the RIFC board members what is happening that week.

In one recent conclave he actually ignored a question and simply continued to read his prepared statement.

Despite the interrogative being put to him he simply spoke over the RIFC director as he continued to look down at his notes.

I do not know if the Easdale brothers realised this management style would take root when they invited Big Mike to take centre stage.

However the Greenock lads run several successful businesses there and they know that costs will kill you if you don’t slash them first.

They certainly know that Big Mike can steady the ship.

Of course yesterday Mr McCoist was the story.

Super Alistair now knows that he may have to face into the second half of the league campaign without the services of Lewis McLeod and Lee Wallace.

I also understand that players like Fraser Aird, Cammy Bell, Nicky law and David Templeton are also earmarked to leave Ibrox if offers are made for them.

The ‘austerity of insolvency’ choice is, at last, being faced up to at Sevco and it has fallen to Big Mike to see that the axe finally falls.

In retrospect it is starting to look like a smart move by the Easdales to bring Ashley centre stage in this saga.

However sources inform me that Philip Tudor Nash, the ex-RIFC Company Secretary, is rather displeased at the current turn of events at Sevco.

He is now looking on at an austerity programme being implemented that is more stringent than the one he had advocated in February.

His plan was rejected and now some of the same people who refused to sanction his survival plan are now nodding in agreement to Mr Llambias.

Mr Ashley is a real billionaire, but he is no benefactor.

His generosity is not off the radar.

Through Mr Llambias and his colleagues costs will be brought down wherever possible.

And there is the problem right there.

The Onerous Contracts mentioned by Mr Graham Wallace in his 120 review last April means that costs that could normally be cut are bombproof.

Only liquidation of RIFC  will take them out.

Clever boy Charlie.

At this juncture I doubt that many of The People remain in denial about the stark choices facing their beloved Sevco.

At least that phase of their grieving is over.

However just like the terminal decline of Rangers, they cannot reasonably claim that the truth was not out there.

In fact it was here all the time.

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