Reconnaissance mission

It is rare for anyone in the Ashley organisation not to be multi-tasked.

Quite simply the billionaire likes the people he employs to do lots of different things for him.

Hence, I found it instructive to learn over the weekend that General Ashley has designated quite a senior person in his organisation to do just ONE thing until further notice.

The task is to scour the media for anything that relates to his dealings with the Ibrox regime.

It is, of course, the season of goodwill.

However, I do not envisage the Sports Direct lads climbing out of their corporate trenches to indulge in a Christmas Day kick about with the embattled Sevco Fusiliers.

Not a bit of it and until General Ashley calls a halt to this war of attrition then no quarter will be given.

Immediately after the Off Licence Putsch in March, I stated that it was my settled view that Big Mike would take his time and then strike back at a time of his choosing.

He has.

In many ways, this is just the beginning.

As of this morning, no one manning the Ashley fortifications had been any sign of a white flag with a cheque for five million pounds attached to it.

The nonappearance of these monies is being documented on a daily basis by the Sports Direct people.

This will allow them to give the judge rhyme and verse apropos this matter on January 18th next year.

Moreover, at the time of writing, it is my understanding that the Sports Direct people do not expect to be paid the £5m before the end of the year.

So, for the avoidance of doubt dear reader, the £5m was unpaid as of this morning.

One would have thought that as  a gesture of goodwill, the £4.5m that has already been raised would have been lodged with Sports Direct.

A good commander knows that time spent in reconnaissance is never wasted.

That is why General Ashley has one of his best people doing nothing but scanning the media for traces of Sevco.

Anyone who thinks that Big Mike is going To Do Walking Away has not been paying attention.

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