Resolution12. Questions for Celtic FC

This morning I submitted the following questions to the press office at Celtic:

“What is the view of Celtic Board apropos Resolution12 that was brought before the Celtic AGM in 2013?

“Does Celtic FC agree with the proposition, as outlined by the Requisitioners, that Rangers (1872-2012) should not have retained their UEFA licence in season 2011/2012?

“Does Celtic FC agree with the Requisitioners that Rangers (1872-2012) were owing to a taxing authority as at 30th June 2011?

“Has the Celtic FC been in communication with the Scottish Football Association regarding the issues contained in Resolution 12?

“How would the Celtic FC characterise the response of the SFA to these communications?

“The Resolution 12 Requisitioners have stated that they intend to approach UEFA directly regarding this issue.

“Does Celtic FC support this course of action?

“Did the Requisitioners ask Celtic FC to go to UEFA on their behalf?

“If so what was the response of Celtic FC to this request?”


I put a deadline for a response of 17.00hrs today.

At the time of writing, I have not had a reply to these questions.

If the club does respond to them, then I will publish their answers here.

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