Respect for the Blue Army

Fans are the lifeblood of any football club.

Moreover, what they are willing to do when times are tough is a good gauge of their quality as a group of people.

It was heartening, for once, to read a genuine good news story from the crazy world of football finance.

The long suffering fans of Portsmouth maybe about to own their club.

They currently have “preferred bidder” status and that is a huge step forward.

The club is currently in Administration (for the second time in two years) and they face the real possibility of disappearing from the face of Planet Football.

Despite their proud history the members of the “Blue Army” would be the first to admit that they do not have a global support of many millions.

Fratton Park has a capacity of just over 20,000 and this gives an idea of the size of the  amount of people available to take part in any fans buy out.

Given the size of the “Pompey” support it is a remarkable achievement to have raised the £2.75m in order to buy the club.

In Administration their club is, of course, faced with extinction and a loss of a proud history.

So fair play to the Pompey fans who have rallied round and stumped up.

The Pompey Supporters Trust clearly have the confidence of the vast majority of the club’s support.

Obviously it would have been a much easier task if the club could fill a Fratton Park that could hold, say, more than 50,000.

With that size of fan base the danger of the club going into liquidation would have been virtually non-existent.

In order for the club to die with that size of support then the fans would have to be largely inactive, merely gawping like rubber necking ghouls at the financial carnage.

However, the Pompey guys are made of better stuff than that.

I hope this works out and Portsmouth Football Club preserves their history.

With fans like that they deserve to.

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