Retail deal loophole found?

Today is my day off from word mining duties.

So it would be remiss of me not to comment on the latest episode of the ongoing Sevco farce which emerged yesterday.

I spoke to Shirebrook chap this morning, and they were totally blindsided by this move.

So Sevco certainly achieved the element of surprise.

Advantage King…

Big Mike immediately ordered his legal department to carry out a loophole search yesterday.

The understanding is that, as of a couple of hours ago, the view from Planet Ashley was that they couldn’t find any.

We’ve been here before on this one.

In 2013, Laxey Partners ordered Graham Wallace to go through all of the commercial contracts, and they found that that the Rangers Retail agreement was impregnable.

I understand that Puma and 32 Red were similarly surprised at this move by the New Regime.

Moreover, I’m told that, as of this morning, Ashley’s people were in contact with both of these companies about the announcement yesterday as it impacts upon them also.

I think it is fair to conclude that if Ashley does not get very legal very quickly about this, then the New Regime at Sevco HAVE found a loophole in the retail deal.

Of course, do not expect anything else from the stenographers other than triumphant gushing about a cunning plan and a stunning victory for ‘Rangers.’

If all of this implodes then, they will undoubtedly deploy the Nuremberg defence.

Sadly, I suppose we should not be surprised that there were some highly abusive emails received at the Shirebrook HQ last night.

They had apparently been sent by some dignified chaps who wished to mark this historic day.

I’m afraid it is the only currency that they can trade in dear reader.


Now, for the avoidance of doubt, my publisher is anxiously awaiting the next instalment of a work that I hope you will enjoy reading next year.

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