Retail psychotherapy

Well now, the stenographers did not disappoint.

Only two days ago I put a Stenography Warning in place.

I was told that there was something big stirring in PR land that would be highly pleasing to The People.

Ashley is vanquished all is well in the Ibrox garden and no mention of that pesky Offshore Game report into alleged pro-Rangers malfeasance at the SFA.

Ashley Off The Radar

It did momentarily occur to me that perhaps The People only read headlines.

If so then it is job done for today.

However, I thought it appropriate to check with an important player in this ‘story.’

Of course, I do realise that this goes against the “we were just told to call him a billionaire” school of churnalism.

Consequently, I contacted a senior Shirebrook source this morning, and he was good enough to engage in a brief conversation with me just before he rushed into a meeting.

I sent him that page from the Daily Radar, and he was utterly dismissive.

He reminded me that the Ashley Empire had retail deals with several English clubs including Oldham and Sheffield Wednesday.

With that in mind, the breathless exclusive in the Radar doesn’t seem to amount to very much.

However, today it has made The People hopeful about the future.

Kindly file under: ‘feel good deflection’ and move on.

For the avoidance of doubt dear reader, that is what PR companies are paid to achieve.

The fees they command for such services can amount to a substantial sum, especially when you reach a certain Level.

I am happy to provide this translation service to the guff that is spewed forth by the Fourth Estate.

I can only continue to do that through  your support.

Míle Buíochas.

Now I am off down the word mines and will be in that subterranean literary location until perhaps this time next week.

I have a demanding publisher, and he requires some product from me.

Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I must leave you to the breathless fantasies of the stenographers.

However, do not judge them too harshly dear reader as they are only following orders.

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