Revisionism and rammed renewals

Further, to my offering yesterday, I caught up again with Mr. Source today.

I now further understand that the Resolution 12 situation was discussed at the meeting on Friday.

Moreover, I suspect that if any of the requisitioners were in the room, they would have found it illuminating if uncomfortable.

For the avoidance of doubt dear reader the Celtic Press Office now have a Sevconian approach to my questions.

That is they are not even acknowledged.

When I email the Celtic Press Office, I attach an image of my NUJ Press Card.

My questions are constructed to be apposite, appropriate and legal.

However, I now receive no response to my enquiries.

This was not always the case, but it appears to be the policy now.

Therefore, although my reporting is very well sourced I cannot elicit a confirm/deny/no comment from the people at Celtic.

This is unfortunate, but we plough on regardless.

Another source close to the action said to me today that senior people at the club had been “shocked” at the “deluge” of emails coming into the building about Season Ticket renewals.

The message was clear from them, and it was ‘don‘t bother sending me a renewal’.

At least one season ticket holder stated what he would do with such a communication from the club if he received one.

Apparently it involved the valued customer traveling in person to Celtic Park with said renewal form and ramming it up someone’s heated driveway!

However, I’m sure the valued customer was merely being figurative dear reader…

I am told that Resolution 12 was referenced in much of this angry correspondence.

Perhaps some people in the Celtic boardroom believed that the issues raised in that resolution were no biggie and that it all would drift away in time.

If that was their thinking, then it would appear that they have called that one very badly wrong indeed.

I think some important people will need to revise their view on these matters, but that’s just my opinion ,of course.

One aspect of that boardroom discussion which was relayed to me was the view that going after the Resolution 12 case with a Fergus McCann type litigious zeal could have bankrupted Scottish football.

The issue of bonuses for players in the Martin O’Neill era was also referenced and that the Celtic could have been liable to pay them.

The reasoning was that as Celtic was denied European income then so were the players who should have appeared in the Hoops in that competition in Season 2011-2012.

I am told that there was one dissenting voice in the room to this view.

A director pointed out that Celtic had spurned an opportunity to take a stance on proper governance for the whole game in Scotland.

Of course, the folk in the Parkhead boardroom must be he hoping that this mailbag is mainly bark and not bite.

However, if it is followed through in terms on the non-renewal of season tickets, then it is a real kick in the Key Performance Indicators.

Whoever the new Celtic manager is will have a substantial rebuilding job to do after the Ronny era.

However, most of the mess cannot be solely laid at the door of the amenable Norwegian.

If, as he says, Ronny sanctioned all of the players then the strange case of Colin Kazim Richards is rather puzzling to me.

However, that is the way of confidentiality agreements I suppose.

Like old Rangers, this is a self-inflicted crisis that Celtic is currently in.

Unlike the original Ibrox club the section is not terminal.

A CEO who sticks to his job description, a competent manager and a purposeful advance on this issues vis-à-vis Resolution 12.

Calling on UEFA to step in would probably help.

Just sayin…

If these things are done then, it is possible that Celtic can get the most important people back onside.

The supporters.

Celtic’s greatest manager knew that without them that football was nothing.

If this crisis isn’t tackled head on then, I fear that there might well be not so many of them next season at Paradise.

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