Ripping up the Sevco script

If you cherish the value of real sport, then it is always pleasant when your guy rips up someone else’s script.

I think it is fair to say that the first set of fixtures in season 2016/2017 in the SPFL did not go to plan.

This morning the stenographers would have been much happier if they were seeing their gushing pish subbed with headlines like “rampant Rangers blow away the Accies” and “Rodgers’ men stunned by late winner at Tynecastle”.

Sevco had a home game against Hamilton Academical.

This allowed their leader Mr David Cunningham King to unfurl the Championship flag.

The Accies finished last season in tenth position with 43 points.

Newly promoted Sevco were expected to beat them easily and get off to a winning start.

In fact, this is what the stenographers were praying for as, apparently, ‘it sells’.

However, the men in red and white had other ideas.

As far as the stenographers are concerned, there is only one team in the league.

They are playing out of Ibrox and claiming to be the liquidated Rangers.

It is this club that is the object of their affections.

Celtic are cast as the villain of the piece, and they are only there to be vanquished in the final act.

For the avoidance of doubt, the other ten are mere extras with a walk on role.

In the real world, the Hearts team I watched yesterday will probably batter Sevco mercilessly when they get them to Tynecastle.

The Champions, fresh from an energy-sapping European match against Astana of Kazakhstan, travelled to the capital to take on the side that finished third last season.

Celtic’s newest player, Scott Sinclair, tilted the contest in favour of the Scottish Champions.

This fine young player arrived at Celtic due to an unknown phenomenon on Planet Sevco, a transfer fee of several million pounds.

On Saturday Mr David Cunningham King was, once more, allowed to hold forth and toss morsels to gratefully whimpering hacks.

The reality is that Sevco is in the free transfer market and have approached several English clubs for loan players.

However, the loaning club requires that the club wishing to take the player on loan must pay his salary and living expenses.

Essentially Sevco have been looking for some free players to bolster their squad.

King’s ‘explanation’ of the current impasse with Sports Direct, Rangers Retail Limited (RRL) and Puma was, to put it mildly, risible.

I understand that a recent meeting of RRL did not go entirely stay on script for the Sevco contingent.

My information is that the legal basis of the retail contract was being discussed and consequently

Mr David Cunningham King became rather exercised.

The proceedings were then adjourned for a short period of time and during that interregnum, the Sevco chaps called their legal adviser who gave them the bad news that what was being put to them was legally factual.

I think that it is instructive that the legal chap had to go and look up what the other RRL directors were referring to.

Rather than running away Mr Ashley has put top class legal people on the board of RRL, and that isn’t a coincidence.

Sevco director Paul Murray and are Mr David Cunningham King on the board of RRL and across the table from them are Justin Barnes, Nigel Conway and Company Secretary Cameron Olsen.

So far the retail war is going to script for Ashley.

Like many bad generals before him, Mr David Cunningham King has underestimated his enemy and has embarked on a war on two fronts.

Despite his unchallenged statements about Puma, the German sports giant are quite clear about their relationship with the Ibrox operation.

He stated what has already been revealed here that:

“Puma could be drawn into legal dispute with the club but that wouldn’t be fair on Puma. The dispute really belongs between ourselves and Sports Direct.”

Of course, he should have been asked to clarify what he meant by “Puma could be drawn into legal dispute with the club…”

However, that would be to go off script and, as we know, they are an obedient bunch when it comes to matters Ibrox.

So perhaps I can assist as I am not on the Level apropos matters Ibrox.

Puma have made it very clear to Sevco about what can happen within the legal arena if the four-year-old club tries to walk away from their contract with the German company.

Should Sevco attempt to launch their own replica kit this season while still contractually obligated to Puma then that one is heading to court.

Have the chaps in the Blue Room thought through all of the possible consequences of such an action?

However, asking Mr King such questions would be to go off script.

For the avoidance of doubt dear reader, a journalist should always be off script in the Public Interest.

If you don’t, then you end up being Off The Radar and a figure of fun, unable to spot the difference between a genuine billionaire a shabby a shyster.

In the most extreme cases, it can lead to someone thinking that Blackpool is Middlesbrough, no seriously….

Directing traffic at the back for Celtic yesterday was veteran defender Kolo Toure.

Celtic only conceded from the penalty spot after one of those baffling officiating errors.

Both Sinclair and Toure are Celtic players because Brendan Rodgers is the manager.

The Irishman has written his own script for his Celtic movie and has a direct line to the executive producer in Sandy Lane Barbados.

This is not Heated Driveway Productions.

In the aftermath of the cup semi-final last season Dermot Desmond ripped up that script and became very hands on.

That is why Brendan Rodgers is now the Celtic manager and fully in control of all football matters.

As I watched the match in the Porter House in Westport, my buddy remarked that Ronny Deila’s Celtic might have managed a draw in such circumstance, or have conceded a late goal and lost the match.

The likeable Norwegian was clearly subservient to an untitled director of football and the players knew it.

Things are changed now, changed utterly.

The Scottish Champions have, even without Champions League money, the biggest football budget in the country and a highly regarded manager.

Moreover, he is entirely in charge of his department, and he picked his own backroom staff.

The players are in no doubt that he is in charge.

Of course, the stenographers are hoping to watch Sevco porn this season with the Admirable Warburton getting the better of the Irishman.

The rest of the clubs on Planet Fitba are yearning for a game that is straight and not skewed in favour of a particular brand.

The four-year-old club are, apparently, ‘going for 55’, that will get them 4th or 5th place and a perfectly respectable points tally for their first season in the top flight.

The ten clubs that don’t exist on Planet Stenography can do the game some service by ripping up the officially approved script when they meet Sevco.

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