Sean Fallon

Sean Fallon was from a different time.

He was not made for the age of contractually agreed “loyalty payments” and smooth talking agents.

If you had Sean’s hand on an agreement you had a deal that would last.

That is how he was reared in the West of Ireland.

The idea of life long service is rather out of date these days.

It shouldn’t be, but it is increasingly hard  to find.

Sean Fallon was of another age.

With a quiet wisdom and steely determination he was a perfect assistant for Jock Stein as Celtic prepared to conquer Europe.

He was utterly loyal to him, but Fallon was never the stuff of a “yes man”.

Like the club’s founder Sean was a proud son of Sligo.

I last spoke with him at the graveside of Mick Dolan, Celtic’s first goalkeeper, the occasion being a Celtic Graves Society ceremony.

Our brief chat that day focussed on matters ancient and modern; his recollections of my relative Jimmy Gribben and the troubles of the current Sligo GAA team!

It was a long logistical haul for me to get to the graveside in Coatbridge that day, but catching a yarn with himself caused me to forget all of that.

Sean Fallon played for the club he loved and Celtic was in his brave heart all of his days.

We have lost one of our own and one of the best.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.

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