Seeing the big story.

The biggest story in Scottish football history is out there.

You just have to clear away the crap to see it.

Examine, if you will, this piece uploaded today on the BBC website.

There is important information in the story, but you wouldn’t guess from the headline.

The real gem ,rather than the PR fluff about fresh bids from tycoons, is this:

“Meanwhile, Duff & Phelps is investigating the consequences of liquidation with football authorities.

The administrator has confirmed that it has started negotiations with both the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish Football Association.

That is in anticipation of the formation of a so-called NewCo Rangers should that course of action be followed by a new prospective owner.”

This is THE story, but it is buried in gushing PR nonsense about an optimistic future for Rangers.

This stuff continues to be obediently churned out even at this late stage.

Plus ça change

I believe that when Duff & Phelps publish their report on April 5th then Liquidation will be the only viable option.

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