Serious professional disagreement

I’m told that the only serious professional in the Sevco High Command is a very unhappy camper at the moment.

Moreover, he has good reason to be in such a foul mood.

My information that there is a high-Level attempt to construct a narrative that shares the blame for the Friday night “resignations”.

For the avoidance of doubt, there is not a shred of truth in this jackanory.

The serious professional was “stunned” to learn of the phantom resignations on Friday night.

Just like the trio who had “resigned”.

The serious professional was REALLY looking forward to sitting down at Ibrox with the two members of the Sevco High Command who had made the resignation decision with Mr David Cunningham King on Friday.

Instead, these two dignified chaps displayed the Dunkirk Spirit and didn’t show up.

Therefore, instead, the serious professional had to sit by himself and fume about what he had wanted to say to them face to face, man to man.

The same decent chap will now have to work out how the February payroll is met NEXT WEEK.

Quite simply, the generosity of the usual directors will be required.

Of course, if the Off License Putsch had not happened it could have all been very different at Ibrox.

The Engine Room Subsidiary could have a squad full of the Next Gen players from Newcastle United and a real billionaire with a stake in the place.

The chances of Sevco having such financial backup now has to be seriously Off The Radar.

46 thoughts on “Serious professional disagreement

  1. Kerrygirl

    The mills & boons media narrative regarding anythimg ayebroke will ensure that the song remains the same. The mushrooms will sit in the dark being fed shit and will believe everything is in.hand and thats why celtic will be top of the pile for years. There no change for the people..blind loyalty makes easy pickings.

  2. Jumbo

    Now here is today’s quiz I need a good response as am not so sure , there is to b a new management structure at grey skull , with a football structure never heard of before ( a manager in charge of a manager , right now sort this out for ur prize , rearrange this to what u think it is (hesit ) no cheating, as if lol

  3. peter

    Guys how shite is radio clyde and gerry McCulloch? Encouraging fans to spout shit about de bore etc. They are complicit in the shambles which led to three men, regardless of our preference, getting sacked. This shambles trades on loans and lies to its fans and is getting ready to fleece the gullible.
    They live in cloud cuckoo land.

  4. pieinthesky

    Some people don’t catch on,but just to make it clear Sevco/Rangers make the rules we just abide by them.
    When their rules are challenged they just change them to whatever suits them.
    The MSM and the Scottish legal system plus the SFA just do what they are told.
    Maybe you don’t agree,but why are they still operating,as any other team would be closed down.
    Cheats in any other sports are detested,and have their medals and trophy’s removed,but not in Scotland
    SDM cheated HMRC and many small businesses out of money, and is still operating a business,with no political talk about removing his knighthood.
    The main Scottish news,and papers are highlighting the search for a new manager,just remember this a 5year old team with large debts,so why are they not concentrating on how they are surviving.
    Scotland cannot criticise any country when this system exists here.

    1. Rank Bajin

      Don’t despair Pieinthesky,

      To pre-empt the Supreme Court’s BDO v HMRC decision would be irresponsible. If HMRC wins, the rest will follow. Other judicial decisions in March may accelerate this.

      ‘The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind small.’


  5. Owen Dolan

    Looks like reading between the lines the court cases coming up will be the final nail in the coffin,as Warburton and co have instructed their lawyers to sue for over £1,000,000.
    With Mr Ashley going too,and they still owe the communications company £300,000 too,an who ever else.

  6. JimBhoy

    How to sell SBs for season 2017:

    Ditch old management team, rubbishing them.

    Get interim RRM in for a few months, his goal to reduce the deficit with Celtic and SC success.
    – Same time put out a load of big names who could become new manager for start of 2017 season. Drum up fan’s interests to release them of their blue pound.

    When either goal fails remove him at end of season, whilst alleged negotiations are underway with top manager target. Meeja in overdrive.

    List top 5 manager targets along with all the new players who will (maybe) join. £12-20m warchest available.

    Once SB subscriptions in, announce new manager. Not quite a Frank De-Boer but an old guy with some past glories. Herald him as the best in the business etc, usual media p!sh.!

    Bring in some ageing ‘big name’ pro’s. Keevins predicts sevco for the title, yada…

    Get pumped thru the season finish top 4, repeat….

    1. Pat_Mo

      And so it begins … De Boer, who will do the job for nothing btw. Will he also build a casino on the dodgy roof, invest £30m of his own money and kick Ashley in the nuts? 🙂

    1. sonofhenryroot

      I suggest that last night Derek and Richard Wilson (on the sportsound prog at 6.30) were working to the same script penned out of Blythswood Square.

      Tom English was a changed man, tackling Wilson with some venom….Wilson was defending His King to the hilt….the club is being well run….£18m invested….Tom did not miss the target, leading to much silence when Wilson was looking at his script but finding no “line to take” in his briefing from his boss.

    1. Salted Popcorn

      Apparently Alastair McCoist had such professional pride, gave notice as per his contract, and was paid $875,000 to tend his garden for 12 months.

      1. Archie

        Those days are long gone, believe me.

        Their local newsagents is already sweating, having seen these smoke signals before.

        And you know what they say about ‘when you see smoke’ …

        Meanwhile, the Deadly Wretched seems to have called off its ‘LIVE Rangers* Manager Hunt!’ that started last Friday evening.

        The thought of all their reporters (sic) out scouring the streets of Europe in deer stalkers and plus fours looking for a ‘Real Rainjurz Man’ to take over the, eh, ‘reins’ of the ‘Real Rainjurz Club’ (sic) must have taken too much out of them and they’ve decided to give up the ghost, now that the ‘club’* has decided to let its first Catholic manager in its short 5 year history keep the job.

        The good news is, they could have Krishnamurti in charge of team affairs, with Buddha as his right hand man, and they would still be done for.

        Talk about Karmageddon … 🙂

  7. ballybough

    When the mms speculate on who the next rangers manager could be it’s funny they never mention Michael Oneil who must surely be one of the outstanding candidates. only saying.

  8. Charger

    Have I missed something here? Surely any investment of £18m into the stadium, team, training ground, infrastructure whatever would have had to appear somewhere in the accounts? Do the SA tax people know of this “investment?”

  9. Green Dream

    Motherwell took Stuart McCall’s scalp.
    Hearts have taken Warburton’s scalp.
    Everybody took Ally’s scalp.
    Who will take the new guy’s scalp?

  10. City Professional

    King’s lengthy statement said the Board discussed their (management team) offer to resign, and accepted it with immediate effect (last Monday).

    This joint responsibility for the debacle initiative, kinda fits with blaming the entire board. As per King’s statement. It wasn’t King who accepted the resignations it was the Board.

    If this isn’t true, Board members cannot work with this guy. The Monday resignation acceptance doesn’t square with all three working through to Saturday night.

    In addition, if it’s a lie regarding the Board discussing and accepting resignations on Monday, then King has to be ditched. Either by him being removed as a director or Board resignations and getting out.

    Imagine if these statements were being released to the AIM exchange. They would be investor actionable lies.

  11. Sips 67

    Phil, I had a hun in work open his heart out today he’s had enough (40 years season book) and said I was spot on about King.
    This is the same bloke that went out and had a champagne party with fellow numpties when King took over.
    I take no joy in the demise of the huns…my erchie, it’s magic. Keep up the good work.

  12. Steviemac

    Clearly with £12m to invest a new rangers man as manager and another massive investment on the way means we are back to a few weeks ago. They’d beaten Motherwell, their new signings were superstars, their manager then was a stunning tactician and coach.

    It’s a bit like leading an eager excited puppy with a few treats. They get snuffled up and the rest just falls by the wayside.

  13. Zeddy

    This professional must be feeling unwanted by now surely.

    Here’s an idea …….

    Why doesn’t he start negotiations with them to provide the cash strapped club a mutually agreeable and beneficial way out the door.

    That’s what any decent high level professional would do when you know your not wanted by your emplyer.

    TRIFC are professional and trustworthy nothing to fear I would suggest !!!


    God help anyone who trusts that outfit !!!

  14. Jumbo

    And then , all the familiar faces came back to him , he knew the Tim man , the lion , & the scarecrow, few for a moment It all seemed so real ,

  15. DannyMac23

    Thanks Phil,

    They have to create something that sells season tickets.Sevconians with half a brain know they are a decade behind.Bringing in a short term RRM would only appease the unwashed if its followed by a top of the range Manager that can realistically lay down a challenge to the hoops.In their current disarray that is unfathomable and if your perception is that the unlikely can be the normal then their next moves will be pivotal.King has removed three pieces of the ill fitting jigsaw at the weekend and is now targeting number four and self preservation being his forte what next?Another demise hopefully.

  16. Peter

    Phil; if I was serious professional I would be wondering when I was going to be next. It’s obvious that decisions are made on a whim and with a view to getting out of contracts. Looks to me like he could be next on the chopping block with a simple made up excuse being thrown out as to why. I believe you had also reported that a short while back he had been mulling over quitting there anyway.

    As someone else mentioned above, at what point do people there start realizing that they are simply damaging their professional reputations and throwing away good money after bad?

  17. michaelcraven1

    Hi Phil and thanks for the updates,

    I’m struggling to try and make fun oota this one,so instead,I’ve decided,to just sit back and enjoy,and let the shambolic show onfold.I think whatever they come out with,will be way funnier than ought that I could conjure up.

    Cheers HH

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      I wouldn’t rule out anything in this bizarre shambles.
      My call is that it is unlikely.
      However, since Charles of Normandy set up Sevco unlikely has become the new normal.

    2. Zeddy

      I don’t think it would bother Ashley one bit taking over Sevco. There is good money to be made in the long term !!! I don’t think he’d give King a penny though !!

      The fans however would hate it.

      Hate it hate it hate it. Bring on the boycotts !!!

      That is one of many major risks in Ashley’s business plan. The rest he can handle but without the fans onboard ???? I think in the end it wouldn’t be worth the hassle for him and would be bad publicity for Sports Direct.

  18. Tincks

    Surely the three bears and/or Stewart Robertson must be close to walking away. At what point do you just write off your losses and try to salvage what remains of your fortune/reputation?

    This shambles of football operation has limped on for longer than I expected. This is now beginning to feel like the end of days for Ranger MK2.

  19. JimBhoy

    Phil, I don’t think I’d be way off the mark if I suggested the amiable professional had been in the crosshairs a few months back also.

    As long as the most zealous sevconian can claim the history and traditions are in safe hands all will be good down Edmiston Dr. Even when they eventually turf the Glib one out to replace him with the next real rangurz charlatan.

    A vicious ‘drain headed’ circle.


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